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"Constructive Comebacks to Insulting Situations."


OUCH. When someone attacks you with words, most people fight back, saying way too much, or they stifle themselves, saying nothing. However, when you respond in these ways, you can get into sort of a kicked-dog syndrome, barking helplessly, sulking around corners, or snapping at strangers. The way out is to say very little until you can contact the deepest parts of yourself and feel whole again.



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Defending yourself with certain ideas, expressed in a few words, gives your attacker a bewildering choice: They either have to attack the idea, or they have to attack the part of you which is instinctive and capable of defending itself.

This is a staging area containing hundreds of messages for yourself, and precise notions you can use to deflect attacks, so you have a chance to get back inside yourself and heal. Click on any picture or highlighted link to see how they are used.


#. (1.) replace "fighting" reflex with words; (2.) artfully "misconstrue" the intended meaning; (3.) they think there's something in them that's extremely dangerous; (4.) they start exploding with imitations of their parents; (5.) see them as "holding a stick"; (6.) let go of the stick; (7.) there are people who don't believe anything; (8.) just leave off the fancy footwork; (9.) how can you struggle against something if it's reality? (10.) keep it on the down-low; (11.) just what makes sense; (12) don't you want to live life on your own terms?


A. A big dog, forget it!A big powwow.A bunny rabbit.A candle just burns four nights.A charmed life, huh?A child is a slave.A child molester may attack you.A Christian can find a good sign in anything.A cut above the crowd, as they used to say.A dangerous threat to the community.A dog from Africa! In the wilds of the north.A dream come true. A dull cog in the machinery of life.A fish is the sign of the fisherman.A frail little person.A friend of mine cheated on a test; what should I do?A frozen moment.A giant, warm wet spot.A good horse does it all.A huge amount, I guess.A huge hit.A human being can talk back or walk away.A hundred kinds of peppers.A job for everyone.A knight in shining armor.A list of things to do in Portland: (1) Get out.A little better ... Don't get your hopes up.A little bird came and told me.A little bit of both ... I don't know about now ... (That's why you have to stay away from that bimbo – You can't afford her) ... Even though there's free maintenance for the life of the car ... (Some people are like drowning, and to stay afloat, they pull someone down to be below them) ... Well, would you like to find out?A little boat out in the sea.A little chilly, huh?A little different than that.A little flea bite.A little funeral – I wish for him to die, and that your life is a party.A little goes a long way.A little of both.A little of everything.A little peace and quiet.A little tiger.A little village outside of Hong Kong, right?A longing for success and frequent experience with failure.A lot I need it for.A lot of people are frightened because someone likes them ... They think they're weird or something ... They don't know how to deal with someone who likes them ... Every month she takes a bath in the blue moonlight ... They're not really for you – and they're not for themselves, either ... Inhabited by someone ... There's a switch inside that turns on libido ... Stop pretending things inside you are outside ... Stop pretending things outside you are inside you! ... This always happens to kids who are a little smarter than their parents, they think they're weird ... But you could have! ... But you didn't! ... Dumb people think smart people are weird ... There is no hard and set rule ... You know, weird means you're smart in California ... You know, weird is a code word for anti-Semitic ... Really Daemonic ... Almost black.A lot of people aren't too smart ... If someone's smarter than them, they think they're weird.A lot of people don't have a sense of humor – I've been fighting against it my whole life.A lot of people don't know their parents were wrong.A lot of people from different places think different things are friendly.A lot of people get in trouble because they have to have something inside them ... That's how they sell cars, I guess.A lot of people must do that.A lot of people will kill to get a job, and that's who gets them.A lot of pressure.A lot of rich people owned islands.A lot of things I didn't know about.A lot of what they say has to be discounted.A lot of what you think is bad, is not bad.A low-rent worldliness.A man of the people, right?A manic depressive who never gets manic.A mature person would not insult you.A model citizen.A model isn't an idea; it's a guide to the idea.A myriad of theorized force fields.A naked stranger ... Too bad Janice Joplin died ... Big shots! ... Navajo ... They all think I'm weird because I'm not seeking status in a prescribed manner.A natural, huh?A negative return on investment.A new thrill.A pain in the ass!A part of me does.A pat on the back ... The waterfront ... (It's really worse than guilt – They're saying that's your place) ... I took a test! ... I should have done that – I would have learned a lot ... There's no more place ... It's all over now ... I don't think it is ... I think you just find a slab.A person has to be what they are.A person who helps people is never at a loss.A rainbow of mental equipment.A red heifer has to be born.A schadenfreude party!A sense of humor helps.A serious drinker is a serious worker.A singing nerve!A snow princess.A song goes round the world.A star! – There's nothing on the web like that! – The colony needs maple syrup – People don't quite understand what a delicate thing it is – If you can see where it goes, you can see where it comes from.A stork brought you, but a blackbird smashed me on the Earth.A thief can sometimes help people better than a hospital.A three-dimensional granite block that says, "Business is lousy."A tiny little poem ... It's really nice to be rich.A total terror.A tragic waste.A tribute.A trip to the moon on gossamer wings.A university on the moon: Moon U.A very intelligent person told me that – What difference does it make?A word to the wise is sufficient.A wrangler.Aaron T. Beck says, "There is more to the surface than meets the eye."Absence makes the heart grow fonder.Acting strong is not the same thing as being strong.Adios amiga!Adversity reveals character; understanding builds character ... Part of it is a perception of reality ... People try to scare you ... Is the person who sees the fear, frightened? ... We're all connected ... Lots of people, it's very simple ... They see something to do and they do it. ... Who cares where you've been if you can do things?Afraid of the dark ... It pays to be ignorant ... Just like me.Africa screams.After a bad day, right?After a while you want to change your life – if you can.After many a summer, dies the swan.After three I lose count.Again?Again! How many times has this happened?Against the background of whatever else there is.Alcohol: It does so much for you and asks for so little in return.All around us.All at the same time, you mean?All beat up ... Those were the days.All day and all night you want to kill someone.All different.All doors are open.All gone!All happiness is earned.All he does is kick and swirl his penis around like a propellor.All I can say is, don't ever get gonorrhea.All I can say is, there must be a God. [For all bird droppings, accidental spills, splatters, smudges, stains, drools, and incontinence, simply go to the rest room, take off the garment, wash it with soap and cold water, and put it back on. Clothes don't take long to dry when you're wearing them. If anyone says anything, reply, "That's extra," and wrinkle your nose. The Chinese say these kinds of accidents bring you extremely good luck the rest of the day, and I've found that to be true. I've also seen the coolest people suddenly leave and return with a series of wet spots on their clothes, and no one ever says anything! People don't even see other people. While your clothes are drying, talk to an intelligent gym teacher or school counselor, because they are genuinely interested in your all-around health]All is not lost – They're rats! – I got to hear this – Is that the best you can do? ... She understands everything ... Something funny ... That's her role. [Or simply get up and move to a quieter place – Why work for these people?]All is revealed.All night long.All of a sudden.All of a sudden they're coming out.All over the country ... From ocean to ocean ... It's more worthwhile to learn how to be empty on the inside ... Oh, you really are the rational person ... If you fart, you'll be in the shithouse.All over the world.All over your yard.All right – It's yours.All right! Now we're getting somewhere.All sorts of things.All that!All that stuff.All that stuff is bullshit.All that trouble for nothing.All the old-time favorites.All the stars come out at night.All the triumphs of religion are due to germs. (–See William Mcneill's Plagues and Peoples)All the way to the end.All the way to the farm.All these revivals and traditions are on the way out ... It's all evaporating ... Anyone who believes in God somewhere down deep believes They're God.All things come to dogs who wait.All things come to those who wait.All those things.All winter if you want.All you can expect from someone like that is rejection – They'll reject you to overcome their pain.All you get from another person is the opportunity to help them a little.All you have to do is stick to your wish to live.All you missed was the train accident.All you need is a brain.All your base are belong to us ... You are on the way to destruction ... HA, HA, HA, HA.All's well that ends well.Allah loves the lazy.Allah! means breathing, and for some people, that's enough.Allow me to dream a little longer.Almost done.Almost never.Almost there! Already forgotten ... You can't blame people for trying.Also, I have secrets of the soul."Although there are no specific medications to treat self-injury, drugs that treat underlying emotional problems like depression and anxiety can help. Most effective in general is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy called dialectical behavior therapy. People learn skills that help them better tolerate stress, regulate their emotions and improve their relationships. The therapy also helps them see themselves not as victims, but as powerful agents, Dr. [Janis] Whitlock said." (–Jane E. Brody, "the Growing Wave of Teenage Self-Injury," The New York Times, May 6, 2008)Always blooming.Always do unto others what your self is doing unto you.Always hopeful.Always say, No, you go first!Always wait until tomorrow.Always working.Am I a Jew? Yes. Is my face dirty? Yes. I'm a dirty Jew.Am I in the way?Am I missing something?Amazing things! Things you wouldn't believe ... You can fool around and change it.Among other things.An art lover.An artist is never poor.An AUTHENTIC question.An earthshaking human disaster.An eye-opener.An urban setting.Ancient footprints.And?And a few other things.And aren't you lucky?And everything's nailed down, I suppose.And have a sense of humor about it!And hoping it rains!And how about in your refrigerator?And I don't care what you say.And I thought I was crazy.And I thought you were the expert.And I'm looking forward to a long, rich, full life.And I'm Mother Nature.And if they don't do it right, scold them!And if you do, watch out!And if you don't, it's okay.And I've got the flashing lights to prove it!And Lawrence of Arabia!And quite a few other people.And so am I!And sublimely normal children.And thank-you notes, that'll be next ... The big thing is to be a fakerola – like the Queen! ... like the Queen of England! ... Handwritten thank-you notes.And that'll do it.And the pig at the end gains the most weight.And the rat takes the bait.And then some.And then they get wild!And then you get an eye patch – It's a bargain! – Maybe not as good, but who cares? – Do I know you from somewhere? – Have we met?And then you're in a coffin in the middle of the room?And there'll be a present for you ... after the program.And they left in a huff.And they wonder why jazz is dead.And this is supposed to make me happy?And to think, I just went out for a loaf of bread, and I wound up the richest man in India.And warmth, too! – People don't need advice – They should just understand themselves – They don't even want help – You can't help people, but some people want to understand themselves, and some people don't.And watch yourself at all times!And weird stuff.And what about the metric system?And where were you?And who else?And WORSE!And you ask me why I'm happy.And you could make it up, too.And you don't even wonder why.And you don't need it.And you thought you had troubles – Find somebody in the business – Forget it! – Sorry, I'm not a psychiatrist, but you certainly may need one. [You're better off "swallowing it" (meanness) because ... let sleeping dogs lie ... Slow down, almost falling asleep, yet stay very alert – sense your hand and play with your fingers – sense your genitals]And you're going to Bermuda ... There's not many people that bad ... There you go – It's your big breakthrough [getting angry] ... Is there a mound of dirt in the back yard? ... Shut up or we'll drop another bomb on you.And you're in between.Angels did, Mom!Anger is not too fast – not too smart.Angry Dad! Come in here! Get this dragon out of the toilet!Animal and dog.Another bridge to nowhere.Another day.Another deep thinker.Another genius of our time.Another handicap.Another language.Another level.Another live wire.Another one?Another racket.Another reason to go to college ... and to not join a fraternity.Another victim.Any money? ... Go and get a liver transplant.Any more butterflies of hate fluttering from level to level?Any tips? ... Didn't he have a great technique?Any way is fine.Any way you look at it, it's bad.Anybody who's good at anything.Anyone can listen.Anyone can talk without their teeth ... You can't work in casinos if you're a jailbird.Anyone does.Anyone who wants.Anything else your heart desires?Anything goes.Anything helps.Anything interesting for me?Anything missing?Anything more?Anything old.Anything that's light.Anything you write in an e-mail is public property; you never know where it's going to go; so be careful what you say.Anyway, what prompts this question? ... Thank you! ...Who would have guessed? ... Thank you! ... I can't compare ... Thank you! ... Why so many questions? ... Thank you! ... More questions than God.Apparently.Apparently not.'Arabs think!' – They believe anything that anyone tells them – They're going to take over the world three ways: money, culture, and lying – There's no place sacred – Must have been a tribe – Next time come down the chimney.Are we under the ocean? Are we in a glass bell? Do we have horse heads?Are you a bird spirit?Are you a handicapped tomato?Are you a magician? Now you see it, now you don't! Is that a magic trick?Are you bad when you don't know things?Are you bragging?Are you cold?Are you downsizing?Are you finished scaring me?Are you going to cheat me?Are you going to cut off his ear? Do you want a trophy?Are you holding it hostage?Are you in this spot forever?Are you jealous?Are you kidding me?Are you losing money?Are you lucky!Are you my boss?Are you my little boss?Are you my tormentor? ... When you die, I'm going to expire in a heap on your grave.Are you planted there? [Some people just go around to bars and theaters to annoy people, acting the way a two-year-old might; they never grew out of it; the best thing to do is to say nothing and move to another seat; you're not some actor in a Stan and Ollie movie]Are you still afraid of monsters?Are you sure?Are you sure it's good enough?Are you sure you wanted to say that?Are you the woman I bit at the last full moon?Are you trying to make me feel like a heel?Are you trying to outshine Death?Are you trying to stifle my creativity?Are you trying to trick people?Are you worried things aren't correct?Are your bolts itching?Aren't I lucky?Aren't I lucky to be a wreck?Aren't you interested in truth?Around my office you have to have a sense of humor about confidentiality.As always.As I go.As if it even matters.As if something terrible is going on that's never gone on before.As if you don't have enough troubles.As if you're not supposed to.As it is written, so shall it be done.As long as you're a living creature, you have to accept life as a given.As long as you're alive, you're doing all right.As long as your idea is to learn something, how can you lose?As the world turns!As they say in Trenton, New Jersey, I'm not prejudiced about any stereotypes – Jump up and grab God's toe.As we go.As you go along, you'll find cheap little shots are the meaning of life.As you like.Ask around.Ask my assistant.Ask your mother!"Astronomers Sleeping – Please Be Quiet."At a certain point you can just let it go.At a moment's notice.At least I can understand it partially – Most people can't even understand it ... "If I had it to do all over again, I'd run a hot dog stand." (–Albert Einstein)At least I have a sense of humor about it.At least I won't have to work anymore.At least I'm not a lying pig ... I understand what goodness and decency are.At least it's different.At least it's led you to something comfortable, practical, pleasant.At least it's safe.At least LA is really dirty.At least someone has a little life in them.At least someone's got a brain in their head – George Carlin says, Think how stupid the average person is, and realize, half of them are stupider than that!At least ... With millions of little silver picture frames on it ... People are asleep ... and they're mean, too, if you wake them up.At least you can see what people are like.At least you don't suffer.At least you know what you're doing.At least you know what you're not missing.At least you're not a professional self-destroyer.At many locations.At some level.Authentic hatchet! Authentic hatchet! Do you know what "Authentic hatchet!" means? Real axe! Get it? ("RELAX!")Aw, blow it out your ass!Away from the farm! ... What a time to be a child ... It reminds me of things to come ... It's like science fiction.


B. Back to the future.Backpacks and all.Bad call, dad. You're wrong, dad.Bad children grow up ... Kill yourself before you get in trouble ... I want you to stop living ... That's all there is to it.Bad doesn't describe it ... It just sits there forever ... It's amazing ... The real way to be a crook is to pay your taxes ... I'm not able to ... (All I have in the bank is $2.55)Bad monsters! I'm going to scratch your eyes out with my hands.Bank on it, pal!Be brave!Be careful.Be kind to yourself.Be jealous of your attention, and greedy for beautiful impressions."Be of the same mind toward one another; do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation. Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all men." (–Romans 12:16-17)"Be!" –Plato; "Do!" –Aristotle; "Do-be! Do-be! Do!" –Sinatra.Be proud you're in a panic – It puts you in the top one percent of humanity.Be seeing you!Be specific.Beats sealing envelopes.Beats the alternative.Beautiful day today ... I don't know how it happened, but we had a beautiful day ... Well, phantom rains – It probably won't reach you ... Let's see, the sun shined, a few clouds went by, the tide went out ... The wet weather is wicked, huh? ... They have little rain cells ... Whatever they say, it's the opposite ... They're always wrong ... Have you ever seen it rain on one side of the street while the other side remains totally dry? ... It's better when it's warm than when it's cold ... It's better ... Unsettled ... They never know ... We'll see ... Big tragedy ... No shit! ... It's hot today, isn't it? ... But that's what gave birth to the blues!Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Because I don't want to get in a rut.Because I live right, I work hard, I don't smoke.Because if you look like a monkey, you'll never get a job.Because it bores me – That's the secret of great diets.Because it grows better that way.Because it's cheap.Because it's rustic.Because it's such an important thing ... Simplicity, playfulness, doing nothing, being a decent person, being yourself, aging well.Because it's your genes.Because no one can check on a lie.Because nobody cares – Of course! No one wants that – What do we care?Because of our foreign policy.Because that's the way it was.Because the Red Sox lost.Because this is your imitation of Michael Jackson.Because we live right.Because we need a good circus, right?Because you're not clairvoyant.Because you're not making any money! ... Hold on to your cash, and stay out of trouble ... Life is easier than you think.Because you're pretty? Because you're smart?Because you're smart.Because your parents are cheap.Bed sores? This is the worst day of my life.Before the cock crows, you will betray me.Before trouble started.Before you.Before your time.Beggars can't be choosers.Behind that is total slimy kiss-my-ass crap ... In front of that is total ignoring ... Earlier than that is buried childhood traumas and immense suffering ... Over that is a stubborn knot of anger ... Under that is a tangled braid of neglect and desperation ... After that they can't even understand "meaning"; it's the world of gloss ... Avoidance ("God") is what keeps the trauma alive.Being born into some families is like being given a life sentence for a crime you never committed. (–Chris Phillips)Being exclusive.Being nice!Being punctual is important.Being wrong is not bad; being bad is not wrong – Some things can't be helped; some things can't be rushed – Don't try to find yourself in a mess – How could your self be in a mess? You could be under it.Believe me ... I want you to try harder.Believe me, I've been through it.Believe you me!Best ever.Better late than never.Better limited and alive than unlimited and dead.Better not to generalize – Be specific.Better sooner than later.Better than chocolate!Better than having to go fishing.Better than loving a brick.Better than nothing.Better than playing with yourself in public.Between the Devil and the deep blue sea.Between you and me, I wouldn't bother.Beware of blondes with blue eyes and sharp tongues.Beyond being devastatingly good-looking.Beyond comprehension.Big deal – Tempest in a teapot.Big deal ... You need more faith.Big mistake.Big mystery.Big news.Big trouble! ... Who's complaining? ... You're a brick! ... Break up, hook up, burn up, lock up, hurry up! Seven-up! ... Overlap it a little ... Cheer up! ... Different things ... You're next up, cutup! ... Holy Cow! ... You're perplexed ... It's a riddle ... I could get it down ... Nothing urgent ... The jig is up! ... Thumb's up! ... A joke! ... Really weird, huh? ... Ugly Poop! ... Nothing deep ... Nothing simple ... Nothing much ... Nothing special ... Just anything! ... Nobody knows ... As it is written, so it shall be done ... How chic ... Nothing fatal ... Think big!Birds fly – It's not hard.Bitchy rednecks ... I don't even care anymore.Bizarre, huh?Black is beautiful.Blow the dust off the driveway! – That's something useless.Blowing bubbles.Bob Dylan.Born to achieve.Boy, did you miss an opportunity.Boy, do you learn fast in those places – I'm just telling you the lowdown – See where it goes, and then you can see where it's coming from.Boy, that's advanced.Bozo makes people laugh.Breaking rules – Everyone has the right to be what they are!Brick by brick, my citizens.Bring that up at the next meeting!Bring your own.Bubble universes.Buckets of light.Buried in the Bastille for two hundred years, and now it's coming to light. And you say, don't make so much noise! I'm powdering my nose.Burning questions.Busy day.But ... can the world take it?But it's not the whole book.But less.But not out loud ... The moon with a fish in it ... That's breathing.But not us.But of course it's against the rules to help a child.But, that's the story!But the King has a couple more in the harem.But you don't know on which side.But you have to keep your eye on the sparrow.But you never know with these kooks.Butterfingers!Buy the book and find out.By and large; more or less; in any event; inasmuch as; in a nutshell; at any rate; for the most part; by the way; by all means; in just a few words; insofar as; any old how! ... Now I'm a real cosmopolitan killer of the revolution!By any means.By the way, they're not called Jews anymore – They're called rootless metropolitans ... It's correspondence?By whose authority?


C. Call my lawyer.Call the FBI.Call the police.Call when you have something pleasant to say.Camel, donkey, star and all!Can I compare thee to a toilet?Can two spiders share the same web?Can we just hate each other in peace?Can you?Can you believe it?Can you imagine?Can you imagine what they turn out to be?Can you loan me any money?Can you point out the person who paid for this?Can you prove that you're alive?Can you remember?Can you tell?Can't be any different than it used to be.Can't imagine.Can't miss.Can't resist.Can't you do anything wrong?Can't you go back to something else?Capable of doing things outside, too ... Kiss Student! ... Don't leave yourself out!Carthage must be destroyed!Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Doctor Zhivago.Cats are worse – The whole secret is to not get rugs!'Cause you find yourself doing these weird things.'Cause you've got that thing, that certain thing; That makes me rush off to Cartier's for a wedding ring; That makes birds forget to sing; 'Cause you've got that thing, that certain thing ... You're way ahead ... I'm really wondering who you are, what you're up to, and what you think life is all about?Cell phones ... It's open season.Certainly.C'est la vie!Change how you see, not how you look.Chapter Eleven – It's right after Chapter Ten. Character Analysis (Wilhelm Reich, 1933) is the best book ever written about Freudian psychology."Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness." (–Yousuf Karsh) ... "What's the matter, Ricky? Why don't you turn up a smile?" (–Emily, eight years old, June 1962)Charmed.Charming!Cheating everyone.Cheer up! – It always breaks.Children have a way of curing people – if you're nice to them.Choose something.Christianity doesn't work with lions ... Oh, you have a thorn in your paw! ... It's like a memory you never knew you had.Ciao, bella!Citizen Canine: The World According to Dog.Citizen Tom Paine.Civilizations collapse because people are dumb; as long as people are crooks, we'll do good ... Whoa! That works good, doesn't it?Clean, clean, clean! Order, order, order! Control, control, control!Clean slate.Clever, huh?Close enough ... They may have some nice things about them, but they're rats!Closer and closer to the source! ... It was on the news ... That's what you get for having a good mind ... Today's child.Cold, huh?Come into my corner, said the spider to the fly!Come on, evaporate, you ding-dong! ... Do you think I should be a monster or a princess? ... Maybe you could buy your house and kick your mom and dad out – then you'd be rich! ... I don't mind if you're smart – I like it when you're smart – I don't mind it at all – It means you understand things you'll understand a lot when you're big.Come on over! If the door doesn't open, break it down.Come on, sweetie! Out! Out!Comme ci, comme ça."Consider the subtle difference between 'having no form' and having 'no form'; the first is ignorance, the second is transcendence." (–Bruce Lee)Cost effective, right?Could you ask for anything less?Could you do it for me? I'm an MBA.Could you tell in any way?Could you tell me where 57th Street is, or should I just go fuck myself?Craving power ... That's no good ... Everyone else is anyway ... There's something better ... Don't give me a hard time! ... Don't ask questions! ... I only tell really special people ... Paul Bern was a fairy ... Just charming! ... He died before I was born ... Put up or shut up! ... You have to let someone else take care of the baby ... It's too hard ... If you want to do it, you can ... I'm not missing anything except death ... Everyone thinks they're entitled ... Before anything!Crazy, sick, stupid and depraved.Creepy enough – Now don't bother me anymore!Crossed wires.Cryptic, enigmatic.Culp and Cosby.Cunning and exile.Customers come first.


D. Daily.Dancing on the ceiling.Dancing with danger ... There's no need for a fire; the smoke is quite enough.Danger is just around the corner – Let's move the furniture!Dangerous.Dartmouth, '68.David Daniels says, "If you hold a question now, someday you will realize you have lived into the answer."(Day 1.) Double happiness! ... (Day 2.) Embrace the madness ... (Day 3.) You are the hot dog of my soul ... (Day 4.) On your knees!Day and night.Day is night and night is day.Deadly serious.Dealing cards?Dealings with the generous are not difficult.Dear God, please come here and save us, but don't send Jesus, because this is not a place for a child."Dear Madam," wrote Winston Churchill, "You may very well be right."Death, six billion.Deeply concerned.Definitely starting out.Delighted.Delirious!Delusions of grandeur and happiness don't mix."Depression is often described as anger turned inward." (–Jane E. Brody)Did a priest get you when you were seven?Did anyone ever choke you?Did anyone yell out, "I wonder why?"Did I say you could breathe?Did it bring back memories?Did it shine in the dark?Did someone step on a duck?Did you become a traitor? ... Wearing sateen, dark red lipstick, hanging out in pool houses ... You never know what they're going to do ... It hurts a lot ... Maybe I'll change my ways ... I feel better about it now ... When the lion is chasing the antelope, he doesn't look back.Did you ever go off on a tangent?Did you ever hear the saying, "Between the devil and the deep blue sea ..." —?Did you ever wink at a nun?Did you go in your cave again?Did you have trouble finding a place to park?Did you know Indians used to put their ear on the railroad track to hear if the train was coming?Did you know that you're riding with the Mozart of cab drivers?Did you know your house is filled with cockroaches? ... Now it's beginning to float.Did you make a wish?Did you read, "Hansel and Gretel?"Did you say, because I was never anointed? ... Long time! ... Whenever. Whenever you feel comfortable ... How often do you get a chance to do nothing and sit and be waited on by everyone? ... When you're seventeen, you can't tell who likes you ... It should just take a day to get out of this ... It's not like you're going to die if you don't do something every second of the day ... It is brute strength, but it's the mental kind! ... Whoever's calling the plays, forget it! ... Just don't ever get an endowment from the National Council of Arts, 'cause it'll be one bitch after another! ... I think you get used to it, and you know it won't last forever ... You have to change ... I might as well have a little party since I'm at the lowest point of my ... This could be a treasure ... He squandered the family fortune ... So far this is the prize of my collection ... It wasn't cheap ... Saving up to go to graduate school ... The outcast of the islands! ... Maybe the new direction isn't up, it's out ... If you look out (at people), maybe you'll see the world of ideas ... No poet can write good English! ... They go skiing in November in Vermont, whatever they're supposed to do, they do ... Send 'em back on the farm! ... They were all these put-down artists.Did you say something?Did you work hard today?Did your parents talk out of both sides of their mouth? ... HEY! ... REAL GO-GETTERS! ... Oh! I'm so stupid! I'm so not-with-it! ... Out on a ship they make illegal sex dolls that kill! ... They say the wrong thing to a cop ... You're better off seeing what's going on ... Down the path of total conviction you end up in the pack!Didn't Albert Einstein say that?Didn't anyone ever hear the expression, "When pigs have wings?"Didn't your mother tell you not to talk to strangers?Different cultures, different things.Different people are good at different things.Different people do different things.Different people have different ideas.Different things like that.Dinosaurs are a pain in the ass.Diplomatic, huh?Dirt cheap.Distracted.Do as little as possible.Do I get a pill soon?Do I have a place to put them?Do I have to do everything you tell me to?Do I know what I'm not doing?Do I look like an alien to you? ... I meant it as a joke!Do it again!Do it before the fall!Do it by moonlight.Do it the wrong way.Do it yesterday!Do less.Do not pass Go.Do nothing ... and thy shall be done unto.Do something nice for yourself and you'll feel better. • Do they deliver?Do unto others as they do unto you – but do it first!Do we understand each other then?Do what you want.Do you?Do you ever get angry when you swim underwater?Do you feel better?Do you feel hopeful?Do you feel that's the right way to talk to someone who feels hurt?Do you feel twice blessed?Do you feel worse? ... Okay! Let's continue.Do you feel you've done something wrong and you're going to ... be punished? ... Oh, I made two hundred thousand dollars yesterday.Do you have a cleanliness disorder?Do you have lifeboats on your office building?Do you know that's ALL some people have?Do you know what really makes the time pass?Do you know who Lochinvar is?Do you know why?Do you like doing it?Do you mind if I do it in ten years?Do you need a new boss down at the factory?Do you need antlers?Do you need any?Do you realize there's an audience here, and there's not much of an audience here?Do you sit on the giant turtles?Do you sneer at people who ask you what a fellowship is?Do you think Bush is a secret agent for communism?Do you think the holidays have anything to do with it?Do you think this is something new?Do you want a knuckle sandwich?Do you want the sane answer or the insane answer?Do you want to look at it?Do you want to rent it from me?Do you wish you had one of your own?Does anybody know – Are you supposed to tip the guy who fixes your computer?Does every mountain lion kill?Does God have antlers?Does it cost anything?Does it hurt your feelings?Does that bring up anything?Does that mean I'm sincere?Does that mean that I am?Does that mean you have to go to the bathroom?Does that ring a bell?Does victory settle all arguments?Doesn't matter; I'm having fun.Dog is my copilot.Dogs don't care.Dogs know everything.Doing is the only magic.Don't accept praise, and don't accept criticism – Just do things.Don't adjust!Don't aggravate me while I'm working.Don't allow yourself to wonder what you'll do next, and then you'll live into it.Don't ask and don't count on it is my philosophy of life.Don't ask me for my phone number!Don't ask me to carry any crosses.Don't be absurd – You're lying.Don't be afraid to ask for support.Don't be shy – Don't be good.Don't be too sure.Don't believe anything until you see it.Don't believe everything you think!Don't blame me.Don't blame me for being smart! Blame my family!Don't blame me ... You did it! I didn't kill the dog! You did it!Don't bother.Don't bother 'em – Leave 'em alone! Bring your own.Don't break the spell, that's all I ask.Don't change horses in midstream!Don't cheat me.Don't cheat yourself.Don't chug out too many credits.Don't come!Don't count on it.Don't cry too much about it.Don't deny it!Don't do anything.Don't do too much or it'll kill you.Don't eat anything you like. • Don't even think about it.Don't ever do anything halfway.Don't ever let anyone you know near your family or they'll hate you.Don't ever worry about something you can't change.Don't expect anything – You can only be pleasantly surprised.Don't feel cheated.Don't forget!Don't forget to breathe!Don't forget to leave the register open.Don't fret if it doesn't float your boat! I'm just warming up.Don't fuck with my culture – No one should ever aggravate me.Don't get angry! ... Set the bullying aside for a while ... Why not? ... There's always people beyond human frailties ... I see a hill covered with snow ... I see a man hiding behind a rock ... You're very bright ... Don't buy a house with someone ... You'll lose money ... Why reduce yourself to the level of a moron? ... Life isn't that simple ... I would remember that, too ... Why do you feel frightened when someone is nice to you? ... Furious beyond belief ... So are we all! ... Very skilled ... Especially once you play! .... You don't hear many people talking that way, huh? ... Beat at your own game ... I doubt it ... Most people are really civilized ... (1.) simplicity; (2.) playfulness; (3.) doing nothing; (4.) being a decent person; (5.) being yourself.Don't get caught!Don't get heartbroken.Don't get other people to blame for your troubles.Don't get sucked in.Don't give away all my secrets.Don't go around in a circle.Don't hate the players – Hate the game!Don't hit any plants.Don't hold back.Don't hold it against me.Don't hurt me, mom, because I'm hitting myself!Don't hurt your head!Don't include me.Don't kid yourself.Don't kill yourself.Don't knock it! You may want to do that one day ... You might ... Are you the one who is effusing foul emotions? ... Don't inhale! ... When you're not attacking innocent people, what are you doing? ... Goodie two-shoes, one; burning ember, nothing ... You must go crazy roasting marshmallows at a campfire ... Let's call it quits ... Put on a whale suit, pour on a bucket of water ... Hang in there ... Okay, is that enough?Don't knock the Ivy League!Don't lend him any money.Don't let anyone push you around.Don't let anyone whack you, don't go to Iraq, and don't go to freedom marches!Don't let frenzied sea creatures deter you!Don't let it get you down.Don't let me catch you throwing your clothes around tomorrow!Don't let people suck you into their misery.Don't let the cat out of the bag, whatever you do.Don't look!Don't lose control!Don't make me cry.Don't mess with anything.Don't pay bills you don't have to pay.Don't put all your love on one thing or one person.Don't put too much into the pot ... It's whatever you believe is true ... They believe whatever they say is true ... You are where your attention is.Don't roll your eyes at me!Don't rush me! ... I slept my way through night school ... Why fuss?Don't say.[Don't say anything at all to the people; talk to the manager, who is supposed to call the police or do something; if you have any confrontation at all with the people, they're likely to wait and settle it, outside the restaurant; do what a gangster would do, which is nothing] "Behind the morning glories, behind the arbor, behind the falling fence ..."Don't say anything; don't sign anything; just put it in the bank.Don't say anything to anybody.Don't say I didn't tell you.Don't say I deprived you of a screw.DON'T SAY THAT! DON'T SAY THAT WORD!Don't say that too loud – You might start a stampede.Don't say you know me.Don't scare me.Don't sell yourself short.Don't smell!Don't snap!Don't suffer too much.Don't take candy from strangers!Don't take too much credit.Don't talk to me – My friends will laugh at me.Don't tell!Don't tell anyone.Don't tell anyone my secret.Don't tell anyone you know!Don't tell it to turn into a snake!Don't tell me about a bicycle in the basement of the Alamo.Don't tell me how I feel. I feel things. You don't.Don't tell me it's nothing for you.Don't tell me the end – I haven't seen it.Don't tell me things like that!Don't tell me what that means!Don't tell me you're losing money – Would you like me to tell you a story? – It doesn't make that much of a difference to me – I don't care, because I don't need it – Life is so stupid, it's mysterious – The submarine just left for Africa.Don't tell too many people.Don't they?Don't throw me in the briar patch!Don't throw us in the briar patch! ... By the way, rubber duckies are out.Don't tip anyone off.Don't trust your relatives!Don't try to figure things out – Feed what's inside you!Don't twist it too much.Don't volunteer!Don't worry about it.Don't worry about it! Take a powder!Don't worry about it until something happens, that's my advice.Don't worry about money.Don't worry about this one.Don't worry – It won't get worse.Don't worry – You can count on ineptness.Don't you agree?Don't you dare say I'm good with money! ... Don't you dare say I'm living by my wits! ... Oh, she'll never get to the next level of academic charm ... It's very hard denying the truth.Don't you have a cat you can slap around?Don't you know about stars?Don't you want to set a good example for your dogs?Don't you wish you had one?Donald Duck's sister – What a wit! – That's all I know.Donuts are getting sophisticated.Double check!Double digit diarrhea.Down and dirty.Down by the old mill ..., across the burning ..., my ....Down deep.Down like a mother-fucker for truth! (–Oedipus of Thieves)Dreamer!Dreams express wishes and deep wishes that can't be expressed in emotions.Dress is optional.Drive yourself crazy.Drool a little ... Just once ... You don't know what was done to someone ... If you want to be crude ... Labor intensive ... There should be something I like.Drunk again!Dude, you have no idea ... Right on! ... For sure ... Like, you know what? ... No worries.Dug out of solid rock.Duke, maybe.


E. E. Leave! Leave! F. That's nothing for a man like me; G. And that's my problem how? H. I am so incapable of making a mistake, it's beyond belief – thanks to my mother!Each one's different, and some are very emotional.Early is better than later.Easier said than done.Easy does it.Easy the hard way.Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.Eat your heart out!"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." (–William Butler Yeats) ... You have the genes of a shit-smeared pig – You're not fit to be my mother.Eight ball in the left pocket!Eight things at once.Eighteen times in the last three weeks.Either do you!Either that or go to the Harmony Hut.Either way it's okay.Either way you win.Emerging into the sunlight.Employee of the Minute!Engaged.Enough already!Enough is enough.Enough to make it worth our while, I guess.Erase the anathema!Especially if you can't see.Especially if you like dogs.Especially in Berkeley.Especially you.Even at midnight.Even before that.Even happiness?Even if he lives on Mars.Even if it isn't true.Even if it seems foolish.Even if it's bad for you.Even if there are things wrong with me, why can't people like me?Even in the rain.Even lower than that.Even more!Even more trouble for the rednecks.Even my mother would have no complaints with this one.Even now.Even on the weekends.Even when I was little.Even when it's bad.Even worse!Ever hear of a chameleon on plaid?Ever hear of a vacation?Ever popular.Ever waiting.Every ball of string unravels.(1.) Everything cheap you can think of; (2.) My idea of self is much simpler than yours; (3.) Anybody can; (4.) Very interested, are you? (5.) On the Avenue of Dreams; (6.) When you've got a routine, stick with it; (7.) A lot of people, their entire self-esteem is built upon hating other people; (8.) Why live in one dimension? (9.) I'm a little reckless; (10.) If you never intended to, and don't even have to, then you don't even have to, right?Every day is the day of the dead.Every dog has its day ... (See also, "'Princelings' in China Use Family Ties to Gain Riches," by David Barboza and Sharon LaFraniere, The New York Times, May 17, 2012)Every five minutes that's something else.Every horse has its stall, every pig has its pen, every bird has its nest, and life knows best what is right.Every little thing adds up.Every minute.Every question is asked, and every question is answered.Every reason!"Every single person has at least one secret that would break your heart. If we could just remember this, there would be a lot more compassion and tolerance in the world." (–Mississippi) ... It would be a big advantage.Every stick has two ends ... Do I ever ... leave you out?Every time I stop my car, somebody tries to steal my shoes.Every time I think something bad's happened, something good's happened.Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven – Every time it rains, it rains one-hundred-dollar bills from heaven!Every time you get angry, you'll live another ten years.Every time you talk to me, it lowers my IQ.Every year you live, add another year to your life.Everybody gets what they want.Everybody has something to conceal.Everybody is good at something, and sooner or later, it comes out.Everybody knows a beautiful little girl when they see one.Everybody learns many things.Everybody looks good at closing time.Everybody takes 'em ... I don't care ... Even Elvis is coming.Everybody wants smart people in their country.Everybody, without thinking, thinks whatever they learned when they were little, is right.Everyone but me.Everyone can do it – It'll take two minutes.Everyone does the best they can.Everyone else has someone telling them what to do.Everyone gets blamed.Everyone has a chance to understand everything.Everyone has bad days.Everyone has something they go into a rage over – You're not the only one.Everyone has their own way.Everyone has to tell themselves what to do.Everyone has trouble with authority figures.Everyone helps everyone.Everyone is rude to people who think they're better than other people.Everyone knows me – Everyone hates me!Everyone knows you have to go slow.Everyone misses ... You're never going to be any richer than you are now ... Full of nouveau riche gutter snipes ... Is this a threat? ... World domination.Everyone should listen to their mother.Everyone talks where I come from.Everyone will be doing it soon.Everyone's a part of it.Everyone's frustrated.Everyone's gone through that phase ... A little wound up.Everyone's just as bad as everyone else – except for Mimi – she never bit a dog!Everyone's leaving – They're like rats leaving the ship.Everyone's scared of monsters!Everyone's the same – the Irish, the Jews.Everything but!Everything could be like that.Everything flows.Everything he sees now will be part of his mind.Everything is good if you're alive.Everything reflects on you.Everything that happens, it's better.Everything you can imagine.Everything you can think of.Everything you think, isn't.Everything you think it is, it isn't.Everything you thought about High School is true for eternity.Everything's easy if you understand what's going on.Everything's fine, we have nothing to worry about.Everything's in codes because there's all these stupid rules.Everything's ready to go.Except on rare occasions.Excuse me – We're both talking at the same time.Expect more!Expect the worst.Exploring, exploring, ever exploring.Extremely human.


F. Fair winds and following seas, ma'am.Faith is really paying attention.Fake it!Family values: No matter how smart you are, your mother is smarter.Famous animal friends.Far be it from me to aggravate anyone.Far from it.Far worse!Favored children.Feeding a child – That's the definition of good.Feeling sorry for someone is not liking them.Feeling strong by imitating others is not being you.File that!Find one.Find one that doesn't count.Find something you like: (1.) Just small little things; (2.) You're not wasting your money, really; (3.) I'm a great believer; (4.) Good memory; (5.) Good mind; (6.) Quantum; (7.) That's going to come back to haunt you; (8.) Isn't that a pisser, though? (9.) Complaining, huh? (10.) It's worse than my family; (11.) That's what the Romans did; (12.) Watch out for rich people.First things first, and we'll let you wear long pants.First you have to put up with a little girl.Fish tremble at the mention of my name.Fits right in.Fixated – It's called revolving around a hard place.Fla-min-go! ... Like a flame in the sk-y-y ... Flying o-ver the is-land ... To my lover nearby.Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!For a few years I haven't been able to read minds.For after I'm dead.For all YOU know.For an emergency, I guess.For anyone ... And the answer is?For anything?For emergencies.For extra pleasure.For fun!For hundreds of years, for thousands of years!For no reason at all.For now.For obvious reasons.For real.For some reason that's a no-no.For some stupid reason.For someone my age – Come on! – I'm a piker.For spiritual reasons.For sure.For the holidays.For what I do, it's perfect.For what it's worth.Forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.Force is of no value – It's the right touch.Forget about the past – It wasn't your fault.Forget it! ... Never buy anything secondhand!Frankenstein's lab ... Enter!Frankenstein's notebooks.Free lessons!Friday night would be good ... or Thursday night.Friends don't let friends go to college.From beginning to end.From birth.From down on the barroom floor.From midgets to giants.From now on I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.From the middle of nowhere.From the stars?From your lips to God's ear.From your point of view.FuBuTuBe"For us, By us, Teach us, Big earth!"Funny that you're interested.Funny what makes you happy – Wouldn't you rather be down at the Black Pussycat Café having a beer or something?Funny you should notice.Fuzakeru na! [Japanese: Stop your nonsense!]


G. Gather ye rosebuds while you may.Gee, guys, you don't have much fun, do you?Gee, I have trouble following rules, too, but I try to.Gee! ... I'm getting crazy!Get a dog – A dog won't care if you're an asshole.Get a pitchfork.Get a rocking chair – And then you can rock!Get a shovel ... Stay away from tricksters!Get away!Get down! ... People who like to eat are way ahead of other people ... The Song of Moses ... camaraderie, rapport ... What makes you incensed? ... Brothers of the same mind ... It must be frozen food ... They may not get a chance to talk to people who are interesting ... Of course I will tell you ... but you have to wait until my birthday ... Every moment counts ... It's like the Queen Elizabeth grand tour, isn't it? ... A lot of them must be really stupid ... They know one thing, and golf ... Hey! Maybe I should have a nice life ... It's like murder! ... So one light goes out, another goes on ... That's the trick to it ... If all you have is Allah [breath], you're in bad trouble ... It's obvious ... "Give me a hug!" ... —Until how old? ... Doing what comes naturally.Get 'em all with one blow!Get lost! ... Good-bye ... High hopes ... Oh, it's you! It's nice to have a little kitten.Get malaria!Get off my fucking back!Get out of there!Get some comic books to keep you up ... I have other difficulties.Get some oatmeal. Leave bowls of oatmeal around the house until it smells like oatmeal. That will really make you feel good. Catharsis has nothing to do with reality.Get someone richer, who will really torture you with their philosophy of life – Oprah, the genius, right?Get way away from it.Get your mother's cock out of your ass.Get thee behind me, Diarrhea!Get tough!Gets to you, huh?Gets you angry, huh?Getting healthy.Getting people off ... Criminal lawyer ... Out of jail ... If something is beyond your scope a little, it's interesting ... I decline your offer ... Separate expectations from understanding ... It's no joke ... It's just not the same ... What am I going to do, things I hate? ... You can do what you like.Getting stomped!Getting up there, guy!Ghosts, Italian style.Giraffes. • Girls are bad, too, but not in the same way.Give me a break!Give me a kiss!Give me some slack.Give other people a chance.Give up!Give up! – Jesus doesn't even like you ... That's what the screwballs say ... They're so desperate to get people to like them ... People who eat Wonder Bread are millionaires.Give yourself time.Glad to see you grew out of it.Glad to share.Go ahead.Go ahead and judge 'em! They don't care ... You might as well call a spade a spade, and an asshole an asshole.Go back into your grave.Go by what you know, not by what you feel.Go check your tire pressure.Go easy on yourself.Go empty.Go for broke!Go for it! Go for the gold.Go for it, man! Knock yourself out.Go further.Go over the top!Go play in the traffic! ... Go spit in your socks! ... Do something you believe in ... Holland Cotter says, "Destroy the artist you think the world thinks you should be and you'll start to find find the artist you are." [Art critic for The New York Times]Go with it!Go under!God is going to take care of the whole place.God knows what else.God smells you when you go to heaven, right? "Paranoid" is conscious – you're aware of it; "delusional" is unconscious – you're not aware of it.Gone crazy, back soon!Going on three.Gone forever!Gone! – Jokes are like that.Good!Good day to work on a roof.Good enough.Good! I'm behind you one hundred percent – Go for it!Good. Most people don't.Good things come to those who wait.Good thinkin', Lincoln!Good time for a vacation!Good! Two for one! ... The beat goes on.Good! What's wrong with that?Got any cherry pie? That's the blood from my broken heart.Grab every scrap of happiness you can.Grace is something that calls on you – You can't create it.Great expectations.Grand Old Delusion bless America!Great is the gate, narrow is the path.Great news.Great tragedy.Green is worse than black ... It's not everyone who can get away with doing what they believe in.Gritty.Guilt! Dog guilt! ... Stop putting on airs.Gurdjieff was just teaching people to be artists – This particular artist sends away for a five-dollar book on how to read minds.


H. H.Had enough? Want to take a break?Half of it dropped in the toilet.Half of it is having a really nice life.Hallelujah!Hamlet's a really good play. [All you have to do is say anything obvious and they disappear.]Hand me down my walking cane; I'm gonna leave on the morning train; my sins they have overtaken me.Hands off!Hang in there, right?Hanging on to your money tight, huh?Happiness is something you sense ... It's not the absence of pain, and it's not the presence of grace ... People won't give up being big shots ... Consciousness goes way beyond feelings and states ... Stop thinking, stop feeling, be simple, be sincere, sense yourself ... The only thing you can trust is sensations in yourself ... You can't trust thoughts and feelings ... It has nothing to do with outside things, or cultural ways ... What you have to know is very little, but to know that little takes very, very much.Happy families are all alike.Happy feet, happy person! ... Friends do not have to be glued together ... People can be good for just so much, and then they're bad! ... See you! ... If we had time.Happy people are all alike – Unhappy people all have a different way to be unhappy. (From Leo Tolstoy)Happy trails!Hard times, huh?Hard to find out, isn't it?Hardly worth it ... It was so long ago I don't really remember ... Don't make me kill again!Hatching another plot.Hate me, hate my dog!Hate people all you want.Haunted.Have a bug!Have a cookie!Have a little compassion.Have a potato.Have it your way, Jack!Have mercy!Have no expectations. Accept the best.Have some faith.Have you ever been in public before?Have you ever felt this way before?Have you ever heard the expression, "Fat, dumb and happy?"Have you read, What Was That? by Al Zeimer?Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock's 1943, Shadow of a Doubt? You should see it!Have you seen Dracula yet?Haven't I seen you before?Having a good mind in this culture is a handicap.Having a nice time is the only safe thing.Having fun!He did shoot his mouth off, and didn't care what he said.He gets exuberant.He had his wife in a tower because she was hopelessly insane.He has a very strong undercurrent.He may feel it's the only way to relate to you.He must come from a very weird family.He must have been drunk.He talks that cool managerial lingo.He was ahead of our times.He was filled with loathing, and he turned his loathing on the Jews – Then, when he started losing, he turned the loathing on himself ... Now they hate perverts, homosexuals, and child molesters – because it's inside them.He who laughs last thinks slowest!He would have bored another hole, but he sold the machine.He's displaced hatred for himself onto Jews ... So what's on your mind?He's shaking with ideas.He's the closest thing to a shark we've ever seen.He's the quiet, mysterious kind.He's too nice to be the Pope.Heads up!Heads you lose, tails you lose if you listen to other people.Health before illness!Heard all over the world.Heartless creature.Heckling has a lot to do with ticket prices ... There's just no way to know ... That's all they do, is lie ... No one needs it! ... They just trade one load of cabbage for another ... They're taught by assholes to be assholes ... A moment in the sun ... In the old days, at least, they had their own voice inside their head ... That's totally down the tubes ... It's just a throwback ... I don't mind that ... They always did that ... I forgot all my drunk, bald jokes ... I've lost so many! ... "In Shakespeare's day, audiences were expected to hurl insults, if not rotting fruit, at the actors onstage" ... a torrent of negativity ... cultural assassins ... lobster scoundrels!Heinz 57.Hello! Do you talk to cockatoos?Helping people, or doing therapy, has nothing to do with school.Here goes!Here I am.Here or there?Hey! Don't snap!Hey, I'm a Dartmouth man! – We're beyond all that.Hey! I'm just driving you around – If you want my philosophy, you pay extra! – Write a good one.Hey! That's not fair!Hey, there!Hey, we're not on a cruise ship.Hey! You're a beautiful human being ... Get into love! ... That doesn't sound right ... What about the Pope? ... You and the Pope ... Let her get back to reality ... These midnight messages are spoiling her.High and dry.Highly recommended.Hit the trail!Hitch your wagon to a star.Hitler is dead, how's that?Hold everything! ... I have mixed feelings coming here today.Hold it up a little higher, and don't pull it out all the way.Hold this stick.Holy shit! You're killing me.Honor your mother and father; love your neighbor.Hopefully there is no point – There's just a nice comfortable chair.Hopeless and helpless, like a baby.Hoping to right the wrongs of the world one day.Horribly naïve.How about a raise? Don't you think I deserve it? I think I've been doing really good.How about letting someone see gold in a stream every once in a while?How about some poppycock?How about the wipers?How about those Giants?How about you? – Did you wear a Freudian slip?How are you doing, big guy?How bad can you get?How can it hurt?How can you get out?How can you understand the sorrow and the pity if you don't have any?How chic – I'm going to call it the Fellini Room.How come you're so smart?How could it hurt?How could someone live a whole life and only know one thing? – Say no more! – I forbid you to talk about my property.How could you tell me that?How did I know you were going to say that?How did it get to that point? – How many people hide their treasure in the outhouse pit?How did Mae West put it? – If evil knocks, I'll try it.How did THAT happen?How do kids know what to do? You just have to go on record.How do we know how much it's going to cost?How do YOU feel when I tell YOU what to say?How do you know?How do you like it?How do you like that?How do you like that? – They're full of shit!How do you protect your inner child? (1.) It is on the inside; (2.) It is on the inside and well-protected; (3.) Don't try to be good; (4.) Try to be efficient; (5.) Acting good is not protecting a child ... If someone's angry, or having a tantrum, say on the inside, —I hope you die, you gutter rat.How do you say serious?How do you think James Dean's father felt?How do you think people feel when they die? You have to take care of yourself, right?How does it feel to be the healthiest person in your family?How easy it is to do things without doing anything.How economical; how easy; how pleasant.How elegant.How else do you get people to do what you want?How foolish ... We're expected to be superficial.How good can a person be?How, I don't know.How little we know.How long do you think that'll last? ... I know things about Jesus you'll never know ... There's nothing too advanced for children ... They're way ahead of us ... You may remember your birth.How lucky can you get?How many?How many people get that kind of chance?How many people just walk out?How many single socks do they have in the world?How many toys do you have?How more do you need?How much can someone do?How much can you remember?How much is the postage from India?How much will you pay me to leave you alone?How or why I don't know.How so? ... It was that kind of party! ... Give it up, buddy! I like women ... Is sex dirty? If it's done right! ... Language is an orgasm ... Stop! And go-o-o-o-o! ... The ultimate gotcha! ... You don't want to corner people ... Just give people a break, there's a lot in that ... Honor someone ... Who can you hate? ... Life has the potential for being brutal and surprisingly short ... The question is, how do you answer that question? ... I identify with men, not for sex, for strength! ... How lame are you? ... You're treading on dangerous ground ... Do not invest in great piles of manure ... Helping others is the way out ... No illness too big; no nut too small ... I'm a patient, myself ... If you know deep down that everybody feels they don't fit in, you learn kindness ... I choose hell! [rather than suicide] ... It's not for me, and I hate taking messages ... You think you're smart. Well, I'll show you and your dog! ... Does anyone see a big mosquito? ... He'll save the world! ... It's getting down to the bottom of the barrel now ... I don't need pockets, I have a son! ... I cook better food than you can find in any restaurant ... It's between the legs.How thieves and scoundrels are taking over the global economy.How times have changed, huh?How to pretend you don't have a brain.How will anyone know it's me if I wear a mask?How would I know?How would you know? – What are you sure of? – Maybe years ago – Maybe even earlier – The idea is not quantity, it's quality – Quality and subtlety of attention is important – You have to develop an inner barometer to tell what your inner weather is – The reason is probably separation anxiety – Anger, hurt and jealousy over something are secondary – Come back from the mountain.How's everything on your mountain? – Do you have any goats on your mountain?Hundreds of things, if you can.Hundreds of times – A little bit, a little bit, a little bit – And birds. And squirrels – I was thinking of a swan – So you have to have a tunnel – Keeps things from spiraling too fast.Hunger is the best cook – Not a mother!Hydrogen.Hydrogen. You must be Helium.


I. I always forget something.I always have ... It's all observer.I always hold out my hand to see if a little bird is in it ... "America is the country of the future. It is a country of beginnings, of projects, of vast designs and expectations." (–Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1844) ... In the world of bullies, and their psychological interventions, "the past always buries the future, not the other way around." (–Thomas L. Friedman, "Obama on the Nile," NYT, June 11, 2008)I always see trouble coming.I am a poet.I am a river.I am a University graduate!I am alive – I am a living person.I am myself ... Good-bye.I am not into industrial waste ... Do they say things like, "Kneel for me" — ? ... Most people are blind.I am so good, I can have anything I want.I am sorry for your inconvenience. [Scripted response from the India help desk]I am Spartacus.I am such, that a person like that hates me.I am the master of my fate – I am the captain of my soul.I am . . . weirder because of that.I apologize to all the shoes.I ask you!I assure you.I assure you I spend every cent I get – I get rid of it!I ate some bad meat.I bet it's nice.I bet you don't even have your Passover ham in your refrigerator.I broke my contract with myself.I can afford to feel things like that.I can do it in three!I can do that – It's not that hard to do.I can imagine.I can imagine what goes on.I can live without it ... Did you ever read The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler?I can only hope.I can see the fire – There's a fire in there.I can see the future.I can see why.I can take a hint.I can't ... I could, but I don't want to ... You're on your own, kid ... Learn a trade.I can't afford to like someone who wasn't kind to me.I can't be serious.I can't deny a part of me is always happy ... What happens every day is important.I can't even explain it, it's so weird.I can't go backward in time on this ... I don't feel I have enough energy to – I really don't ... Aren't these Maypoles merry?I can't hear you – What did you say?I can't help it – It's in my nature.I can't help what I say, because I'm talking from myself.I can't reach that level of functioning.I can't say what I like?I can't see five minutes!I can't stand having to do things the right way.I can't think of anything better.I consider it a waste of time.I could do my rendition of, "There Was Blood on the Saddle."I could live without the whole thing. • I could tell you more.I couldn't make it clearer.I dabble in trouble.I danced with the baby with a hole in her stockings! I danced by the light of the moon ... He was the life of the party, morning, noon and night ... You don't think anything I say is true.I didn't get a chance.I didn't get anything.I didn't get here on a watermelon truck.I didn't get to hear, is it powerful? ... Next time pick the Louvre.I didn't know how rich we were ... In spirit!I didn't mean to insult you.I didn't see the whole thing.I didn't tell you that ... Don't you get scared.I do.I do enough.I do everything people tell me not to do.I do it in different ways.I do that all the time.I do worse things than you.I don't.I don't ... Every morning.I don't believe you.I don't care what the angels say to you.I don't care what you say.I don't deserve that.I don't do that – I just do good work.I don't do that stuff.I don't even know if it's that important.I don't even think I had a name – I'll have to look at my birth certificate.I don't fool around – especially with artists.I don't get around much – I like it here or at home.I don't have a beak.I don't have any money – You should give me money.I don't have anything else to do.I don't have enough money to feed my horses.I don't have it now.I don't have the budget for it, so I'm not spending anything on that now.I don't have to be right.I don't have too much money.I don't know about that.(1.) I don't know anything about it; (2.) I'd stay away from it; (3.) It's very scary to some people, even thinking about it; (4.) They're always defending their parents and not themselves.I don't know ... but it breaks the ice!I don't know how else to put it.I don't know how to explain it.I don't know how to put it.I don't know if you're ready for that.I don't know what the problem is ... Now why? ... Eat strawberries, listen to records, go hiking, learn a lot ... No bullshit.I don't know what to write that would make him feel better, so why don't you give him a hug?I don't know what your problem is, but I'd bet it's hard to pronounce.I don't know what's going on, but it's strange.I don't know what's going to happen.I don't know why.I don't know why, for a couple of thousand years, people can't see there's no god.I don't know why you're telling me these things – I'm just a child.I don't like getting caught in nets.I don't like the way you treat people.I don't mind.I don't mind waiting an hour to mail a letter if it's weird.I don't need you to tell parables. [Their parents beat them; they're religious; they're trying to scare you]I don't remember.I don't see this as an occupation.I don't see what else.I don't think it matters anymore.I don't really think it means too much. Today is not as bad as yesterday. Tomorrow's going to be even nicer. It's going to get a lot worse, but who cares?I don't think I would be interested.I don't take it lightly – This is California!I don't think it matters ... Maybe you don't have to know any of that.I don't think it's bad at all.I don't think it's good for me.I don't think so.I don't think so that much.I don't think the job is so important – It's what you understand that's important.I don't think you have to do that.I don't want any warm interpersonal experiences with a four-year-old girl.I don't want anyone getting bright ideas! – You have to follow orders and not add anything – Every three minutes it's worse than Fox!I don't want anything good.I don't want it polished ... Try anything – See what you like – They're your tools.I don't want to be popular until I get to civilization.I don't want to be the stooge of a fool.I don't want to dirty my hands.I don't want to drag it out, because I'm saving it for someone else – Try to understand who's saying these things, or who's saying it now – Because I have a feeling that some of these people don't know what they're doing.I don't want to end up like the morons around here.I don't want to get into it – It's against my better judgment.I don't want to have to pretend I'm a financial genius.I don't want to hear about it.I don't want to hear anymore.I don't want to hurt your feelings.I don't want to make any predictions.I don't want to ruin it.I don't want to ruin it for you.I don't want to ruin the effect.I don't want to say anything more.I don't want to step on your toes or anything.I don't want to talk about that right now.I don't want you dying in my house – It might inspire me.I don't want you to lose sleep.I don't want you to work too hard.I doubt it.I feel I'm going to sing, I'm glad I'm not alive anymore.I feel this incessant chatter about nothing is worthless.I fell in love with a banana and married it.I figure if anyone would live with me, they're insane.I figured that out.I forgot.I gather coconuts.I get along with everyone.I give all my energy to my job.I got me own racket.I got no strings to hold me down.I guess I'm the white sheep of the family.I guess that's it.I guess we'll see you on CNN Financial News.I guess you never read What Was That? by Al Zeimer.I had a bad childhood.I had a brain freeze ... It's working like a charm ... The last remaining seats ... Where we find ourselves.I had a very warped childhood.I had no idea I had that allure.I had that all planned.I hate myself last.I hate those big bathtubs.I hate to admit it.I hate to say it – She could be Napoleon's mother.I have a funny feeling – I think that's why they invented number two.I have a tattoo – Good-by! ,,, Fundamentally, you can't want a squirrel, and chasing them is out of the question.I have another surprise for you.I have enough troubles.I have lots of shiners though!I have much more money than I deserve or need.I have my own rules.I have news for you – I've never looked at you – I've just looked at zebras – I'm from another planet.I have no bad feeling toward your family.I have on iron underwear.I have the Italian disease, MyFUNDSarelow.I have to check my finances.I have to eat – I'm getting older.I have to go rescue my friends now.I have to work.I haven't figured it out yet.I haven't heard THAT in a long time.I haven't reached that level yet ... Sometimes it's hard to remember things because there are so many things to remember.I haven't seen you in Church in quite some time.I hear a pitter-pat in my head unless I sleep with my mouth open.I heard the opposite.I hope I can remember!I hope I die in style.I hope I'm not saying the wrong thing.I hope it doesn't have a curse.I hope it isn't a big hit!I hope it isn't ... bad breath.I hope none of this is going on my permanent record.I hope sparks don't fly.I hope the words, "Who needs you?" aren't engraved on your tombstone.I hope you don't mind – I get angry, too.I hope you make a lot of money!I hope you never find out.I hope you will.I hurt someone's feelings once.I just can't remember everything.I just can't resist perfection.I just do good work.I just don't have the will power.I just get foolish when I'm with girls.I just got home from school!I just got my foot in the door!I just have a memory for certain things.I just killed the Pope.I just made twenty dollars.I just thought it was a good thing to do for the future, no?I keep saying someone should.I kid you not.I knew it was too good to be true.I knew there was an ulterior motive.I knew there wasn't an easy way.I knew this was a new level.I know any number like me – You ought to get around more – Now I can afford to be generous.I know, but I still want to.I know enough to do that.I know how hard it is for you.I know how you feel.I know, I know! That's life!I know I'm a pain in the ass, but I'm a little helpful.I know it hasn't cast its spell on you.I know it's a jungle out there.I know it's against the rules.I know it's boring – One of these days I'm going to watch it with you.I know it's hard – a million things.I know just how you feel.I know Perry Como died, but so what?I know power words!I know someone you could ask.I know this is important to you.I know we have good food, but you can't move in!I know what I did – I just made a mistake.I know – You don't do things like that.I know you don't like it, but this is the way I am.I know what time is, but I don't want to explain it.I know – You have it down.I know you! I know you and that dog are in collusion ... Well, let's leave it at that ... That's how you get over these things ... You find a nicer situation, and see the difference.I know you like telling other people what to do.I know you probably have someone else picked for the job, but if they have a nervous breakdown, I'll step in.I learned my lesson.I learned it from you!I left my gun at home.I let mine rise.I like a quick turnover.I like anyone who's dead ... It's just a business ... It's just a racket ... Mohammed was an illiterate truck driver who had visions ... someone wrote them down ... beautiful poetry ... his descendants chased vermin and carriers of the Black Plague across the lands ... Christians had the unique idea to take care of the sick, ill and injured.I like law and order, too.I like living the life in the shade.I like my daughter but I can't take care of her.I like purple – I thought you'd sell it by now – I'm a little careless.I like the saying, if the British had first landed on the West Coast, New England would be a National Park.I like the very light touch.I like to see someone getting away with murder.I look up! ... and money is falling through the skylight.I love Virginia.I made you say, "underwear!"I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid.I meant to do that.I might be an actor – You don't have to do anything.I might have to change that ... People will come from all over the Midwest, and bring their kids, to see the truth ... As if anyone cares ... [What do you wish to understand about me, that I was butt-fucked at the age of two? Do you despise molested children, too, like my mother did? Just wondering. :-) Well, I'm sensitive to someone making demands on me, asking me to simply go along with them, not actually knowing who they are, without question. Without protest. I've been that way ever since I was a child.]I might try it.I must be a magnet.I must be crazy!I must be delusional.I must be going ... Good-bye!I must be good for something.I must have grabbed it and eaten it in my sleep.I need bars, bars, bars!I need my space.I negotiate with terrorists.I never do things right the first time, but I do on the second, especially if it's pancakes!I never even heard of it.I never even thought of that.I never forget a face, but in your case I'll make an exception.I never saw it before.I never talked to you about Dr. Banana.I never thought of that.I noticed yours is perfect, and mine is abysmal.I read about that in books.I really don't want to step on your toes.I really like the free exchange of ideas.I really like the way you put things.I really like this – It has a really deep effect on me.I remain the lead.I said the magic words!I saw it coming.I saw it on the news.I say blood red is the color for you.I see things differently – I'm just a person.I see your technique.I shot an arrow into the air.I should say so.I should think so!I shouldn't teach you my secrets.I speak drunk very well.I spoke too soon.I stay awake at night, listening to the wind.I still am very naïve about certain things.I still have things to do.I surprise myself.I surrender.I talked it over with my parents.I talked to the kids, and they told me you scared them! – the lady with a pointy hat on a bicycle with a basket, pedaling furiously down the road.I think.I think Bermuda is like this this time of year.I think everyone sees that.I think I could have.I think I'll learn to say that.I think I'm beyond that ... You just can't believe a word they say.I think in China and in India they caught on, if you pay people, they can do a lot.I think it gets hotter as it goes along.I think it's better to have the open space.I think it's different.I think it's from the grapes.I think it's the other way around."I think not!" René Descartes said, and disappeared! [He's the one who said, "Cogito, ergo sum." (Latin: "I think, therefore I am.")]I think that should be encouraged.I think that's enough.I think that's what you're missing.I think the ants do burrow.I think the dog did it, or the cat.I think there are better things than that – I just bought myself a Christmas present.I think there's just one thing you should be afraid of ... It's really bad.I think this is it.I think what you do is, put a little dirt in.I think you ought to get a helmet with horns.I think you're making a fashion statement.I think your job is so severe.I think your wish is going to come true.I thought you gave up.I told you he was a troublemaker.I try and stay out of the way.I try everything.I used to do that.I used to have an oriental rug in my bathroom ... You have to lose control of yourself sometimes, just to prove you can do it ... It's when you're older, you think it's a catastrophe."I used to read, but it's faster to make up stuff." (–Dilbert)I used to remember.I used to think you were Irish.I usually know what I"m stealing.I want a chocolate ice-cream soda size.I want my mummy!I want to die the way I was born.I want to see what's underneath everything.I want to sit .. and eat .. my spaghetti.I want you to know it has nothing to do with what's going on.I want you to take responsibility for that.I was a seagoing bellhop. • I was born bad, I am bad, and I'll die bad.I was born on the right side of the day.I was experimenting.I was feeling lonely with the bats and the wolves.I was just going with the traffic.I was never cute.I was only born yesterday.I was, too.I was walking in the woods with my sister, and God goaded me with sugar.I will put this in my garden of wonders.I will save all my money for the Lord.I wish death and rebirth seven times!I wish everyone was like you – It's very good to have other things to do – even reading.I won't tell anyone if you won't tell anyone.I won't worry.I wonder if it's tiredness or I have nothing to do?I wonder if someone lives just around the corner who likes you? ... You never got the chance to value yourself ... I think that's the way I learned to pay attention to myself ... I was totally put down and ignored ... What else can I do?I wonder if they make flying taxicabs?I wonder if they're that dumb.I wonder what comes next?I wonder what it's like to have squirrels living in your skull." (–Dilbert)I would be nowhere without him, and I am anyway.I would check that out.I would feel very safe with you.I would have known the answer to that if you hadn't asked me.I would say that's punishment enough, don't you?I would say that's your first step.I would seek professional help.I would think of it as a great blessing.I wouldn't bother with people I don't like . . . I appoint you to be keeper of the flame.I wouldn't doubt it.I wouldn't fool around.I wouldn't let just anyone do this.I wouldn't say that.I wouldn't say that's killing you, right?I wouldn't take that from anyone! – When I'm dead, I'll let you know.I wouldn't worry ... Probably somewhere down deep there's a little kid that wants to come out ... Just face it: You're bad! ... The "oughts" ... A whiff of your mother's perfume ... Very little, but there's a leak ... Don't you put soapy water on and look for bubbles?I write the most pungent things – Don't you know some old ladies you could trip or something?I'd call Homeland Security.I'd call it more than sentiment – I'd call it green passion!I'd just as soon be Japanese – I don't want to be like you.I'd just like to see it.I'd like to look over the business plan.I'd like to, but I can't.I'd like to leave that out of it.I'd like to run through your hair – barefoot!I'd like to see a lot more of you.I'd like to see that!I'd rather work with Buddha.I'll be glad when this is over.I'll bet you!I'll bet you do!I'll change that soon.I'll cry tomorrow.I'll do anything you like, or see that it gets done, as long as you put it in writing and sign your name to it.I'll figure it out.I'll figure something out.I'll get a plastic mirror so they can see themselves ... That's too much to ask, huh? ... It's another world, you know? ... They didn't go to Church, huh? ... I don't even have to ... I usually look.I'll get ideas how to torture you.I'll give you some ... and what about dog meat?I'll give you two weeks' notice.I'll have my money guy call your money guy – Who's your accountant?I'll have to build a bigger box.I'll have to change my diet.I'll have to get some more!I'll have to have a talk with myself.I'll have to look at my calendar.I'll have to remember that one.I'll have to see it first.I'll have to work on that ... It's the cherry on top!I'll just wait – I'm tired of explaining things to people.I'll let you have fun.I'll let you think about that.I'll look at it later.I'll meet with you next Wednesday and let you know.I'll meet you halfway and we'll have lunch.I'll mention it to the boys downtown.I'll never take YOU for a mystery ride.I'll put on my circus dress.I'll record my farewell speech: "Don't inhale!"I'll see what I can do.I'll sell it to you.I'll send it to you.I'll take you seriously if you take me seriously.I'll tell you privately sometime.I'll tell you why! They have one thing -- a diploma!I'll try it.I'll wait.I'll watch for that.I'll wear a T-shirt that says, "I can't be serious."I'm 7 years old – I miss my parents.I'm a bad influence, right?I'm a Buddhist.I'm a businessperson. I go by reality. We don't go by calendars.I'm a Cherokee, a Chippewa, a Big Shit, too!I'm a Colossus that strides two worlds!I'm a complete stranger – Why would you ask me something like that?I'm a crocodile.I'm a drunk – I'm not an alcoholic – Alcoholics go to meetings.I'm a little frazzled.I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me? ... I don't think it's such a hot thing to be.I'm a stagehand.I'm a stranger here myself.I'm a work in progress.I'm about as far away from that as you can get.I'm adjusting.I'm afraid I'll mislead you.I'm against training dogs.I'm all for that.I'm all in pink today! I'm having a baby! And I'm calling her Barbie!I'm already sorry.I'm amazed you're not butter.I'm an American!I'm an importer of false eyelashes.I'm ashamed because I hate myself! – Don't you think that's ironic?I'm asleep, it's okay ... Too down to go! ... It's an awareness thing ... Things mean so much to these people ... Right away you're wrong! ... Don't let people fool you into making things ugly. Think about that.I'm at the bottom!I'm authentic, right?I'm barren and the whole village knows it and hates me!I'm begging for cookies!I'm beginning to believe in genetics – It could be a genetic predisposition.I'm beginning to hate the boss ... He's not working hard enough! ... Maybe I should start a health clinic ... a milk farm for dogs ... I've had it with the boss! ... The boss is a liar and doesn't do anything!I'm better off right now.I'm but a mere pawn.I'm completely sailing under false colors – I think a lot of things that aren't true – They're always in a different place.I'm dangerous Dan McGrew.I'm doing something for my father.I'm doing this for the kids.I'm dying to hear ... Home run! ... That was over the wall ... You win ... That's what happens when you're old.I'm fixin' to.I'm from another tribe.I'm getting really good at it though.I'm getting ready to leave, okay?I'm glad I don't have to see that.I'm glad we don't own a gas station together – You'd be a terrible partner. I'm glad you left the children out ... I'm glad you left the kids out.I'm glad you told me that, because I'm going to disregard that.I'm glad you're getting a sense of humor about it.I'm glad you're not the Emperor.I'm going to appoint you to be the timekeeper.I'm going to be careful what I say around you.I'm going to build a good case! Cutty Sark!I'm going to do that.I'm going to get another one.I'm going to get another one, right?I'm going to introduce you to your future. [Go for the biggest one]I'm going to join the Army tomorrow.I'm going to let you talk to Andy ... And 'e walks with me; And 'e talks with me; And 'e holds my hand; And he tells me I'm bad.I'm going to lose no matter how you look at it.I'm going to miss life when I don't exist.I'm going to put something on it, I don't know ... maybe a gallows ... Because they can't see the puck when it's in front of them ... You might see some patterns, right? ... It'll take a little while ... It's like being in the wine business ... Write down whatever comes to your mind ... The circus is in town ... Go run away with the circus ... Sorry to bore you ... That's your fate ... Let's hope this continues.I'm going to try it.I'm going to try that sometime.I'm going to use all the money I get to make a nicer grave for my mother.I'm good even when I don't control myself.I'm having too much fun!I'm hip!I'm in a different school.I'm in charge of it – You don't have to worry anymore.I'm in for it.I'm in no position to even see what's going on ... So let's do that now.I'm in solidarity with dogs and angry children.I'm just a person.I'm just Black on the outside – You're black on the inside.I'm just curious, you know. I like to be up to date.I'm just going to stay with what I have ... Better to live in the shadow of the castle.I'm just in the mood to do nothing.I'm just like my father.I'm just not afraid to be wrong – That's the best I can do – I like paper dresses – People will get a new one every year – They were much less smooth in the old days.I'm just preparing you, okay?I'm just starting out in life – I can't be saddled with a child.I'm more Jewish than you are.I'm no worse than you.I'm not a rag – You can't tell me what to do – Put on the dog a little!I'm not actually a driver – I'm a pirate.I'm not afraid of that ... I just wanted to see what's going on.I'm not afraid of you – I'm afraid of my mother!I'm not afraid of you – You're just a pack of cards.I'm not alone.I'm not an angel.I'm not as sensitive as you.I'm not doing anything – I'm giving orders."I'm not doing hand shows today." (–Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson) ... I'm not saying anything, because I'm not like that.I'm not doing this anymore!I'm not exactly a bathroom man, either.I'm not fussy ... Glad to share.I'm not gay – I'm morose.I'm not getting that much out of it.I'm not going to choke on my anger.I'm not going to fool around anymore.I'm not going to talk about it anymore – Why should I give away pearls? ... Oh, look at all those colors! ... I'm not taking this seriously ... It's hopeless ... It's a virus talking about an elephant ... People only feel bad when they're not themselves ... A lot of what you feel is not ... It's what you imitated when you were a child ... I know I'm not always right ... Two people with mean mothers are not going to have a very nice time together ... "I'm not a pimple on your ambition and you shouldn't squeeze me." ... We should avoid these ends by avoiding these beginnings ... People incorporate wholesale the entire personality of the one they think is the most powerful ... One Jesus is enough ... If you imitate anyone else, you'll be you ... They have a name for it ... Monkeys is the craziest people! ... In the old days people had a lot of fun calling each other names ... You just have to let yourself ... You're my kind of artist! ... If you're near the sun, you can grow ... Like a thief that comes in the night.I'm not going to hell – I forgot! – I have a room.I'm not going to ruin it for you.I'm not going to waste my affections on that child.I'm not going to waste my time thinking it's no good.I'm not having much trouble.I'm not in a hurry.I'm not in the in-crowd; I don't know anything.I'm not letting the dumbest man in the woods dictate my choices.I'm not prone to argue.I'm not pushing it.I'm not qualified – Talk to a therapist.I'm not so sure about that.I'm not sorry I asked, but could we set it aside?I'm not telling anyone.I'm not the first bad person.I'm not trying to trick you, but remember you said that.I'm not used to that ... Maybe I'm just sensitive to color.I'm not very articulate – It's not my first language.I'm not working for you – I am a lamp, I am a mirror, I am a door, I am a way.I'm old-fashioned.I'm on the fuck-yourself track.I'm on vacation!I'm on your side.I'm one step away.I'm out of the loop, too – It's three thousand miles away, in Chicago.I'm over here!I'm pregnant.I'm really amazed no one has even thought of that.I'm really curious why.I'm really rolling.I'm riddled with diseases.I'm right there with you.I'm secretly ironic.I'm singing in the pain!I'm smart enough to know when someone's trying to get me to hate myself, and I won't do it!I'm so busy, I can't read this until the fall, ... and can you please send this in a format I can read?I'm so dirty anyway, what's the difference?I'm so sorry I said something bad ... Have a cookie! [Slow low voice]I'm so taken aback that you're talking to me that way.I'm sorry about that.I'm sorry – I burned a hole ... Your unconscious knows exactly what you're doing.I'm sorry, I can't – I don't want to – What if they find out I'm not crazy?I'm sorry – I lost control of myself.I'm sorry, my wife is in the hospital – I have to visit her.I'm sorry, Senator, I can't recall.I'm sorry ... that you feel that way.I'm sorry they're not emeralds.I'm standing in the corner of my smile!I'm starting.I'm straight and you're ugly.I'm straight, but I'm not narrow.I'm supposed to have a big ego – I'm an artist.I'm sure a lot of people are complaining.I'm sure I don't need it.I'm sure it's going to destroy someone, but I don't know who.I'm sure it's true for everyone.I'm sure something worse will happen, no?I'm sure that's just for management.I'm sure they know.I'm sure you can figure it out.I'm sure you can see it.I'm sure you'll find one when everything's cheap.I'm surprised it's legal.I'm surrounded by assassins! [Jimmy Durante voice]I'm taking a paid holiday inside myself.I'm taking a real vacation on the day of your gathering ... I'm not going to be there ... My plans aren't final, however, Thank you!I'm talking about the realm of ideas, a higher level of existence.I'm talking to you, aren't I?I'm terribly disappointed in your patient relations.I'm the one they like to ignore.I'm the one who's ruining the atmosphere of Happy Hollow ... It's my attitude ... It's no good.I'm tired of green.I'm too young to be your babe!I'm too young to do that alone.I'm totally prepared for having a bad child ... She's into power, isn't she?I'm trying to be what I am – not what I'm supposed to be.I'm trying to do it a certain way – the simplest way I can – I say the simplest way is one at a time.I'm trying to do things I never did before.I'm trying to figure out if that's a compliment or an insult.I'm trying to make a living.I'm trying to think.I'm using it for something else.I'm very good at sneaking stuff into garbage cans.I'm very patriotic – I'm very proud to be from Scotland.I'm waiting.I'm waiting for the day when you're not nice to me.I'm waiting for virtual insanity.I'm waiting till I can.I'm way ahead of you.I'm wise to you!I'm working hard and having fun.I've always thought that.I've arrived.I've been down that road before.I've been reading Great Expectations.I've been there.I've decided I'm never going to talk about money, and I'm never going to hear about it – Gee, that's really great.I've got a girlfriend.I've got a nose to pick with you.I've got mine! Here's my note!I've got Moxie's Disease!I've heard about it, but I don't know.I've heard that before, especially from a Jewish woman ... Stepping out ... Well, everyone is ... Some parents ignore you, and that's not good, too.I've outgrown that.I've seen it all before – They get smaller and smaller, right? – A lot of detail – The worst is over, don't you think?I've seen worse.I've talked to many.I've told you that for years.Ice and all.ICY FIRE! ICY FIRE! ICY FIRE!Idle hands do the devil's own work.If a boy sees a shooting star over a girl, what can a boy do? ... It's really worth seeing.(1.) If a girl likes you, she'll let you know; they won't come up to you and bug you; (2.) I'm not getting into that; (3.) I'm living with my family; (4.) As long as you're smart enough to hide; (5.) Ten thousand dollars an hour; (6.) You know, you'd be a great Pope; (7.) No one should take another person's job; (8.) Maybe it'll go away by Wednesday; (9.) I could do it, but I don't think I want to; (10.) The last and final insult – It's not real.If a man speaks in the forest, and his wife isn't there, is he still wrong?If Allah didn't want dogs to bark, he wouldn't have made them.If anyone's mean, get up and walk out!If everything's wrong, what's right?If he can talk back or walk away, he's okay.If I can, I will.If I did everything my mother told me to do, I'd be a human pretzel.If I do it, it's magic – If you do it, it's manipulative.If I don't help everyone, Ming the Merciless will take over the world.If I don't, I'm going to be bad, or whatever.If I even wanted to.If I ever need more, I'll let you know.If I feel like it.If I get hungry, I'll eat.If I hurt your feelings, I'm very sorry.If I smile, how will you know when I'm happy or sad?If I was a Buddhist, I'd say you've arrived.If I were smart.If I'm bored – You get into Archie and Veronica -land.If I'm dead, put it on my tombstone.If I'm not back in five minutes, just wait longer.If I'm not weird by now, when will I be?(a.) If it doesn't kill you, don't remember it – (b.) Don't remember anything that doesn't kill you! – (c.) Don't remember anything that doesn't mean anything!If it doesn't scream, how do you know it's alive?If it isn't one thing, it's another.If it isn't, so what?If it stays.If it's a parallel universe, how can you see it?If it's less, we can fudge it.If it's not that much trouble, forget it!If it's still in business.If Jesus could do it, you can, too.If men were angels, we wouldn't need laws.If men weren't monkeys, we wouldn't need cages.If my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave its ass and walk it backwards.If my parents had been flawless, I'd be the Pope.If not, that's good.If nothing changes.If nothing else.If only ... It's just an idea.If other people do it, it must stink! ... My golden rule.If rich people spend money, it's sound business ... If poor people spend money, it's a crime ... or hobby! ... My monthly rent is $1200.00 ... Monthly-income-to-be: $779.17 ... Maybe someone will give me a two-dollar tip! ... Once you see workers, you take their side ... "There's an old saying that victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan." (–President John F. Kennedy, 1960) ... When I have money, I just spend it ... I spend it as fast as I get it ... "No Sweat — Just Flunking Stress Tests" (–U.S. Government) ... You have to spend money to make money.If she's in the Marines!If someone did ten thousand of something, one might turn out really good.If someone tries to kill you, smite them! ... It's The Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 32:1-47) ... Every week it gets easier.If someone's getting results, why shouldn't they do it?If something else happens, I'll let you know.If that's so, let me think about it.If that's what you want to call it.If the pope were here, he would understand.If their mind wasn't that way, would they treat other people that way?If they need your help, they'll ask, and if you don't want to do it, don't; ask yourself, what is being friendly to someone else? stand up for beauty; cling to your capacity for warmth; support people's efforts to be themselves; build your awareness; build your attention; build your consciousness; build your ability – where you do things from – greater; you should be proud of being alive.If this happened a lot it would be a joke.If this was fairy-tale land, the sky would have fallen already.If this wasn't hard, everyone would be rich.If we can.If we can't mess it up, nobody can.If we could do this right, we'd be working in a restaurant.If we don't remember the past, we're condemned to repeat it.If worse comes to worse.If you believe you can tell me what to think, I believe I can tell you where to go.If you can.If you can see it – There's a little kernel inside you that can grow, if you give it attention, nourishment ..If you can't come up with anything better than that, I'm not coming here.If you can't, don't."If you can't tolerate your worst, at least once in a while, how true to yourself can you be?" (–Benedict Carey)If you come over and feed 'em to me.If you could.If you don't have four tickets to the Sharks, you're not a real man!If you don't liberate a person from their ability to hurt themselves, life is hopeless.If you don't like anybody, it's a little bit hard for anyone to like you.If you don't mind.If you don't take your time, in time you will have no time.If you don't underestimate me, I won't underestimate you.If you don't want a dollar, you can give it to a child.If you ever have trouble with a roommate, call the cops.If you find my mind, don't tell me! ... Am I losing my mind?If you get a dog, you have to expect that.If you get caught up in it, you're lucky.If you had shit on your face, you'd be pretty.If you hate someone, you're already cured.If you have someone to help you, it's twice as bad, because they never do anything right.If you have the time.If you haven't read it, you should read it.If you hurt yourself, that's something else.If you insist.If you just write things, the mind will wiggle.If you know where the dirt is.If you let kids get into trouble, if they can get out of it, they do real well.If you lie about hatred, it comes out in ways you don't expect.If you lose things, you can get new things!If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.If you only knew.If you play music to people, and say nice things, they heal faster.If you put your finger on it, it's soup.If you say something and someone can prove it's wrong, then you're a criminal.If you see a huge flash of light, don't look at it.If you sit in a hammock and read a book, that's one thing ...If you take enough of a vacation from yourself, it won't have that power over you.If you think about it, hurricanes are much worse.If you think we muck around like this all day, you're right!If you treat your brother like that, you'll never get a good husband.If you try – Don't get it on your clothes!If you wait that long.If you want a hard time, that's okay.If you want a robot to read this to you, push a button ... It says, "Smell my armpit, cutie pie!" ... I'm struggling to be user interactive.If you want more, you can buy them.If you want to micromanage the little players, get a chessboard.If you want to succeed in business, do nothing.If you're a secretary when you're three, you're a boss when you're thirty-three.If you're big, you don't have to be mean.If you're ever in L.A., have your people call my people, and we'll have lunch.If you're going for volume, you wink at quality.If you're important, people will wait.If you're in a pinch.If you're not using yourself, someone else is.If you've had one too many, don't call a taxi – Call a tow truck!Imagine having two of them.Imagination is more important than knowledge.Impressive ... Somebody taught you something wrong ... They're good, huh? ... It might be from drinking ... It's going to get bad anyway, so why get it good? ... Don't die! ... You either get it or you don't.In a hundred years it will be fabulous.In a lot of ways.In a war that's very handy.In a way it's a blessing.In a way we can't even imagine.In another way ... It's nice when you have a young life in your charge ... And you know what to tell them.In Boston, it was the only thing you learned.In case there's a revolution.In Dead Horse, Alaska.In due time.In fiendish ways.In June, July and August.In just the right way.In more ways than one.In my profession you know you're no better than anyone else, and no worse than anyone else.In poverty your constellation of friends, close as Pleiades, becomes as great as Ursa Major.In the end, the race is only with yourself.In the jungle, why bother?In the mass culture, they don't want 'em to be too smart.In the meantime, make sure you get what you deserve.In the men's room at Columbia Medical School ... That bathroom is a joke, if you didn't know ... We don't have ministers – We just have personal experiences.In the middle of a blizzard.In the middle of a storm.In the real world things can be different.In this country everyone's weird.In ways you haven't thought of for years.In your back yard.Including your own ... They have a new edition of The Great Gatsby out.Indeed.Infinitely big.Inside the circle or outside the circle?Intuition, spontaneity, and joy.Is anyone bad to you? Nobody in school is bad to you?Is anything okay?Is it against the law?Is it dangerous?Is it going to be a tragedy if we don't?Is it my fault?Is it on this disk?Is it possible?Is it the pussycat that does that?Is it worth the time? I don't know. I'll think about it.Is life grand?Is my hair red? [See Richard.htm] • Is that a test?Is that bad?Is that fair?Is that good or bad?Is that legal?Is that possible? [Chronicle your daily accomplishments on index cards you can show the boss at a moment's notice – Don't let anyone steal them]Is that sick?Is there anything else that's just as good?Is there anything else we can do?Is that something I should be afraid of?Is that the end of your report?Is there anything wrong with that?Is there no end? – There's no end to stupidity.Is this 119? You need help. Is this going to be a race to the bottom?Is this new?Is this really evil?Is this Show and Tell? Werewolf of London (1935) ... That's a good one!Is this the best way to show your strength? ... Feed your family!Is this the height of your peasant sophistication?Is this your idea of a social life?Is your foot over Bugs Bunny's hole?Is your number still 911?Isn't it funny how everybody who works like dogs is lucky?Isn't it rough?Isn't life weird?Isn't that another definition of Philadelphia?Isn't that called working blue?Isn't that gilding the lily? ... Not in Berkeley!It adds up.It all depends.It all depends how angry you are.It all depends on how much of a brain you have.It all depends on what you take seriously.It all depends what kind of person you are ... Not everyone can do that ... They're torn between glamor and a pleasant life ... I don't deserve to be this happy ... I just can't help it!It all evens out.It all hinges on what you think you are.It almost makes me want to go to Sunday School.It amuses me, endlessly.It brings up pain in them to have dealings with you.It can't be helped ... We're doing the best we can ... Preparation is everything ... Just one of those days ... Only one thing at a time, right? ... All in good time.It causes baldness and lack of mirth.It changes things sometimes.It comes back.It comes in handy, doesn't it?It costs a lot to get married – How much money do you have in the bank?It costs nothing to qualify.It costs you nothing.It could be a lot nicer than it is.It could be a lot of things ... the police or anything.It could be something from childhood.It could be worse.It cured me.It depends on your plan.It depends what you want.It died in a bubble.It does carry over ... So how did you get over that a little?It doesn't bother me.It doesn't cost that much.It doesn't have to be.It doesn't have to be good – It's what you're doing.It doesn't matter ... Give me a tough question!It doesn't matter ... It's always in the dark ... Have you been there?It doesn't matter what you do.It doesn't scare me.It doesn't stay.It doesn't take much, does it?It exists on many levels ... They're all these ideas and they're reflective of each other.It fell off a truck, right?It gets cheap really fast.It gets easier and easier.It gives me anxiety to be yelled at.It gives you hope, doesn't it?It goes both ways – Go to my gallery ... Tell them to give you my special price – You have good taste, kid! ... You always had good taste, kid.It goes this way, it goes that way ... It all evens out.It goes without saying.It has nothing to do with now – When you feel bad, you have to realize it has nothing to do with now.It has nothing to do with reality.It has that element.It heals things faster.It helps people.It increases the IQ twenty points.It hurts.It is a sad thing – It hurts a lot – You scum! – I hope you're not afraid of ghosts. [Feelings of worthlessness or helplessness, feeling unloved, or feeling lonely all come about because people cannot accept their separation anxiety – Instead of wanting their mother or father, they try to act like Napoleon – We're all like this – It's not yearning for careers – It's where you place your attention – The master claps twice! ... and a black box the size of a man is brought into the room – Value yourself, want yourself, find yourself, listen to yourself, look for yourself, cling to yourself, be yourself ... and the black box opens – Inside is a magic forest, a clearing, and little animals dart across ... Be better than other people, and the black box closes]It is an interesting problem – being taught to be a child, being afraid to be grown-up.It is Christian art – I remember when I was that age – I used to play a lot by myself.It is messy.It is mystifying.It is slow to understand things, to understand people.It is worthless.It isn't any more.It isn't – I don't suffer THAT much.It isn't that much.It isn't what you think.It just becomes apparent in a strange way.It just disappears.It just goes to show, if you don't try, and you work hard, nice things happen.It just goes to show you.It just popped into my mind, you know?It just shows, doesn't it?It just so happens.It just so happens for what you have, there's no help ... Sarcasm is anger's ugly cousin, Hate is the bride of jealousy, and I only have so much energy.It keeps going around.It looks easy, but very few people could do this.It makes you feel good, doesn't it?It makes you feel you've been pissing on the wrong tree.It may be my severe hatred of my mother's living room furniture.It may be old age.It may come from jogging.It means you're a very deep person.It means you're a very deep person ... Not too friendly, not too weird ... Very loyal ... For ever so many years ... Friendly is not the same thing as friends ... It can go just one way: we can be simple ... There's no work in relationships ... They're just people ... They either get along or they don't ... May your time machine not stop in the dark cave ... Hiding out in the basement sharing secrets with your best friend: sneaky and happy and honest ... The way you can bring back those wonderful days: living with a mystery.It means you're holding on to something ... How to have the nerve to be ... How to throw a toot and laugh.It missed, right?It must be ... Maybe you should start choking me.It must be a racial memory.It must be brutal when you're old.It must be hideous.It must be the factory.It must be true.It must have been somebody else.It must hurt.It never hurts to be friendly.It never hurts to be held back a year.It never stops.It pays to be an evil genius when you're on the web.It puts a bad day in perspective.It really is scary! ... You and me, babe, how 'bout it? ... She's lucky people fall for that shit, because a lot of people wouldn't, you know?It really is scary, you know?It renews my hope – When someone likes you, you feel free and at ease; when someone's pretending they like you, you hate them.It restores my faith.It runs in the family.It seems limited.It seems to be a battle between God and Satan.It served its purpose.It shortens the day.It should add up to something.It shows the total failure of mass education – Everyone is lying triple-time now: (1.) They don't believe in God; (2.) They can't say they don't believe in God; (3.) If they don't say the "right answer," they're disgraced.It sneaks up on you, doesn't it?It sounds like a rebellion down in the mines.It staggers the imagination, doesn't it?It started somewhere.It still is.It still sounds like something my mother would say.It sure would make life easy.It takes a long time.It takes all kinds, huh?It takes one to know one!It takes two to tangle.It takes very fine energy to make a painting; but your coarse energy, your hatred, builds up ... Jealousy is an attempt to diminish yourself in comparison to another person; to try to make another person seem bigger than they really are.It was all in my mind.It was brutal.It was nothing to speak of ... You see how things build up.It was painful.It was perfect timing, but backwards.It was really different in the old days – There were so few people – They could really, really help people.It was so nice when I was little.It wasn't everything ... That's at least real ... You don't know what kind of families they had.It wasn't meant to be.It wasn't special, let's put it that way.IT WORKS!It would be a big advantage.It would be criminal to waste my life that way.It would be very good to remember the primal fear – That's how you get over it – He's frightened of Lawrence Welk's accordion, for all I know  – How many times can you click by Lawrence Welk?It would still be worth it!It would take a long time to paint a turtle on top of a bird on top of a snake on top of a heron, as seen from above.It wouldn't be impossible, huh?It'll be a lot at first and then it'll be nothing.It'll be a social embarrassment.It'll take a little while.It'll turn around.It's a bad sign.It's a confluence of planets.It's a crossroads.It's a different culture – 2400 years old – Isn't that strange?It's a disgrace.It's a family weakness – It goes way back.It's a fucking pain in the ass.It's a good investment.It's a good place to start.It's a good place to stay healthy.It's a good rule: Don't try to improve your life; improve yourself. What many people call improving their life is a downward spiral.It's a great advantage to have friends – It really helps.It's a great hardship.It's a hard thing to be subject to the review of others.It's a hot spot.It's a huge success.It's a joke.It's a lateral move.It's a little removed.It's a little strange.It's a lot better than sucking off Jesus ... That's it ... You're not going in the woods anymore ... It's as good an explanation as any ... It's easy to steal cars ... Watch out for people trying to take your attention ... It may just hang there like a low cloud ... There's no ceiling ... All they do is chew things up ... There's nothing fresh ... Dude, why are you talking to this guy this way? ... Look at you ... In a few years, you'll be asking him for money ... Do you see how much variety there is in this?It's a lot easier than putting it in boxes! ... They call that ... (What do they call that?) ... instant gratification!It's a lot of money, but ...It's a match made in heaven.It's a matter of honor.It's a matter of intelligence.It's a mirage.It's a mystery.It's a passion.It's a primitive thing, tribal ... It used to be all white ... For the long haul, does it make any sense? ... Very narrow ... You have to have a sense of humor about these things ... Sometimes the cure is a clean conscience.It's a really good rational outlet for anger.It's a scandal, isn't it?It's a sign of total hatred and no place to put it.It's a sin.It's a site dealing with how to turn a bad situation around; it isn't porn; it's basically constructive comebacks to insulting situations. [Post by megapupils at 2003-01-07 10:02:20] • It's a skill.It's a solid wall of black.It's a strain.It's a strange tangle.It's a strange world I've fallen into.It's a tenuous life at best.It's a trade secret.It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud!It's a very complicated formula.It's a very small circle of people.It's a vicious culture – Anyone who is at all different is just smashed.It's a whole career within a career.It's a wise person who knows what they like to do.It's a wonderful opportunity for somebody.It's a world within a world.It's abysmal.It's against my principles.It's alive!It's all a transference.It's all about how a person controls their mind and uses their mind to do things.It's all artificial ... Look at your nose.It's all connected.It's all fake.It's all fluid and crazy and stupid.It's all how you feel on the inside.It's all in your mind.It's all indirect.It's all jungle.It's all right.It's all right if you feel hurt.It's all right to be stupid.It's all symbols, you know?It's all the things they never talked about when I was little.It's almost ludicrous, isn't it?It's already happened ... Do you want it to happen again?It's always better not to do anything permanent at first.It's always wrong for a person not to use their abilities.It's amazing how much there is to do, huh?It's amazing how naïve people are about things.It's amazing how they grow.It's an accommodation to nature that's successful.It's an acquired taste.It's an artifact, and I don't take shit from anyone.It's an assortment, and then there's a table – One at a time.It's an attitude about taking care of yourself.It's an effort to get back to what you were – Children are very hopeful of life – They see life as a helper.It's an incentive.It's an indication.It's an investment that pays off.It's an old one.It's an old story, right?It's another slice of life.It's another way you can bring your knowledge to another country.It's asking for a miracle.It's bad for business.It's bad stuff.It's beautiful.It's because Jupiter was lined up with Florida.It's because you're good.It's because you're not Jewish.It's been going on for thousands of years.It's below that.It's better if you don't freeze it.It's better than a chain hanging out of your asshole.It's better than a degree from Harvard.It's better than being asleep.It's better than dinner.It's better than dirt.It's better than I deserve.It's better than playing golf, let's put it that way.It's better than running an elevator – Just realize, you don't have to.It's better to be a moron who knows you're a moron than to think you're smart.It's better to be evil and alive than whatever the opposite is.It's better to have a friend than money.It's better to not do your homework and get A's and B's than to do your homework and get A's and B's.It's better to wait – Well, whatever you say, you're wrong.It's better you know than you don't know.It's bigger than miniature golf!It's blessed.It's called suffering for your family.It's called whistling in the dark. • It's camel time! No one's on time!It's certainly worth it.It's charmed.It's cheap compared to pennies ... They have even cheaper ones.It's cheaper.It's cheaper to let someone rob your house, than break the door.It's civilized – It's like logic.It's coming back.It's dangerous not to like yourself, because you're the best friend you have.It's different stages.It's easier to learn how to be happy than than it is to learn how to suffer ... So seek happiness, fool!It's easy! ... Cats are slinky.It's easy to do ... You'll have to give up accounting.It's endless.It's fantastic.It's fate.It's for an artist ... If you grow good things in your life, then you are surrounded by beauty ... The tread of my feet on the earth springs a hundred affections ... If you grow good things in your garden ... The least difficult thing I've done.It's funny how the harder you work, the luckier you get.It's funny, huh?It's funny who wants to get stuck on the farm and who doesn't.It's further than you think.It's fwee!It's getting later!It's getting to where you have to do things yourself.It's going to be a gravel bed of dreams.It's going to be nice ... Because you're like Daisy Duck?It's going to get uglier.It's golden.It's gonna break your heart!It's good enough.It's good for anyone.It's good for you and good for other people.It's good to check.It's good to get along with people.It's good to have a few mistakes.It's good to have a little trouble, too – It smartens you up.It's good to see.It's good to see you happy – You don't have to do everything at once.It's good to work hard; it's good to feel happy; it's good to live.It's good when I break my diet. • It's good when people know what they can't do.It's good you can talk about it.It's gorgeous ... I have no idea ... I don't know why they stick things where they stick 'em.It's grotesque.It's handy, in case you didn't know.It's happened before.It's happening less and less.It's hard enough having Nature poking at you.It's hard enough to pay for my child's education.It's hard for everyone.It's hard for me to count money and think at the same time.It's hard to beat a suicide squad.It's hard to believe, isn't it?It's hard to come by ... I won't be embarrassed if you put a dollar in a jar ... No one knows if it's real or in your mind ... It's like a glimpse of birds ... It's so powerful you can't believe it ... The glimpse ... I used to like Hitler until I saw color films ... He had cheap uniforms ... It doesn't matter ... What difference does it make? ... It's just a different idea ... And next he'll put colors on it ... Now I can hold my head up ... There's very little value on humans these days, simply because they're human ... So when does this occur to you? ... If you're dealing with Hitler, what difference does it make if you're successful or not? ... Get out!It's hard to do it when you laugh.It's hard to imagine, isn't it?It's hard to know.It's hard to know – I let my mind go.It's hard to say.It's hard to shake off.It's hard to tell, huh?It's hard to understand at first; there's lots of little rules ... You must write these things down, and then you have a clear conscience ... But what's going to happen to you in the future? ... Even a little education is fantastic.It's harder than you think.It's hardly worth it.It's heartbreaking – To each his own – Oh, yeah! There's a reason – You have resistance to germs – I don't! ... Different departments! ... The Nish-nish! Department.It's hiding under the couch.It's high school with money!It's his second childhood.It's Hollywood calling!It's hysterical – Someone should make a movie of that – Very vindictive – So it's getting dumber and dumber, in other words – Even you must understand that that's the limit.It's immense.It's impossible to steal intellectual property because of the maintenance.It's in development.It's in my blood.It's in the blood.It's in the phone book.It's in the contract – Small print.It's in the toilet.It's inconceivable.It's inspiring, isn't it? – Just follow the rules.It's intimidating, isn't it? – Help me!It's just a basketball.It's just a funny thing.It's just a pleasure ... You can start a torture chamber.It's just an occupational hazard ... but with loaded dice.It's just another friend.It's just another thing.It's just another way of looking at it.It's just as well.It's just common sense to worship the devil because God will forgive you.It's just dangerous.It's just dreams to cover up your impulses.It's just expressions of hatred.It's just free.It's just good to know.It's just hard to explain.It's just honor.It's just if you're nursing.It's just knowing what to do and how to do it.It's just like Antigone – She had to pay a lot for her ideals.It's just like music – You have to build up a following.It's just money.It's just more parents.It's just not common knowledge, I guess.It's just one more thing, right?It's just regression – hormone storms.It's just ridiculous to inflict this on people.It's just something you have to learn.It's just the law.It's just to understand what's going on.It's just unbelievable to someone of my age.It's just underneath everything.It's just waiting.It's just what you're cooking up to torture yourself.It's Kafkaesque.It's like a beast riding at night.It's like a charm.It's like a dog-eat-dog world that we don't live in.It's like a genii in a bottle, and sooner or later you pull the plug and your whole life will change.It's like a gift.It's like a labyrinth you go through to find out who the curator is.It's like a melon – You wouldn't buy one if it's all cut up.It's like a palace ... From room to room ... What a house! ... Accordion to what?It's like a pose.It's like a private club for those who aren't in the upper crust.It's like an act of treachery.It's like Boom! – You just say it.It's like eating a hot fudge sundae.It's like flotsam on the surface of the sea.It's like foreign to you.It's like getting nibbled to death by ducks.It's like laying bricks.It's like making a kid kiss the dead people.It's like Old Bullshit National Park.It's like old shoes.It's like people-proof.It's like perfume to me.It's like Pinocchio.It's like ten nights in a barroom.It's like the Fourth Stooge, and he can't even afford a sweater – Very powerful – You know what Gurdjieff used to say – There's half a saint every two hundred years.It's like the French court.It's like the mask.It's like the Middle Ages.It's like the nineteenth hole, right?It's like when you steal at work, and your hands start sweating.It's like wrestling with a maniac!It's like you don't even have to think about it.It's like your mother is saying, "Wash your knuckles!" and your father is saying, "You don't have to wash your knuckles."It's magical.It's many things.It's many things, isn't it?It's meaningless to someone of my stature.It's mind over matter.It's more prestige than money.It's much better to have something pleasant.It's much different.It's much more old-fashioned than here.It's my dream, and I can change it if I want to!It's nature's way.It's never enough! – They're just big talkers – It's a joke! – In the time-money tradeoff, choose time – If you want more money, work a little more! – It's a million times better! – Give me time! This takes time! – I don't mind talking about it if you don't mind talking about it – Last week you made a lot of money? – How much? How much shit did you make for mom today, and did you get a star? – I just made a blunder in toilet training – I made a vow never to talk about money!It's never what you think.It's nice for an old person – It's like a game.It's nice out.It's nice to have a choice.It's nice to have a little grey hair around.It's nice to have something open.It's nice to like someone.It's nice to make mistakes.It's nicer in a way.It's nicer than it was.It's no big deal.It's no joke ... Anything else you want to talk about? ... Don't take any shit from your own mind, or anyone else.It's no picnic.It's not a bad thing to do.It's not a game for children.It's not bad to be weird; it's not bad to be crazy; because everyone is – If you run into a group of people who likes you, you usually think they're weird – The only people who are famous are people who do weird things.It's not bad to work hard at something, to be proud of it, and to make a lot of money.It's not early for me.It's not evil.It's not for you.It's not for you – I've got something better for you.It's not free.It's not going overboard for anything ... You have to find an inner barometer ... Life is what you say it is.It's not going to be that hard.It's not going to bother me. It's all cats and rats, covered over with a little shine.It's not going to do YOU much good.It's not going to kill me.It's not going to kill us.It's not just that.It's not just words ... It means something ... Then you'll hear the yes-but, you know, the giant asshole that comes out of the sky and shit comes out of it.It's not lemonade, that's for sure!It's not like a car where you leave it off.It's not like I did it on purpose ... I don't mind that ... I don't care that much ... They're nice people ... We're in trouble ... "I can't say what I'm supposed to believe – I can only say what I am ... I can't say what I'm supposed to say – I can only say what I am." (–Martin Luther) ... Everyone has done something they shouldn't have ... It just must be built-in.It's not like that.It's not my baby, toots.It's not my family ... At least you have someone to hate.It's not my fault if I'm rich.It's not normal.It's not over by any means.It's not power and control people yearn for; it's understanding and humor.It's not so easy to do.It's not that.It's not THAT bad.It's not that bad now – Okay, but don't hurt me!It's not that deep.It's not that different from heaven.It's not that hard.It's not that hard, is it?It's not that often.It's not the end of the world, is it?It's not the same.It's not the same ... Just hold your breath.It's not weird enough for me yet!It's not what track you're on, it's the engine! ... If you don't like my apple, don't shake my tree ... You're barking up the wrong tree!It's not what you do that brings success, it's what you don't do.It's not what you think.It's not where you are; it's what's inside you.It's not worth it.It's not your hatred that did it.It's nothing, money; it's when you don't have it.It's obvious.It's old-age thrills.It's on the surface.It's one of many things.It's one of my designs.It's one of the things that'll bring peace to the world.It's one of the ways your tribe is allowed to express anger – You know, lording it over other people ... sending food back.It's one of those mysteries – It's one of the mysteries that will be revealed.It's only a few, right?It's only all the time if you have a French girlfriend.It's over the crest.It's part of the mystique.It's part of village life.It's perfect ... Just right! ... Pretty special.It's p.r.It's preposterous.It's pretty silly if you can get fresh.It's pretty tough carrying a 75-pound toilet around.It's probably what parents call laziness or noncooperation.It's proof I'm not looking for approval.It's reaching absurd proportions, isn't it?It's really amazing how far people go.It's really criminal.It's really criminal to treat your body as a friend.It's really deep.It's really developed.It's really good to steal from candy stores.It's really hard to know.It's really hidden away.It's really nice to see something real.It's really not that much, is it?It's really shocking how many people are mean and sadistic. [See, "From Someone Who Smells."] • It's really subtle.It's really ... what do they call it? ... character building.It's really wild. It's retro; it's elitist.It's sad, isn't it? (They're using their pain to hold onto something ... That's what they had in their childhood ... pain.)It's safe – The brakes work.It's so easy, you won't believe it.It's so extreme, you know?It's so hard.It's so mean, isn't it? ... The idea of it!It's so nice out, I could leave it out all day.It's so real!It's so sad, isn't it?It's so warped and twisty, who cares?It's solid.It's starting to come out.It's stranger than you think.It's substantial.It's taken for granted.It's that attention to detail – something small that's really expensive.It's that first request to kill a guy that keeps so many people from joining organized crime – We can add a supplementary list of items you consider invaluable to the department – An honest document should satisfy the chairman. (–Randy Cohen in The New York Times, October 21, 2003)It's that old black magic.It's that time of year!It's the animal in me.It's the call of the wild.It's the centennial.It's the cry of the jungle.It's the family who does hardly anything.It's the first business that never made any money – since the Church!It's the first time I ever had the nerve to try it.It's the glitter.It's the last thing you want to think about.It's the left-behinds – He broke his mother's heart – He went into the refrigerator business.It's the little things.It's the memory.It's the monkey in us.It's the only game in town.It's the only one I've ever seen.It's the rhythm section.It's the Wild West.It's timeless.It's too bad it isn't true.It's too bright! It's shining in my eyes.It's too hard.It's too late now.It's too luxurious.It's totally unnecessary.It's tricky.It's true!It's unbelievable.It's under water.It's universal.It's unknown.It's unspeakable.It's up to you.It's up to you what you spend your energy on, and if it isn't, you should make it so – No one can stand between someone and God.It's very disturbing to me.It's very easy to communicate with someone who doesn't listen to you.It's very Egyptian.It's very frightening to have a mother and father.It's very frustrating to have to castrate yourself to get along with other people.It's very hard not to do something.It's very hard to find something you like.It's very hard to remember these things.It's very hard to sit back and watch someone suffering.It's very hard to take.It's very hard to understand – It's not a lot – Your parents are enormous attention grabbers – Big shots! – Too many demands – People who put you down and fill you with hurt are stealing your attention – The way they act has nothing to do with the way they feel about you – They'll do anything to get attention – If you ever want to talk to someone, you can talk to me.It's very kind of you to pay me.It's very Latin to be rational in little things and totally irrational in big things.It's very powerful.It's very, very close.It's water over the dam.It's way in back ... a mystery lover ... especially if you think you're bad.It's what they call the song of nothing.It's what you don't do.It's what you don't do that really helps you.It's wicked.It's WORSE if you just go along with the herd.IT'S WORTH IT!It's YOU! – You sneak up.It's your fault!


J. Jacob at Live Journal says, "So ... I know how to deal with this situation in the future, and there isn't this type of problem again."Jeez.Je ne sais quoi. [Fr: "I know not what." An indefinable something]Je regrette ... I'm sorry ... I'm in love with someone else ... someone from my past ... What you call love is sucking the life out of me ... mosquito.Jesus! – He tied his ass to a tree and walked a mile into town."Jesus loved kids so much he didn't have any." (–David Daniels)Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha – as master criminals.Jesus never died, but they want him to.Jesus polished Elijah Muhammad's shoes.Jesus, zero.Jump for joy.Just a little.Just a little bit is enough.Just a little bit worse – It's very hard for people to understand if you're not in trouble.Just a little touch.Just a renegade.Just a short list ... This will liberate you ... This will liberate everyone.Just a splash.Just an index card.Just an ordinary school.Just another day to throw away!Just another person.Just ask.Just be friendly.Just be nice.Just be present to yourself – That's all you have to do around a baby.Just be sure you chop the garlic, and add the chicken broth before you make it ... What does it mean, hiding? ... Listening to people say how great it is ... That's it! ... Don't tell your mother ... Donner just fucked Blitzen!Just because I was honest one time doesn't mean I'll be honest again.Just because it doesn't say something doesn't mean it isn't true.Just because you're happy, you don't have to throw it in my face.Just before.Just before you go to sleep, curse them all out in your head.Just beginning.Just build a box around it ... A mystery box ... packed with insulation.Just checking out.Just close your eyes ... Stay there and don't move ... Close your eyes ... Start seeing fish, because the TV isn't working and maybe you can influence it.Just do nothing! ... I'm covered twice!Just do the best you can.Life is a two-way street, as they say in Chicago.Just don't go into Russia.Just don't peek under the tent.Just don't say Niagara Falls.Just don't join the Nazi party.Just don't tell me you want a tea set.Just eating red meat.Just fine.Just follow the bouncing ball!Just for a while.Just for the hell of it.Just for the weekend.Just for you, sweetie.Just forget it – Don't worry about anything.Just from being bad.Just get a scoop.Just give me a chain saw, and I'll hack my way through life.Just have fun and make sense out of everything.Just have some patience.Just in time!Just in time! ... because you never know what people are carrying.Just in time for the holidays.Just keep in mind you can't fall off the Earth.Just keep it in mind!Just keep it up.Just let it play out.Just let the world go by – Don't do anything.Just lighting a match is nothing if it doesn't light up the whole world.Just like a good mother.Just like a tree.Just like clockwork, right?Just like Dickens.Just like ghosts in a snowstorm.Just like in the old country.Just like Jack Benny ... Very expensive! ... They just buy people.Just like Larry Bird.Just like my great, great, great, great grandmother.Just like old times.Just like Rome – It's going.Just like that.Just like the leopard.Just like the pyramids.Just like you.Just like your mother, right?Just like yours, right?Just look around.Just lower your expectations.Just once in a while there's something stupid.Just one of the many.Just one thing leads to another.Just over the edge.Just pick a card; what difference does it make?Just pretend you're in a meadow filled with sheep.Just put it on the wall.Just right!Just say no to giving away money.Just send it back!Just smart.Just sneak it in.Just so much.Just so you won't feel jealous.Just some ... Just when I'm going on a diet ... Is it expensive?Just starting off.Just stick with it.Just take your time.Just tell me if there's anything I should watch for.Just the best parts.Just the roses.Just to be a little bad.Just to be like everyone else.Just to make money, huh?Just try to be yourself.Just trying to save you a little trouble.Just us ... I'm an orphan ... Mr. Knot ... This is Father Time ... Coming home to do an honest day's work ... You're not supposed to just avoid trouble ... Then your mother says, "Why do you eat so much?" ... It'll destroy you, I'm not kidding.Just wade in.Just waiting.Just waiting ... And more! ... Not for you ... How are you going to make a living doing that?Just what everyone needs.Just what you needed.Just when you don't need it.Just when you get a new boss!Just wondered.


K. Keep a low profile.Keep asking.Keep changing!Keep checking.KEEP GOING! ... AND DON"T STOP.Keep it bad.Keep it in the family.Keep that in the back of your mind.Keep the door open.Keep the hand off the baby, creep!Keep track of that.Keep your eye on the sky.Keep your fingers crossed.Keep your hands to yourself!Keep your hopes up – Maybe you can torture me yet!Kick the can!Kids are always presenting themselves as problems, but they're not problems.Kids now! – Forget it!Kiss my ass tomorrow!Know the law, stay in the present, and stay away from policemen! ... Sometimes no matter what you do, Nature knows better.


L. Later.Laugh, or I'll kill the lobster ... "I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it, Charlie." (–Marlin Brando, On the Waterfront, 1954)Lay low!Leave it at that. • Leave it for the mice.Leave it there! – That's the same thing inside everybody.Leave your jealousy at the door.Leaving you flat?Less is more.Let 'em fuck the electric fences – What do we care?Let 'em – Glad I'm not one of them.Let go!Let Jesus do it.Let me see how it ends.Let me see the other hand! ... unless you're a clipper or a thief.Let Mom help!Let that be a lesson to you.Let that be a warning.Let them meet.Let there be toilets.Let things develop.Let us be nice to people while they are alive.Let us remember people while they're alive.Let's all go and kill a teenager!Let's be serious is on third.Let's buy it, then!Let's call it the good side, and the dark side – Brownies!Let's call it very fast-track.Let's forget it! – I can see you're not serious.Let's go!Let's go by intuition.Let's go fishing!Let's hit the road!Let's hope it shines in the dark.Let's kill all the gringos!Let's leave it the way it is – It's different channels.Let's let it go. Let's wait.Let's not.Let's not and say we did.Let's not argue about it.Let's not get diagnostic yet ... People don't like to be told how they feel.Let's not overdo it.Let's not! ... You're an intelligent, growing mind ... I'm going to take you someplace nice.Let's say it's a hidden showpiece.Let's see who has the nicest one.Let's talk about this or that.Let's wait ... Hold it, hold it, hold it ... Everything takes longer than you expect.Life could be worse, right?Life has no meaning ... Life is an experience ... "It's man's purpose on earth to express himself, to bring form to thoughts, and to discover meaning in experience." (–Calvin & Hobbes)Life in the city.Life is a two-way street, as they say in Chicago.Life is great when you have lots of boyfriends, isn't it?Life is just a bowl of cherries.Life is like a boat – It's easy to drown.Life is like money – You can't hold on too tight.Life is like that, too."Life is short; Nature is hostile; and man is ridiculous." [The Narrow Corner, W. Somerset Maugham, 1932]Life is simple; people are complicated.Life is strange, huh?Life isn't all bad, is it?Lightning bolts! ... I'll bet rich people do.Lightning bugs.Like a bolt action in a rifle.Like a buried treasure that never loses its luster.Like a Daisy Cutter – all mixed up.Like a demon.Like a dog.Like a father dead in the bathtub with blood all over the place.Like a fortress – hundreds of rooms!Like a French landlord.Like a leopard in a tree.Like a little kid in school."Like a roof ill-thatched, rain gets into the mind; Like a roof well-thatched, rain cannot get into the mind." Excuse me, I'm memorizing something. [Let them scream their heads off; you're just learning something]Like a whirlwind.Like an unfed baby.Like everyone else.Like everyone else does.Like flies.Like Hitler! – The future is in intelligence – the future is in computer intelligence.Like in a war.Like in Sicily.Like little tulips.Like most people.Like Nature.Like on the High School Student Council ... And pretend you're good!Like on TV.Like Rubik's Cube.Like us.Like wild strawberries.Like you!Like yourself!Lions, lions, lions, lions, lions ... Lions on stairs ... Millionaires.Little do you know.Little things like that.Little trees is what you want ... It's not worthless ... Isn't it nice to do what you like? ... We won't tell anyone ... I don't want to be disgraced ... Well, I'm not so sure that was nice ... You're a girl, all right.Live fast, die young, and leave a lousy looking corpse.Live it up! ... Don't be pushy! Look what happened to the Jews.Living by your wits.Living dangerously, huh?Living from deal to deal.Living history.Living proof.Lock up your money!Look at Joan of Arc – She was smoking until the moment she died.Look at that!Look at that guy go!Look at that! I don't even WANT to know what that is.Look at the chart.Look at the little angel.Look at the other side ... I promise that my timeliness will be surpassed only by my passion for quality ... Let me drop everything and work on your problem ... It's better than it was, you've got to admit it ... Always late but worth the wait ... Fashionably late ... There is no deeper way than this ... Living life with no sense of time ... "It gets late early out here." (–Lawrence Peter (Yogi) Berra) ... I think we could stretch this out a couple of months ... Yassle, yassle, time is fleeting! ... Time flies when you're goofing off ... Time is nature's way of making sure that everything doesn't happen at once ... I have no sense of time ... It's invisible ... so everyone sees it differently ... "Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac." (–George Carlin) ... My sense of time ... Hell, I'm a week behind ... I must have picked the wrong season to have come down ... I didn't realize this was sacred ground ... Is it late yet?Look at those bottomless wallets!Look at those smoldering looks!Look for the beginning.Look for the silver lining.Look how many!Look in the oven.Look into your own heart.Look, is it my fault?Look who's talking!Looking for fudge in all the wrong places.Looking for something to do?Looking up from the railroad tracks!Looks like everyone's got my disease ... What are they doing across the street? ... I worked with people like that!Looks like I missed a lot of fun ... Did she ... lie around in bliss?Looks like I'm breaking the ice.Looks like me!Looks like you're ready to go into the Army.Lots of help.Lots of luck.Lots of people it's very simple – They see something to do and they do it . . . to see what happens.LOUSY TIP!Love is something small.Love messages.Low maintenance.Lucky for you people still get married.


M. M is for milk, C is for chocolate.Ma, me, moo, may, mo of the North.Maintenance is the keynote of civilization, and distribution is its child.Make a circle! Make a circle!Make a great spy, huh?Make friends.Make it a heart.Make it easy on yourself.Make room for others! – Don't be a hog.Make suffering inform our lives.Make sure you do.Makes life nice.Makes us look busy.Making gold from straw – Rumpelstilzchen is my name!Making money!Making money is tantamount to making shit.Making more money than anyone.Man!Many kinds! – Heinz 57.Many, many, many people have not heard of her.Many, many people are rotten apples.Many people have that decision made for them.Many things are coming into my understanding I was never aware about.Martial arts shows you a box ... but it doesn't tell you how to get outside of the box!May your time machine not stop in the dark cave.Maybe a forest.Maybe a little of both.Maybe get a tin can with a string that goes nowhere, and I'll get a tin can with a string that goes nowhere, and we can talk!Maybe he thinks I'm FBI or something.Maybe I should go to psychic school.Maybe I will.Maybe I'll get a tricycle.Maybe I'll put instructions.Maybe I'll redesign the airport with a tin roof and a big yellow dot, color-coded for kids, for children's this and that and the other ... maybe a children's Laundromat.Maybe I'll sprout wings ... You have a nice smile!Maybe I'm wrong.Maybe ... I've reached the magical age.Maybe it also helps you heal.Maybe it is, maybe it isn't ... We want an army in Iraq because it's just like Germany in the '30s ... They're just screwballs ... You just learn ... If you think the will of Allah is the will of your breath, that's one thing ....Maybe it'll change your life.Maybe it's a broken heart.Maybe it's a plus ... They're all separate ... That's a lot of bread – It's a national treasure ... That's the thing to do for the investment savants – Everyone's getting ahead of everyone else ... What should a free man do?Maybe it's better to leave well enough alone.Maybe it's even deeper.Maybe it's helpful in understanding yourself.Maybe it's just me.Maybe it's something simple.Maybe it's the animals who eat all the apples.Maybe it's the pain.Maybe it's too rich for our blood.Maybe it's you.Maybe July first.Maybe on a really bad day.Maybe Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer ... In the cold months ... Boring, huh? ... It's always more than you think.Maybe some other kid.Maybe somebody.Maybe that's safe, you know?Maybe that's the real you, and the rest is like canned tuna.Maybe that's your dark shadows. • Maybe that's your secret plan.Maybe there is a God.Maybe there is a heaven.Maybe there'll be something even better.Maybe there's something going on that you don't see.Maybe they do ... Everyone's got things but us ... They break, too, you know? ... It's like Jack Nicholson visiting you.Maybe they'll retire.Maybe they're hooked on some drug ... Valium ... What is there to be afraid of? ... Who cares where you've been if you can do things! ... Well, I'm working right now ... How about next weekend? ... That's one of the blessings of poverty ... That shows you have energy ... So how long is this going to go on? ... There's not much left, is there? ... It's upside down! ... It's always longer than you think ... Let's try that ... That's what you go to school to learn!Maybe we can go on an earthquake hunt.Maybe we can switch it – Let's try that – I don't mind – What's the difference? – You are a very good person – I must commend you.Maybe what they didn't say is there are hundreds of little schools teaching people to stay away from all of this.Maybe when you go out at night, good things can happen.Maybe. Who knows? I doubt it.Maybe you could ... It is not what I would call life's most worthwhile thing ... Nail it up in your garage ... A natural little dog crucifixion.Maybe you grew one.Maybe you have to go up higher to get away from that.Maybe you'll have sandboxes all over your yard – Show me in the sandbox how you feel – Well, isn't it time you didn't believe it?Maybe you'll move to a higher plain of sophistication.Maybe you're cheating yourself.Maybe you've corrupted yourself.Me and my big ideas, huh?Me and my big mouth – How can you kill someone who's already dead?Me and my kidneys thank you.Me go to heaven, you fry! – That's what Christianity is ... Do you think Christians are better than other people?Mean people can't stand it.Meaningful effort is more important to me than commanding position.Meaningful relations with people who hate you.Men and women are just the same, huh?Milk and cookies every night.Mind of Buddha: wandering mind – From where does wandering arise?Mine wasn't.Misspent youth.Mistakes are what make great art.Mobbing: "There was shouting, lies, little tricks to try and undermine you, like setting demeaning tasks, changing your hours, always trying to put you down." ... Female colleagues stonewalled her, removed her name from circulation lists, hid her mail, removed paper from her desk, laughed in her face, blew raspberries at her, and told her, "You stink!"Moderation in everything.Mohammed had a lot of wives ... In those days wealthy men took care of a lot of people.Money is nice, isn't it?Monkeys steal my underpants every night.More money to manage, huh?More or less normal.More than you think.More than you would imagine.More than you would know.Most Buddhists are critical goody-goodies.Most Christians would think that was an insult.Most dogs are suckers.Most of the people who get good things don't deserve them.Most people are probably paying too much.Most people cave in at a very early age – They just do not want to be different.Most people with a brain don't want to.Mr. Asshole, to you!Much different than you would think.Much less than you would think.Much more!Must be getting good at it.Must be good.My aim is to make money and go swimming.My beautiful assistant will help you.My body is my temple.My claim to fame.My companions are like the stars – No matter which one you follow, you are on the right path.My contribution."My goal is to replace my soul with coffee and become immortal." (–Dilbert)My God! I thought I had it bad.My karma ran over my dogma.MY GOOD MAN, I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO HARM YOU.My lucky day!My monster.My mother and father didn't like me.My nose is itching; it must be the truth.My ordeal is over.My parents had sex – Isn't that the way it happens?My slave bracelet.My star has risen.My true talents.(1) My words rise up, my soul remains below. Words without a soul never to heaven go. (–William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III, Scene 3) ... (2) Pick up the white man's burden: the fear of those you guard, the hatred of those you serve ... (3) In a world full of wolves, be wise as a serpent, and humble as a dove ... (4) Protect us from the little foxes, because our minds have little grapes ... (5) Thanks, dirt! You made my lunch ... (6) Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks I am ... (7) I'm still here, and I still need money.


N. Nature's Babylonian behavior.Near the Dead Sea.Needless suffering ... This is the pipeline to McDonald's ... There's no sense suffering needlessly ... Ignoble suffering.Negligible ... Get your fingernails out of me!Never again!"Never answer an anonymous letter." (–Lawrence Peter (Yogi) Berra) ... The team is voting for President ... You can call if you need anything.Never boring.Never do anything the way other people do it ... In the middle of town all you hear is Clink! Clink! Clink!Never, ever, ever, ever ... put bananas in the refrigerator.Never have.Never have an ordinary day.Never mind which restaurant.Never noticed it, huh?Never put money in your own show.Never save until tomorrow what you can do today.Never start fights with rich guys! ... We never do."Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people."  (–P. T. Barnum)Next is "Who are you?"Next they'll be marking sharks with purple X's.Next they'll kill the penguins in the zoo.Next they'll say I killed the dog – As if dogs don't die anyway.Next time send flowers!Next time you come to work drunk I'm going to tell your father.Next to the railroad station.Next week it's the whole world.Next you'll tell me you have a friend who's a chocolate fish.Nice atmosphere – Maybe a few more people will quit and we'll have peace and quiet around here.Nice on mud.NICE TRY!Nice weather, huh?No adult."No arts, no letters, no society, and which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death, and the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." –Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)No big deal.No big surprises. No charge.No diving beyond this point.No exaggeration!No fish today.No harm done.No, I'm early for the next one.No, I'm not – It all depends on what you don't do – Ever since they closed Napa State Hospital, it's hard to get committed – I totally submerge myself in you, and you totally submerge yourself in me, and we have gigantic silent fights.No, I'm right on time.No, it isn't.No kneeling!No many how many times my parents point out my shortcomings, I fail to see them.No matter.No matter how guarded you are.No matter what I do.No matter what stage you're in, it's right for something.No mystery.No need.No, no . . . I give my money to the American Friends – They give money to everyone.No, no! – It's just nutty.No, no, no – I didn't sign up for that.No, no, no, you can't put that on me – I didn't say that – Not by a long shot – If that's what you really think, you have to think it over – Now it's more insidious and worse – Solid gold – A few old movies.No, no, ... Stick to black! [They're death merchants; they're dead and they treat people as if they're dead]No, no! – The cord is cut.No, no, this isn't food – This is intellectual material.No, no ... [Wagging the index finger of your left hand at them] ... Of course he's an asshole, but who isn't?No nonsense!No, now I've drawn the line ... It's hardly worth the trouble ... What do I care about other people? ... At least I can see it.No one can see through another person's eyes.No one could sue you for that.No one cries out, "Where were YOU in the war?"No one goes there – Just don't cut your thumbs off.No one likes it.No one really knows.No one says, "You are in a panic – Life is hard."No one says you can't, right?No one should Fuck you! you, really ... Too old for that ... Watch out for Spain and France and Italy ... You just have to be careful ... Fifty dollars an hour ... You win this round, this life ... It's hard for everyone ... [They say they can't help it if they have a volatile nature - They're really trying to be better than they are, that's the sad thing - What they say is, Mick Jagger saw Tina Turner once, and started copying her - He's childish, he's a baby, so he has a baby's way of solving things, which is to throw a shit fit - "Do you know anything about hysterical conversions?" - (Talk to him as an equal, not a simpering little fool) - "When I'm in pain, I'm expressing myself." ... I feel a song coming on ... "Please release me, let me go! Please release me, I'm a schmoe" ... It's shocking coming from me]No one tells you.No one wants that.No one will take big things anymore.No one would ever know.No one's big; no one's small.No one's even real.No other complaints? [They don't like you; they're just little narcissists - their parents were super rats, and they're just small rats ... so they get you to feel sorry for them, and then they stick the knife in you]No pain ... It's not so bad so far ... You get used to it.No place like home.No plan.No reason for it.No rugs this year!No sacrifice is too great.No speed limits.No thanks!No, that's not true – You're still alive.No violence! We don't want any violence – What did the Godfather say? Hold your enemies close.No way! – I'm straight and you're ugly.No wonder they think we're barbarians!No wonder you can't sleep at night.No wonder you look so happy.No work, no eat!No! You can't hurt yourself. Your superego is expressing your death wish. Everyone has these impulses. You can't hurt yourself!Nobody can do better than that.Nobody cares.Nobody ever told me that before.Nobody has any money.Nobody minds Winged Victory.Nobody shines as much as Babe Ruth.Nobody sneezed.Nobody tells me anything.Nobody's arguing.Nobody's home!Nobody's perfect.Nobody's that hot – You could learn.None of us are as dumb as all of us.Normal for a vampire.Not a lot at a time.Not a lot ... It's very subtle ... Making a nest.Not a moment too soon.Not all tears are the same.Not all the time.Not all who wander are lost.Not another one that talks like me.Not any more.Not completely.Not dogs!Not even that – It's just bad manners.Not every day.Not every person can be a Foster Freeze.Not everyone.Not everyone can do everything.Not everyone can get the Irish to shut up.Not everyone has my luck.Not everyone is clever; not everyone is smart.Not everybody is Flash Gordon.Not for long.Not for me!Not half naked, half dressed!Not if you're in the tank corps.Not in five years, though.Not in my family!Not in my house.Not just Jews, Italians! ... C'mon! Would I cheat you? ... "I'm not the guy that you kill ... I'm the guy that you buy!" ... (–George Clooney in Michael Clayton, 2007) ... "The whole point is we substitute speech and debate for force; that certainly includes views that are obnoxious." (–Carolyn Marvin, University of Pennsylvania)Not lately.Not looking at a painting critically – Looking at a painting to find one thing you didn't know.Not many people can do what they like to do.Not many people can turn nothing into something.Not my dog.Not playing while you have diarrhea!Not quite ... All right ... We'll see ... Nothing fancy ... I've got to take a time out for about three days ... Or I vaporize. [See also,"Diving Under Bullies, Whom They Say Want Power & Respect"] • Not right away.Not shrewd.Not Sicilians.Not that.Not that it matters.Not that much.Not that you get a chance to express yourself – that you get a chance to understand it.Not this side of paradise.Not too bad.Not too difficult.Not true, not true.Not unless you say something foolish.Not where I live.Not while you're asleep.Not without your go-ahead.Not your kind of dog ... Dogs like to lick their wounds.Not your mother, I hope.Not yours.Nothing can cure the soul but the senses.Nothing cheap.Nothing deep.Nothing exists except atoms and empty space – The rest is opinion.Nothing forced is ever beautiful.Nothing grows.Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.Nothing lasts forever, huh?Nothing to do with me.Nothing to land me in jail.Nothing to worry about.Nothing to worry about ... There might be a reason ... It's out of the question ... Let's leave that door closed.Nothing we haven't planned for.Nothing's bothering you.Nothing's good enough.Nothing's new.Nothing's right.Now don't you worry – No matter what happens, we'll always take care of you – We're always going to take care of you.Now especially.Now, here's this!Now I know your secret.Now I neither fall asleep or put people to sleep.Now I think school is out.Now I'm beginning to have faith in you guys.Now I'm getting ideas.Now I'm ruined.Now it's even harder for people.Now let's try something daring.Now, like the Mafia, I'm waiting.Now that's a sense of humor.Now we're going to get into money!Now what are you going to do?Now you can endure your own suffering.Now you have proof.Now you know how George Washington got to be great.Now you know why I never look back.Now you made me forget what I was going to say.Now you see it, ...Now you see it, now you don't!Now you see why the stars drink.NOW you tell me.Now's the time to do it.


O. "Obey the voice within – it commands us to give of ourselves and help others. As long as we have the capacity to give, we are alive." (–Actor Kirk Douglas)Of all the things in the universe, death is one of the nicer things.Oh, at least.Oh, good – We'll see it on the news.Oh, goodie! – One thrill after another.Oh, how can you attack your mother? She just made beets.Oh, I didn't know that.Oh, I didn't know that ... Did you read that in a book?Oh, I like your work very much.Oh, I pushed the wrong button.Oh, I really like doing what you tell me to do.Oh, I see why.Oh, I'm just interested in reality.Oh, I'm so lucky to have you to point out all the assholes!Oh! It must have been my mother – She has syphilis.Oh, it's like a smell.Oh! Like Swedish royalty.Oh my God! What are you doing to me? My bowels are turning to wax.Oh, my goodness gracious me! ... Someone mean ... They all are ... It's really scary! ... If a boy sees a shooting star over a girl, what can a boy do? ... (Kiss the girl!) ... Let's do it again! ... If a boy sees a shooting star over a girl, what can a boy do? ... It's really worth seeing! ... (She can ask the boy to kiss her!)Oh, silky hair.Oh, sorry – I have band practice.Oh, that might have worked in prison, but it's not going to work out here in the real world.Oh, there's so many fish in the sea.Oh ... Was that directed at me?Oh ye of little faith.Oh, yeah. Oh, easy.Oh, yeah! That's really royal.Oh, yeah ... We have a lot of money – We paper the walls with it – We have it under the rugs.Oh, yes! – Real depth analysis went into that.Oh, you devil, you!Oh, you mean my rank!Okay! Another adventure in stupidity.Okay, big fish!Okay, boss!Okay, boss! Just don't hurt me! ... Much too soon ... There you go ... Your best friend ... Great memories!Okay, I will.Okay! Let's do gold!Okay! Let's let it go. Okay, nobody smoke, everybody vote, and never get caught on a milk carton!Okay, then what do you do?Okay, there must be some smart ones.Okay, we're all very happy now.Okay, we're going to take away their allowance.Okay! We're living large – We've reached a new plateau.Okay, you'll just get thinner.Okay! You're all right in my book. You're a new dog.Okay! You're on your way.Old age ... Everyone knows reporters are paid liars ... You know, the child murderers? ... His bank statement is sent in a box of chocolates ... Search me? ... Are you sure it's not the same thing, over and over? ... Part of it is the people you meet, too ... They're screwballs ... That's deterrent number forty-eight.On a black background.On a mission!On a really good sunny day.On borrowed time.On earth.On earth or in heaven?On either side.On ice.On the contrary, I am.On the count of three! One, two, three! ... Geronimo! [Everyone in the class throw your pens, pencils, used needles, knapsacks, and textbooks at the guy, gang tackle his arms and legs, and pounce upon him like a bunch of crazed Chinamen ... then go get your teacher, who probably jumped out the window]On the cutting edge of mental life.On the job.Once.Once a philosopher, twice a fool!Once in a blue moon.Once in a while good things happen.Once in a while I kick old ladies, and one leg is good enough for that.Once in a while you should take it easy.Once you get shit from someone, you'll get it over and over again.Once you know one, you know 'em all.Once you realize we're all lunatics, you do all right.One a week is nice, though.One at a time.One at a time, Pop!One cruel thing or another.One day you can have one of your own.One down, three to go.One horror after another.One hundred fifty revolutions per minute and two hundred pounds of thrust.One is all you get.One is more than enough.One little thing and it'll open the door.ONE MORE!One more thing you have to worry about ... You go from rags to riches! ... Next time you call her, tell her to shit in her cunt and eat it! ... Don't forget your roots ... You got roots, too! ... Excuse me everyone, I have to leave now ... If you don't want to learn anything.One nuttier than the last.One of the gang ... Eat that and shut up!One of the mysteries how you live without earning any money.One of the more useless things on this earth.One of these days I'll get one.One of these days, pow!One of these days they'll change your name to Alcoa.One of these wise guys ... Quit big leaguing me!One of those fancy ones.One out of twenty-two chromosomes is devoted to this stuff.One piece of shit after another.One section at a time ... They're really proud of him; it makes me happy ... Wait until the makeup washes off.One spit leads to another.One tea set per group.One thing after another.One thing leads to another.One thing leads to the other.One thing or another.One thrill after another.One tricky situation after another.One ugly thing after another.One weird thing after another.One's enough.One's vegetarian, and one's carnivorous.Only first class.Only for really rich people.Only if they nominate a Jewish Pope ... It's your church ... They don't help people ... They just watch the Pope's funeral on TV, or play poker.Only me.Only one more.Only psychotic people don't see behind things.Onward and upward.Ooo! A bone in the nose! You've got the tribal talk down really good. I know you're just joking, but what if you weren't? Superego people, zombies, nuts, are trained dogs. All they are living for is doing what their parents told them to do. Before they say hello, they've got to not say twenty things. They don't understand what a fed mind is capable of. They have no idea of feeding minds, the idea of feeding a mind so it can do something interesting.Or a bad one.Or a nervous wreck.Or boring!Or even feel bad.Or five thousand years of breeding ... So that's no more?Or it will be.Or shortchanged.Or someone.Or the noble art of bull fighting ... That's why they're not popular ... Anyone can get married ... How much did Mary and Joseph's wedding cost? ... We don't know ... Be creative and you get axed! ... You have to be consensive! ... Real butcher boy! ... His aim is to bore people to death ... He's very skilled, too ... It still is warm ... We call them the physical terrorists ... It's good to not believe you're God ... unless you're Catholic ... You see but through a glass darkly ... I warned you against that! ... Wireless is in.Oscar Wilde says, "Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of art."Otherwise you obliterate everything that's you.Otherwise, you'd be dead or in prison.Our accountant shredded my homework.Our poor, frugal repast.Our work is never done.Out of sight, out of mind.Out of the darkness and into the light.Out of the darkness into the light.Out with the old, in with the new!Oy vey! Vhat are you, meshugganeh?Over and over again.Over generations.Over nothing.Over the edge.Over time.Over what?Overnight.


P. Pardon me if my timing is slightly off.Part of one big machine.Past a certain point.Past a certain point there's no reason to.Past a certain point, what difference does it make, anyway?Past a certain point you can't.Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.Peace of mind and a sense of humor.Peanuts.Pecos Bill!Pelican Bay Prison ... Don't sneeze at it ... Too old ... I never did care ... People who make a fuss about getting drugs are not the same as people who just get them.People are afraid to be empty ... Let the chips fall where they may.People are always giving you an opportunity to attack yourself, so if you don't attack yourself, what can they do?People are always trying to scare you.People are dangerous when they get happy – I feel exploited!People are frightened by surprises.People are imprisoned by their thoughts ... That's what they say about those missionaries ... They throw money around ... Don't even pay attention to that ... It has nothing to do with this ... Maybe somewhere else.People are living in different stages of history.People are not brought up to respect themselves.People are not what they used to be, let me put it that way.People are so hard; they're so repressed.People aren't garbage!People can have ideas.People don't have thoughts and feelings – They have realizations.People don't really have talent ... They have connection with the part of them that can just do things ... I guess it's called expressing yourself ... I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn ... teaches white kids not to work ... That's the problem with a lot of people ... They won't do anything.People don't want anyone to be what they really are.People don't want to know.People had a lot of fun in the old days.People have a chance to live.People have a right to live.People have a stick and they say, "Could you remove that?"People have been very kind to me, and told me what to say to nitwits.People have to do what they like.People into control and fear and buying things.People like being self-reliant.People live in two different worlds – In one, you do what you're supposed to do; in the other, you have inner likes, desires and appetites.People love to beat the shit out of kids and then blame them – You're not really suffering.People make do.People miss out if they only see the surface.People really get caught up in greed, don't they?People see different things, right? – I better not give you ideas – Fifty percent of all people are mean, and fifty percent don't give a shit – They like some people and hate everyone else – Just superego groin-pullers.People should take it easy, and have a good life, Jesus said.People switch from being jovial to hostile at the drop of a hat.People tend to be afraid of what they don't understand.People think, "He may be crazy, but he's making money!"People think you're sane as long as you say what they expect; and they think you're insane when you don't say what they expect.People who do what they damn well please are lunatics!Perfect control.Perhaps the whole world is a woman who will always say her butcher block is the wrong color.Persistence pays, because then you find what works.Phenomenal.Pick on someone your own size.Pick up the White Man's Burden: the hatred of those you help; the fear of the ones you guard.Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!Pink and silver with a little olive on it.Plant you now, dig you later!Play Melancholy Baby for me.Play wrong!Please accept my apologies ... Next time I'll know that.Please do!Please don't! ... That really isn't very fair, is it?Please take me off your telephone calling list.Pleasure is good for the soul.Plenty of it – Are you free?Plus tax!Poke's the name! Real sharp! Get the point? Am I bor-ing you?Poor kids, no? How little we know.Popping out an eyeball, stepping on it.Pour it on!Prepare your kids for a hard life, which every life is sooner or later.Pretend you don't have any money.Pretty good.Pretty natural – It's hard to tell.Pretty soon they'll have too many vultures.Pretty special.Pretty uphill.Pretty wholesome, huh?Primitive.Probably because most people can't count.Probably fear of homosexuality.Probably had the right kind of mother.Probably in five years it'll be foolproof.Probably the only one in town.Probably they were fooling around in the garden of learning.Probably you can replace the tension with words.Prosperity is just around the corner."Psychologists have a word which is probably used more frequently than any other word in modern psychology. It is the word 'maladjusted.' This word is the ringing cry of the new child psychology. Now in a sense all of us must live the well-adjusted life in order to avoid neurotic and schizophrenic personalities. But there are some things in our social system to which I am proud to be maladjusted and to which I suggest that you, too, ought to be maladjusted. I never intend to adjust myself to the viciousness of mob rule. I never intend to adjust myself to the evils of segregation and the crippling effects of discrimination. I never intend to adjust myself to the tragic inequalities of an economic system which take necessities from the many to give luxuries to the few. I never intend to become adjusted to the madness of militarism and the self-defeating method of physical violence. I call upon you to be maladjusted. The challenge to you is to be maladjusted ... Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." (–Martin Luther King)Psychology is wonderful, don't you think?Pump it up! Last set.Punch that banana! It didn't grow right. It talked back to its mom!Put a broom on top – I'll get it on my way back.Put a stuffed moose on the roof.Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket!Put it in your book.Put it on the Internet.Put it on the north side of the pyramid.Put the spotlight on yourself!Put yourself out.Puts the whole thing in perspective.Putting on airs again? – It's all texture.Pyramus and Thisbe.


Q. Quick reflexes!Quit while you're ahead ... What am I, a softie? ... If you were a cat, you couldn't scratch your way out of a paper bag.Quite a challenge.


R. Rage is the word ... What about lessening the pain?Raincoat weather – It's going to be cold tonight – No cloud cover.Razor sharp.Reach out and touch someone else.Read Civilization and Its Discontents by Sigmund Freud.Read, The Dwarf. (1945, Par Lagerkvist)Ready, fire, aim!Real dark – It's really subtle.Real depth analysis went into that.Real friendship does not revolve around favors.Real ones, too, believe me.Real sharp shells – What about the brain? – Everyone should have one – Learning to live within your means – Just one – I would try not to be too controlling – You know the story of seven lean years and seven fat years? – There'll be other times – You know, you can wait – So, I don't mind, I'm just reporting – All people really want to do is steal from other people.Real subtle.Real witches would know better than to test reality.Really?Really bombastic!Really perplexed ... Don't kid yourself.Really punishing.Really special.Really WASPy, isn't it?Really weird, huh?Red is very fugitive ... You have no idea how smart I am.Regret nothing, because "Life is short; Nature is hostile; and man is ridiculous." (The Narrow Corner, W. Somerset Maugham, 1932)Regrets are a waste of time.Remember in the Bible when Jesus wanted to play the piano?Remember that.Remember that because I may forget.Remember the good old days, when people were hippies? – Don't look rich – It's called teasing – Holland is very advanced – Just everything's bad – That's it today, sorry! – Should I get more? – Everyone has all these prejudices.Remember, these people are all school teachers, and they got to be school teachers by toeing the line!Reminds me of selling borscht to the Eskimos.Reschedule me! – I can't wait more than half an hour.Resourceful and spontaneous.Resurrection of the body ... I love being single.Rich guys.Rich is the night, cocoa hue; tender delight, Afro blue.Rich people are always like that. You can't even talk to them.Richard Ravenough, dealer in mental diamonds – I don't even know how to drive.RIGHT ARM! [Keep right on going, throwing your right arm into the air, as a departing salute] ... NOTHING! ... It's a compensation ... [They're very poor people, pretending they're a star] ... And you don't have to wear fancy clothes.Right away!Right back at you!Right in the street ... Over on the side ... Are you afraid a purple water is going to come in the shape of an antelope and kill me? ... What is the first rule of art? ... Don't bore the public ... I have to pay off my education – It's a fortune.Right wing, left wing – tastes the same to me!Romaine, butter, and let us leaf the lights on.Rome wasn't destroyed in a day.Roses grow on new wood; they don't grow on the old stuff ... Every day you do something ... It's like making rounds."Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength." (–Eric Hoffer)Rufus, you old rascal! While you're at it, bring me a mint julep out on the veranda.Rule No. 35: If Barry Bonds was sucking his thumb, would you tell him not to? (See also, William H. Swanson's 33 Homespun Fly Jokes) • Rules are rules.Run up the middle! Run up the middle!Running engines backwards.


S. Sad sack seeking sex.Same old shit?Same thing.San Francisco! And so forth.Satisfied.Save it!Say, "I do not have a mother. I do not have a father. I am surrounded by assassins!" [Jimmy Durante voice]Say no more!Say what?Scaring the germs?School's not so good?School's over.Screw-ups are as common as breathing.Secret offshore banking.See if you can step back a little.See what a nice life you can have having nothing to do with them?See you on the Rialto, skylark!See yourself as an entire picture.Seems boring, but it isn't.Self-injury seems to function to "self-regulate feelings and help people cope with overwhelming negative emotions they have no other way to dispel." (–Dr. Janis Whitlock)Selling third-world hoo-hahs.Seven fat years, seven lean years ... You can't get too worked up about it ... Don't tease doggies and don't tease anyone bigger than you ... It's better to have different kinds of people ... "Shallow people are the only ones who truly know themselves." (–Oscar Wilde)Shake it off.Sharp.She destroys them – Then she cures them.She has royal blood.She just has gold glued to her fingertips – It's those spells!She talks about you all the time. She says, "How's that stud?"She throws her bag down and says, "Everything's in here!"She used to be Snow White, but she drifted.She was painting the town red, dancing on the table!She's a real bargain.She's at the right age, right?She's just on the verge of drinking with her eyes.She's my cousin.She's not going off the deep end – She's just mean.She's not known in this world ...She's so happy – She's just like Queen Victoria.She's so natural – She's a real natural! – She's so happy!Shhh! ... I'm inside it.Shoot monkeys when they walk by.Should we have a funeral?Show me!Show me a boy who cuts the tails off cats, and I'll show you a doctor.Show me a point, and I'll move the Earth.Shuffling around.Sign me up.Simple shepherds of the north, Knifing ministers through the throat.Singing River and the Pope! – Many flashes of thought is a fire.Singing while Rome burns.Sit there and close your eyes.Six months old, everyone's nice.Sliding scale, right?Slit your throat!Slow and steady wins the race.Slowly everyone gets to know you.Smart! – Go through the wind – As everyone knows, you just leave them alone and they ruin themselves.Smarter in a way.Smoking!Smooth sailing!SNAG!Snow White's coffin.So?So? So what else is new?So are you.So are you, and so are your parents!So bad, aren't they?So break rules.So cute! – It all comes back to you – When are you going to learn to talk right? – The front is like fancy, and the rest is a block of ice!So different.So do you still believe everything your mind tells you?So far it's not worth it.So it's a temptation.So it's coming back.So it's lost its internal luster ... They made a bad guess, didn't they?So it's no one you know.So just keep going, right? ... You have to set limits ... Give yourself some time ... Try not to jump into anything ... Generate solutions slowly ... Back yourself up ... Just wait five days, that's my advice ... It's the oil, really ... I'm sure we haven't tried everything ... Keep changing the rags ... What's the worse that can happen? ... Don't try to save rags ... Plan for contingencies ... Keep a sense of due perspective ... You just wait a few days.So low-class.So many opportunities.So many things have happened to me I don't know what they are.So naïve.So nuts, aren't they?So oppressive.So sad, isn't it? ... Dreams, dreams, dreams. It's all dreams ... What's that? ... That isn't what is important ... Hello! No room at the Inn ... There are things about you I don't know ... There are things about you nobody knows ... What do you think this means? ... You have to separate things ... "Good and bad" is useless, "insider and outsider" is useless, "real and unreal" is useless in this situation ... What's useful is understanding ... Would you say anyone's ever given you peace? ... You can't see something like this because you're upside down.So talented.So tell me, how did you get so pretty?So that's it? It's not going to go along like this for twenty years?So that's why everyone left!So that's your news?So that's your secret!So there!So there you go, and here are you.So what do you think of people who see God's asshole?So what do you think you're angry at?So what do you want to know?So what else is new?So what if people laugh at you?So what if water comes out of the radiator?So what's on your mind?So, who cares?So you have to look for it.So you'll have to change "I like your doilies!" to "I like my doilies!" – If you know how to turn it off, you can turn it on.Some are under my bed.Some do, some don't.Some kind, huh? The smasher!Some like it white.Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers."Some of the most miserable human beings I have ever met in my life are in politics." (–San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom on CNN, December 20, 2004)Some of them are very nice and some of them are total idiots.Some people ... Try harder! ... Not you! ... Nothing is bad, really.Some people are afraid to do anything wrong – It hurts people to be too good.Some people are chosen.Some people are nice.Some people can get very creative when it comes to anger.Some people can't ... It's impossible.Some people can't hit bottom.Some people go a lot farther on their EQ than on their IQ.Some people have to have a payoff, right?Some people like it, and some people don't.Some people like their parents.Some people look no farther than their mothers' kitchen table.Some people like them.Some people pay in advance.Some people say we're the same.Some people would say that.Some relative.Some sharpie!Some small thing.Some things are right and some aren't.Some things that should not be forgotten were lost.Some things you're afraid of, some things you're not afraid of – Do experiments.Somebody has to pay ... They see you as slaves ... They can just be ditzy ... You don't have to do that ... You just have to have enough money to torture people when you die ... They have no character; they have no real values in life ... They're in a silent movie – a German insane asylum ... The smart thing to do is stay out of the way.Somebody's probably using some hair product, or rubbing in a lot of foot lotion at night, and don't know they're getting it all over the place.Someday.Someday I'm going to get very poor from that.Someday this is going to make me poor.Someday – We don't know.Somehow they've got people convinced being honest – taking shit – is good for you.Someone has to guide you from the ground.Someone might.Someone must ... That isn't so, but thanks for asking! ... It's all those foreigners sneaking into the country ... It must have been a Mexican.Someone nice gave me that.Someone told me they explode – They're cheap, too.Someone trying to do what no one else ever did is a little strange.Someone you're close to.Someone's lucky they're not her brother.Someplace else.Someplace where they're smart – Why, I don't know – A graveyard of old machinery – I want a nuclear plant and a Wal-Mart! – They're very happy – No resistance to change.Something for everyone.Something funny.Something funny about this money.Something hidden, deeper, quieter.Something magnificent.Something much more efficient.Something new.Something nice.Something nice must have happened.Something no twelve-year-old would understand.Something real.Something very far away.Sometime down the road.Sometimes a harsh childhood turns out to be useful."Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." (–Ralph Waldo Emerson)Sometimes I change my emphasis, but my story is always the same.Sometimes I have that.Sometimes it does pay to be ignorant.Sometimes it pays not to be in a hurry.Sometimes it's a silver arrow, sometimes it's a gold arrow.Sometimes it's good to be afraid – You know, you don't see too many pictures of Jesus when he was seven.Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy.Sometimes life is easier than you think.Sometimes life is good.Sometimes love works.Sometimes our worst mistakes become our most masterful works of art.Sometimes people lose their sense of humor, but you shouldn't.Sometimes people who had it worst are the luckiest, because they had to get away.Sometimes that happens.Sometimes they need help.Sometimes we catch on kind of slow.Sometimes when people have really severe pain.Sometimes you don't see things for what they are.Sometimes you just have to do things.Sometimes you run out of paper.Sometimes you spend a lot of money to make a lot of money.Sometimes you think something's bad, and it's not that bad.Sometimes you're a lot better off not owning anything.Somewhere in the middle where it's not touching anything.Somewhere just around the corner, there's a rainbow in the sky! So let's have another cup of coffee, and let's have a piece of apple pie!Sooner or later everyone has to light a fire under their own stove.Sooner or later, huh?Sooner or later, right?Sooner or later you understand everything.Sore losers.Sorrow.Sorry.Sorry about that – I don't know what I was thinking.Sorry – I couldn't help myself.Sorry – I left my identity at home.Sorry it breaks your rule.Sounds like a horror movie.Sounds like a painting, doesn't it? – I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it – Ask yourself in situations like that, what am I afraid of? – They want long discussions just to torture you – Just realize, you don't have to – If you live in the jungle, why not get to know the animals? – Isn't that great? – Olive drab scratchy wool blankets – Inside you can try to have fine feelings, fine sensations – There's a lot of jungle! They don't call it jungle anymore ... They call it forest – Full of trees gone to seed – Very old stuff – I'm thinking I might – You could feel hate without expressing it – It's like hunter's vision – All animals love sugar – Cats are different – It's like horses ... they love sugar – Well, look at it this way ... Don't ever bite a grape!Sounds like My Fair Lady.Sounds like someone ate too much peach! ... Tell your father I found his tail.Sounds like something my mother would say.Sounds like you just about had it.Sounds serious.Spaghetti!Spare me the details!"Spinning a theory of stupidity while cataloging its sightings." (–Emily Eakin, New York Times, July 5, 2003)Spooky, huh? ... Too perfect.Squandering his inheritance.St. Louis is pretty good – It's a pretty good team.Stage directions.Stand in one place and tie your feet together.Start at the top.Start to believe it! • [Start vacuuming the whole house] • Starved for affection.Starving for literature, huh? ... Warmth, psychological shelter – You have to be sure no one can bop you ... I'm writing a book, "Women I Haven't Married."Stay focused.Staying up all night howling at the moon.Steady, hard work ... Only natural! ... The alliance.Stick around – It's a good investment.Stick it in your ear!Stick to your own kind! – Easy to forget.Stifle your artistic impulses! till the same.Still waters run deep.Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.Stoned and toasted.Stop padding your role.Stop saying you're not that smart.Stop worrying – Life is not a test.Stow it!Strike while the iron is hot – Make hay in the sunshine.Strong as a bull and twice as smart.Success breeds success.Such a miracle.Suddenly sensitive.Sugar street police work ... There's more traffic.Suitable for embedding in a pillow.Sumimasen! ... We're not that fancy ... It may be so cheesy, we don't even want it.Sunlight will keep you going, I'll tell you that.Support groups are good.Supposedly.Sure I will! [Then forget it]Sure thing ... How can you dump someone if you can't see them?Sure! Why not? I'm an artist, and I know what's important.Sweeping is good too, huh?Sweet are the uses of adversity.Symbolically.


T. Take a bow.Take a number!Take a step back.Take a vacation – That's what I would do.Take a wild guess ... The burnt-out question of our times ... What Dickens called, Our Mutual Friend [Hundred dollar bill] ... Dollar sign, baby, dollar sign!Take all the money and run.Take as long as you want.Take baby steps.Take heart!Take it!Take it easy – Don't kick people.Take it from the voice of experience – Living dangerously – Spooky, huh?Take me to Toonville!Take me with you!Take more Mental Health Days.Take things for what they are ... What difference does it make? ... That coin was here before you got here ... The only difference is you.Take time, or time will not be taken ... If you didn't spend so much time drinking, you would know.Take two Aspirin and die in the morning.Take your pick.Takes years.Talk about a twist of fate.Talk about babies!Talk about bad deals!Talk about chutzpah!Taste good today? ... How might I help? ... Is everything prepared all right? ... It's my pleasure.Tattoo that on your forehead!Teaching the masses how to be rich!"Teenagers who self-injure often report that there is no adult they could talk to who accepts them for who they are." (–Jane E. Brody)Teeth and all.Tell it to the Pope!Tell me about it!Tell me if you get into trouble.Tell me when it's better.Tell that to a piece of pottery!Tell the witch – She'll let you.Terrible people, but smart!Terror and pain.Thank God for the Church!Thank God I smoke!Thank God MY mother's dead.Thank you, brother, for chastising me! It has made my humiliation that much richer.Thank you for dropping by.Thank you for expressing your deeper emotions – Early prohibitions against showing anger are acting up on you – What are you afraid of when you're angry?Thank you for taking that philosophically.Thank you for touching me, beautiful person ... [Speak from your belly – Sense the pit of your belly when you speak and everything changes]Thank you for your assistance – Thank you for your help.Thank you so much for your crumbs; I'll treasure them always.Thanks a lot for telling me.Thanks for asking.Thanks for doing such a good job today.Thanks for not bringing a fish in a newspaper.Thanks for telling me.Thanks for telling me that.Thanks for warning me.That alone.That always happens.That could change very rapidly.That doesn't happen often.That doesn't mean it's true.That explains a lot.That explains everything! You can laugh, but it's a whole poem to me. Why can't a person do what they like?That happens!That happens a lot, you know?That helps a lot ... There used to be one ... First time is your major; just knocking them out is your minor ... Nobody makes it alone, nobody! ... I'll put everyone on it ... Next course!That hurts.That I know.That I want to see.That includes everything!That is not necessarily bad.That is the biggest lesson.That is too easy!That isn't the real me – You do it!That little bit.That makes people feel comfortable?That means all the gold is ours!That might be bracing.That might help ... What do you think happens in the wilderness?That might miss the larger reality.That must be a great feeling.That must be disappointing.That must be hard, huh?That old black magic.That part of you is alive.That question cannot be answered in the abstract. (–John Roberts)That really isn't very fair, is it?That shouldn't make you feel bad.That solves many problems.That sounds like a song.That was a cold cry.That was a killer! ... You cannot control someone else's behavior, but you can control how you respond to it.That was foresight.That was my interpretation.That will only magnify how shallow you are.That would be a huge list.That would be best.That would be just my luck.That would be serious.That would help, huh?That would really be tragic, wouldn't it?That would really help me.That'll be enough, I think.That'll be the day.That'll break it up!That'll cheer you up.That'll keep me busy – looking, looking! – It's better to feel the trauma.That's a big strain, not killing five people ... They believe all these things on the news – They think that's what's happening.That's a dangerous thing to believe, that you can't do things.That's a different way to put it – Let's cut palms with knives and become blood brothers!That's a fairy tale.That's a good idea.That's a good idea – Hating self-hatred.That's a good thing not to do.That's a good thing to tell your mother ... What a terror, huh? ... It's like another person ... I'm like an oil well ... You just don't have to tell him anything.That's a good way to get rid of someone.That's a good way to look at it.That's a job for someone else.That's a little misleading, isn't it?That's a little scary ... He's very brutal in a lot of ways ... You can't argue with them ... These are interesting times if you have an imagination; these are not interesting times if you're old-fashioned.That's a long way to go, isn't it?That's a lot.That's a lot of juice ... Refusing orders ... I had no choice ... I am a school dropout and have no skills ... Like a dark cloud? ... Don't kid yourself ... You don't have any parents ... You can put anything you want in ... That's my hint to you ... How come you're so smart? ... Answer the question, Yes or No, Did it hurt yesterday when I beat you up? ... They were very smart in the old days ... You have to ask every time ... So continue, I'm listening.That's a novel thing to say.That's a pretty good start.That's a real help.That's a sign.That's a special today.That's a talent.That's a treasure of energy.That's a very big idea – I like it.That's a very good dream – because it's very clear.That's a well a hundred feet deep.That's a whole art, huh?That's a whole study in itself, huh?That's all I know about it.That's all I need.That's all it is.That's all it's good for.That's all right – I don't understand some things you say, either, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends.That's all they do, those people, is use other people, one way or another ... There's a lot of competition for jobs like that.That's all you can do is just keep hammering away – I'm a stagehand.That's all you see from the air, is farms ... millions of little farms.That's almost the land that time forgot.That's always reassuring.That's an old one for around here.That's ancient wisdom.That's another conversation.That's another nail out of your coffin.That's another part of the forest, right?That's another question.That's another story.That's as cheap as you can get?That's been going on for years probably.That's before my time.That's called a Mental Health Day.That's called bleeding ... When is it black? (When your soul hurts, right?)That's civilization – You hurt yourself to keep from hurting others.That's dangerous.That's dangerous—I don't think it's good for me.That's deeper.That's done!That's easy.That's easy for YOU to say!That's enough for today.That's enough, isn't it? ... Clever, huh? ... I wouldn't tell many people that ... It's the death of a thousand cuts! ... Two really sharp guys ... And no one else ... We're talking real dumb-down! ... Well, anyone could say three words ... Somebody's got to be a bitch and you're good at it ... Am I the first person this has happened to? ... I'll say it ... It's so disturbing on so many levels ... To one and all! ... Not "High and Mighty!" It's "Low and Mighty!" ... Let's call it quits. [The thing about smart people is, what do they want to kill themselves for? ... "Great powers should never get involved in the politics of small tribes." (–Kamal Salibi)]That's everyone's trouble – They don't know the difference between then and now.That's extra!That's God's punishment.That's good, because it shows it's different.That's good for the character.That's good to know – I think I'll fall down.That's good to know that.That's good! You should see things like that. Expand your mind.That's hard for me to believe.That's how I keep my nice slim shape ... They'll just fire all those creeps ... There's lots of room for outlaw behavior on the World Wide Web ... Maybe ... Amazingly clever ... Let's take this on the road! ... Life isn't just easy – Life is hard things, too ... What a worker, huh? ... Just give it a rest ... Do your thing ... Stick to your plans and just do it! ... That's very good to have ... Just don't send me to a Christian school!That's how they train dogs.That's how you learn, huh?That's how you learn to like yourself.That's impressive – Better! That's really good stuff! Now what do you want? – Pretty soon they'll have the Oprah Institute for Fast Talking Girls. [It's anal expulsion, the opposite of anal retention, throwing things away, expressing hatred towards mom]That's in the phone book, too.That's interesting to see, isn't it?That's it – A little extra comes in handy.That's it, sweetie – Were you ever there?That's it! The bar is closed ... A real heavy-hitter.That's just for smart people or for fancy people.That's just living.That's just part of the turnover ... It's like worms on a shovel.That's life in the fast lane.That's like offering a drink to an alcoholic ... You're lucky I have will power.That's lots!That's making a spectacle of yourself.That's my family's story, and I'm sticking to it.That's my father's theory: If you give kids too much money, they'll want more.That's my getaway bag!That's my story and I'm sticking to it.That's mystical, too, isn't it?That's none of my business.That's normal.That's not a bad thing to do.That's not a crime, you know.That's not bad for me.That's not fair – I wouldn't worry about it.That's not my problem – My problem is my mother had a penis.That's not really true but I don't care.That's not so bad.That's not so bad to know – Let's hope you don't see a bright light, and a bird in it.That's not something you have to worry about.That's not true.That's nothing! – In two years I'm going to enlist in the Israeli Army as a cross-eyed sniper.That's obvious.That's okay by me!That's old age, huh?That's one for the books!That's one of my little difficulties, but I'm working on that.That's our only chance.That's plenty good, huh?That's powerful.That's pretty good, isn't it?That's probably why people brush their hair.That's proof enough.That's really all it is.That's really strong.That's quite a range, isn't it?That's really living!That's really tough stuff.That's right.That's serious.That's shocking, but true.That's someone living in a cave in the ground like an animal.That's something a dog would never understand.That's something that's taking you away from what you believe, or what you're conscious of.That's something to hope for.That's something to think about.That's something you can't say ... Anyone, I don't know.That's star quality.That's stretching it.That's suffering quietly.That's the best I can do, I think.That's the best I can do – Sorry!That's the best I can do ... Who wants play money? ... You're the bank ... I'm not going to give you a break.That's the best thing to do.That's the best way to handle someone like that – Let 'em think they're smart.That's the coming thing – I might as well learn that.That's the danger of a strong person – You can do anything!That's the dead hand of the Church – I don't have time for unhappy people.That's the law, right?That's the million dollar question ... I shot my bank, but I didn't get any money.That's the most dangerous thing on earth – someone who doesn't know what they're doing.That's the one thing schools promote: deep sleep.That's the only proof that there's a God.That's the price of intelligence.That's the same thing inside everybody.That's the sign of a delicate nature.That's the sign of intelligence.That's the sixty-four dollar question! (from a radio program in the 1940s)That's the spirit! Never say die.That's the trouble with having a lot of money.That's the way people are – It's easier.That's the way they talk to servants.That's the whole thing, to get the use of your mind.That's two things I have to do.That's very good to know.That's very healthy.That's very hurtful – You just might be lucky.That's very kind of you – You probably have to slam it with a rubber mallet.That's very often the case.That's very possible.That's very serious ... Out of the past ... I'm going to give you some pills ... That's upside-down inside-out technique ... Maybe you have to rule the roost.That's what a little eight-year-old girl would like – They go from there.That's what all the smart people do.That's what brings success in life, is being good to yourself.That's what counts, isn't it?That's what happened to Jesus.That's what happens.That's what happens when you get old – If someone bugs you, you just slam the door.That's what helps.That's what I remember.That's what I think!That's what I've heard.That's what it seems like to me.That's what life is, pretending you're dead.That's what makes America great.That's what makes the world go around.That's what my father taught me.That's what religion is.That's what retired is, right?That's what saves me.That's what the basketball players do.That's what the Spanish say: Make love with the bull.That's what they all say!That's what they live by, mistakes.That's what they say about aluminum siding.That's what they say, you know?That's what they used to say about Germany. It was like a loose cannon in the middle of Europe.That's what waiting tables is all about – Waiting! Waiting!That's what you save money for.That's what YOU say.That's what you think!That's what you're saving me for, huh?That's what's great about this place ... tremendous gene pools.That's when they take it off.That's where division of labor comes in – You do this and you do that.That's where you meet everyone.That's why I'm lucky – I have my foot in some kind of door.That's why they live out in the woods, thirty miles from each other.That's why you quit – They're just flowers.That's your father.That's your IQ!The action mode.The answer's, no!The Aristocrats ... Dead, and everyone dresses up.The artful dodger.The authentic way – We're trying to save trouble.The bad people always do better.The battle for Rome.The beginning of an empire.The bellhop told me he let you know I was here.The best answer to a fool is silence.The best is yet to come.The best revenge is a good life.The best thing to do is nothing.The best things in life are free.The best way is don't [respond to things] ... That's it ... You had your thrill ... They probably shoot neighbors there when they're sick ... Forget it! ... Don't go to college; it's a waste of time ... Here's a twenty: Put it in your pocket ... That's WASP therapy! [hunting, shooting out the window of the cabin] ... You have to be on the lookout.The better the artist, the nicer the person.The better you are at something, the more you like it.The Bible is in you – You're not in the Bible.The big problem is to think you're the only one.The big thing is in knowing who to avoid.The blues will make you happy, too.The breeding season is starting.The Burnt Toast of Broadway! ... What a ghoul, huh?The bus stop with a jerk and you got off.The call of the wild.The Catholics must be jealous.The chance of seeing one on a good day is slim.The child asks for help.The child comes first.The child picks the parents!The Christians killed it.The clock is ticking, and I'm only getting older.The clown can't give up crying, and the aristocrat can't give up laughing – Feel the feelings! Get it over with! – I did that the other day, it almost killed me.The communication level is totally nonverbal.The cord is cut.The crazier it is, the better.The cupboard is bare.The deepest parts of you are the smartest.The devil is in the details.The devil made me do it!The devil take the hindmost!The devil will think you're his own.The die is cast, as they say.The doctor is not in."The dream is the royal road to the unconscious." (–Sigmund Freud)The endless anger.The entire thing might be a lie, you know? [They're so tough & mean (to themselves!) they don't even know they're hurting other people]The fact too good to check.The factory burned down.The first step is to slow down.The front end of the horse and the rear end of the horse are two different people.The front windows of the house are falling apart, but let's wait until they fall apart.The further you go down the ladder, the more chicken shit.The future can wait.The German ideal: children, cooking, culture.The Gnostics believe there's a spark of light inside people, and if they get in touch with it, they see the truth – When you can afford it, be honest.The GOOD kind.The ground can get very cold ... We want to protect the oil, because the whole world needs it ... I've seen enough people, I know what comes next ... Keep your fingers crossed! ... That's the sign ... Can you blame me? ... You'll get another.The ground is sinking.The guy is just a natural, isn't he?The guy tried writing poetry.The guy's right on ... Right on! ... What happened? ... No harm? ... No foul? ... Right on!The heavy hitters, huh?The human question mark.The idea is to clear it out – You don't want it backing up into your system.The importance of being civil in a wild world.The inexpensive places are pretty good.The ins and the outs of the Church.The inside of the garbage can.The Internet is the saloon of the new Millennium – except no one gets a T.U.I. [Typing ....]The Japanese mystic.The kindergarten is somewhere else.The kiss of death.The land that time forgot.The less you do, the better off you are.The less you know, the better.The life of Demento.The little star.The long arm of the law.The longer you stay around, the less you have to do.The lowlifes of art go there.The luck of the Irish.The magic words.The meek shall inherit the earth. (Psalms 37:11)The minute you get it, you don't need it anymore ... I am retired, because I give myself orders ... That's all a myth ... It's heartbreaking, believe me! ... Don't try it! ... You just have to separate the personal shit from the real ... I do the same thing! ... We had a really cold spell ... I don't think in my position I want to mess around with the IRS ... Oh! You're lucky! ... Geez! I'm divulging all my secrets.The more at home people feel, the more delusional they are.The more I look, the more I see how nice life is.The more I work in school, the more they hit me!The more intimate your family is, the emptier it becomes ... Don't be surprised. [See Thumbnail User's Guide] • The more the merrier!The more you have, the more it grows, the more it costs.The more you know, the less you need.The nerve of them.The new kid on the block?The next lesson is hair pulling – How to pull hair and scream.The nicer you are to someone, the more they hate you.The movie generation ... If it isn't in a movie, it doesn't exist ... You really are mixed up ... Just don't tell me where you're going ... Don't tell anyone where you're going ... The unpopular side ... Because everything's wrong with me.The occasion may allow quiet reflection ... Ayes, Nays and Present! ... I'm going to start a summer camp where everyone walks around naked with a light bulb up their ass.The old days ... It's totally different ... You can't understand how dangerous and stupid people were ... That'll keep me busy, looking, looking.The old-fashioned way!"The older I get, the greater power I seem to have to help the world; I am like a snowball – the further I am rolled, the more I gain." (–Susan B. Anthony)The older you get the more you can see.The ones who bray at the moon whenever the sun is out?The only bad thing about it is, you feel like a wire coat hanger for about half an hour when you wake up.The only people who aren't shits like everyone else are Hitler, Napoleon, and Genghis Khan.The only thing about me is, I'm a little bit crazy.The only thing worse than having the Moral Majority for an enemy is having the Moral Majority for a friend.The opposite of a vampire.The other side of the mental track.The others don't.The outside of the garbage can.The party generation."The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet." (–Edward Thomas, 1917)The people who try to be good always get into trouble.The perfect crime.The place of enchantment.The plant may be dead, but so's the fungus.The plastic bag.The possibilities are endless.The power of the new moon.The Prayer of Faith ¶13 Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. 14 Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. 16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. (–James 5: 13-16)The pride of ownership.The Principal can really make you feel bad – Bosses, teachers, principals ... They were all mean to keep order.The problem is, you can't do what you want to do.The question is, when?The real cheat is to pretend you're stupid.The rich are where the money is.The rich get richer ... and the poor get pregnant ... Hey! Nice jacket! ... You must be really rich!The rich kid who loses all his money.The road to happiness.The road to success.The romance of poverty.The room of rising fumes.The sacred sword of last resort.The same.The same thing every day, right? – Jesus is so transitional – You have a rising star and a falling star at the same time.The same to you!The scoop on him is, he's a total liar, and he's a professional.The scoundrel.The secret cheating ways to play ... See Kiss Student. • The secret room in the basement where screams cannot be heard – the ropes that do not leave burn marks.The sequel's called, "Another Part of the Forest."The serpent of darkness.The seven deadly sins ... pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger, sloth ... Life is funny, isn't it? ... Usually the way mothers shampoo their children ... No, I'd rather sleep.The Shadow knows! ... I flew in that circle! ... Watch yourself at all times!The shoe's on the other foot.The sidewalk – but on which square of cement?The slower the better.The smallest one they make.The smart thing to do is nothing.The smells of Oscar Wilde.The social rounds.The stars come out at night.The subtle way.The surgeon believes that all that heals is cold blue steel.The temptation was too great.The theater is filled with treacheries.The Thief of Bagdad, starring Douglas Fairbanks, 1924; Rembrandt, with Charles Lawton, 1936; Circle of Iron, starring David Carradine, 1979; The Music Box, Laurel & Hardy, 1932; Beauty and the Beast, Jean Cocteau, 1946; The Cat from Outer Space, Walt Disney, 1978; The Woman in the Moon, Fritz Lang, 1929; Metropolis ... Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem, 1990 – That's my mental pathway block.The track is not what's important – the train is.The treasury for the bad people.The trick is to just do a little.The Trump of Death is his name.The truth comes out.The truth shall make you free.The ultimate.The wand chooses the wizard.The well is dry.The whole thing.The whole trick is, be nice to people, and you'll get rid of all the meanies ... Of course, I was very young.The whole trick is to have intuition.The whole trick is to have tools and not answers.The whole world goes past this door.The whole world is my mother.The Wilderness Philosopher.The wishing well.The Wizard of Ounce! I think it's very funny that "Oz" means "Ounce."The word is perfect.The world is my womb – I'll open it with my head.The world isn't ready.The world isn't yours, and it never will be.The world will never know.The worse thing you can do is hit a baby while it's eating.The worse you feel, the better it is, because you'll get over it.THE WORST!The wrong person might get hold of them.Theater.Their inconvenience is not my concern.Then I'd really be in deep.Then the next thing you think is, Life has passed me by – Then the next thing you think is, What was that?Then we'll figure out how much it costs.Then you get over it.These are just skills – What does that have to do with being a person?Then there's another stage?THEN WAIT!Then you can do anything!Then you feel you're losing things, and that's no good!There are a lot of things I don't want to get into – I don't want to waste the time on it.There are a million ways a baby can react when they don't get milk.There are lots of little things – You're not bad if you don't know them.There are many ways to look for yourself, there are many ways to find yourself, and there's one way to be yourself.There are no mountains – There are no molehills.There are people who like to build castles in the air ... like where have all the holocausts gone?There are places that are terrible ... run by crooks.There are plenty of places you can go.There are so many people now.There are so many things you can do.There are still plenty of people who pay for things.There are these people who never got angry in their life.There are three kinds of people – those who can count and those who can't.There are times I feel like killing you.There are two kinds of graduate students: one kind works in a factory for the summer; another kind is sent to Europe by their parents ... total spoiled rats ... Let other people talk big ... I'm not going to put up with brats, or Nazis, or assholes ... Oh, yeah! ... The dog likes it.There are two kinds of people: people who sit around in chairs, and people who dance!There are two sides to that.There are two things – how you are treated, and how you treat someone else.There aren't many straight arrows in this world.There goes one!There is more to the surface than meets the eye.There is no dark man – There is no room.There is no dark stranger; there is no mother.There is such a thing as power madness.There isn't a part of my body that doesn't express itself.There may be competition.There must be one.There must be oxygen on Mars from that one.There must be something good about me.There was an office the size of a pirate ship.There you go.There you go – Onward and upward.There you go ... That's the future.There you go, then.There're probably ten in the whole world.There's a being inside that needs nourishment – so you nourish it!There's a conflict there – Should you get attention for being injured, or should you get over it?There's a difference between having to do something, wanting to do something, and deciding to do something.There's a few.There's a first for everything.There's a huge prohibition against people knowing themselves ... This is the last time anybody's going to stop me.There's a lot going on right now – Need a little break! ... Would you like me to look away? ... Life has to hurt you before it blesses you ... Touchdown Jesus!There's a lot of 'em here.There's a lot of rage out there! ... A lot of people get a lot of release from that ... That's what theater's for ... In Italy they throw fruit! ... They throw watermelons at people ... Out of the darkness into the light ... I think I should write a book, How To Lose Customers ... I hate basements! ... Et cetera! ... No violence!There's a lot of them, huh?There's a lot of them – There always have been.There's a lot of things people can't do.There's a lot that's going on.There's a lot to be said for being able to be frightened.There's a lot to be said for making people laugh.There's a lot to learn.There's a million ways to skin a cat.There's a pack of electric little phony girls.There's a reason people drink wine in France.There's a solution to everything.There's a trick. [Talk to the proctor ... or get up and move to another part of the examination room]There's a whole history of the world they don't teach in schools.There's also a negative side.There's always a certain percentage.There's always a twin behind the curtain.There's always a way.There's always a way to do what you believe in.There's always going to be nincompoops.There's always hidden stories in the land of heartbreak.There's always something else to do.There's an idea – Get a goat.There's appropriate releases.There's better.There's big fish and there's little fish.There's hardly any wars, and people are getting dumber.There's hope, there's trust, there's compassion, there's companionship.There's just no comparison.There's just so much you can't keep up with.There's limits, right?There's little sparks in people.There's more than you think, right?There's more to it than that.There's more to life than counting money.There's more valuable things than money or tools.There's no boo-boo here! – Who do you want to talk to in the land of the living?There's no future in that.There's no glamor in it.There's no need for that.There's no need to.There's no one else for that.There's no one else I can impress.There's no reason to be in pain – You don't get a medal.There's no rush.There's no rush ... It's not worth discussing ... Make enough money to live on, and don't let anyone cheat you.There's no single answer to that.There's no such thing as bad.There's no way to know.There's not many places you can go anymore, are they?There's not many, so it doesn't matter.There's not much to do.There's nothing left to go wrong.There's nothing that isn't contained.There's nothing to be jealous of.There's nothing to do, anyway.There's nothing to worry about.There's nothing worse than a lot of people thinking something's good, because it usually isn't.There's nothing wrong with being strong.There's nothing wrong with doing well and having a nice life.There's nothing wrong with that.There's nothing you can do.There's one thing you need to understand – Every white kid has some black in him, and every black kid has some white in him – That's the only way you'll get out of it.There's one truth, death and taxes, that's what everyone says ... People set out highlights for other people, because they want big ideas ... What do they mean by truth? ... Your consciousness ... Everything you're aware of and what you're conscious of is your truth ... Truth is beauty, that's the hooker; beauty is truth ... It's very easy to be interested in ideas, especially if you're a Rabbi ... Allah! means breathing, and for some people, that's enough ... On those ships, they had to use it for other things.There's only one way to find out – See what happens!There's only so much you can do.There's options: (1.) Kicking back! (2.) Never better! (3.) Infinitely sad. (4.) Very fruitful. (5.) Bad enough. (6.) Ever ready. (7.) With great power comes great responsibility.There's other things, too.There's really no need for it.There's safety in slowland, right?There's so many of them, though.There's something nice about that, too.There's such a thing as deeper wisdom.There's the angel.There's very few left.These are spiffy two-tones!These days? – I forget.These people are wicked, and it's worse – They don't even know it.These people have no sense of humor – They can say anything they want about you, and if you say anything about them, they shriek!They all fall down.They all have their own ideas of what's right, what's wrong, what's good, what's bad.They all look the same.They already do.They also are served, who sit and lynch niggers.They always miss one thing ... I can endure.They always want you to do something they can talk about.They bait people and then they get them to scream and cry.They begged me, "Please be a nice guy!"They call it breakthrough pain.They can burn up as they go.They can't get your goat if they don't know where it's tied.They castrated part of your emotions.They cost too much – I'm waiting for the price to come down.They could be on another planet ... Well, you feel responsible in a way ... That's why you're such a nice person ... Maybe I'll do that.They don't have their own life.They don't have to live in the mire.They don't have turtles anymore?They don't know how to do certain things.They don't know the difference between then and now.They don't know what else they're supposed to do.They don't last that long anyway, so you might as well do the cheap ones.They go everywhere.They go through stages.They had it on the news.They have a good saying in Germany – "The cobbler should stick to the last!"They have a lot of pain.They have a master plan.They have amazing things.They have even cheaper ones.They have little power games they play to feel important.They have nothing else to do.They have to beg for it.They have whole staffs of people to do things for them.They judge themselves by what they do, and if they do well, they think they're great.They just blossom.They just nickel and dime you to death.They know what they're doing.They lie!They like to scare people.They look out at the world the same way.They manipulate people for power ... You have to see the effect ... It hurts! ... They're tricking people ... They're not really tricking people, because they don't know what they're doing ... I say dodge 'em ... I say get out of their way ... Why should I let them hurt me? ... Why should I allege myself to scoundrels? ... Drop out! ... That's what I'm doing ... It's my body, it's my life, it's my choice ... It's just so obvious, you know? ... Less really is more.They might as well be the same person.They migrate.They must love you, huh?They never know.They never show that on the news.They really believe that radio tubes are going to power locomotives – They must have a divine belief in their ability – It's delusions of grandeur.They rent themselves out as frogs, at parties.They say it's easy.They say the more you move, the better it is.They switch 'em around; they have good days or not.They take your life away, don't they?They train you to work, shut up, and do what you're supposed to do.They turn women into men, and men into idiots.They used to call them, "old chestnuts."They want their kids to "be something," but this is very dangerous, because what do they want them to be? Miserable and hard working.They want to be able to control their destiny.They want to live in the woods with no one to bother them ... Very bland.They wear you out, don't they?They went swimming in Strawberry Creek!They weren't very nice in the old days.They will.They're a law unto themselves.They're all assholes, anyway.They're all assholes ... There you go ... Someone likes someone.They're always discussing contracts; maybe contracts with the Lord ... Doesn't matter.They're always trying to clip people – You have to be like a hawk!They're always trying to make you feel bad for having fun.They're always wrong – The weather's always wrong.They're anal retentive – controlling.They're artists – We don't understand them.They're coming to get you!They're cutting corners.They're experts at compassion.They're going to make big cars again.They're just looking for warmth.They're just pretending they're hotshots.They're just thugs ... You can see why we got out of Vietnam ... Even better for Christmas.They're know-nothings and liars!They're like a newborn baby – They don't know what the fuck is going on – All the big hikers!They're like lightweights.They're more restrained.They're not scripted.They're not that smart.They're nothing!They're paper thin.They're practiced in the art of deception.They're so cheap.They're still in business.THEY'RE STUPID!They're too good for me.They're unable to realize their parents are idiots.They're very mean people ... Very dry skin ... That's the kind of thing that never happened to us ... Yeah, and no one was there to take pictures! ... Who doesn't have AIDS? ... How about pictures of a beautiful doggie?They're wretched, miserable little people.They've been trained to be told what's right and wrong.They've got a million answers.They've got everybody coming and going.They've invented something called the mainstream, and anybody who isn't mainstream is a total idiot.Things are changing so fast.Things are disguised.Things are falling off the shelves.Things gurgling up from below the earth.Things have changed so much.Things I've never heard ... Very weird.Things like that.Think big.Think of it as a symbol – as a violin string.Think of it more as a stepping stone.Think of something better to do.Think of the potential.Think twice.This generation is more open than people know – It's just the Church people left behind.This is a good hideout, isn't it?This is a good time to have a liberal-arts education.This is a great discovery.This is a horse of another color.This is a test to see if you're anti-authoritarian.This is between you and me.This is called discovery.This is called, School Is Out ... When life starts, you're riding on one horse, and sooner or later another horse enters the ring, and you're riding on two horses: your past & your present ... People have different levels of insight ... I like to understand what's going on.This is called team effort.This is called teasing ... teasing the knot.This is dangerous, too, for the dog.This is definitely the comic book war.This is insidious.This is just more intense.This is just the beginning.This is life's darkest moment.This is more fun than anyone's had in a long time.This is my dream.This is my high-water mark.This is my inheritance from my mother – I know the worst thing to say to someone.This is my latest mystery I'm working on ... They're letting people swing in the wind, slowly.This is my year of surprises.This is not an Indian burial ground.This is so freaky – I knew you were going to say that.This is the age of jerks ... uneducated.This is the big season now.This is the Buddhist influence.This is the difference between girls and boys: Boys' feet never get hot.This is the next step – This is the next level.This is the price for living in paradise.This is the problem with success.This is the real thing.This is the time to do it, I think.This is where I've learned everything.This is who everyone knows of – How do you think Anna Amalia feels? – Everyone knows who she is, and she's dead! – Hers was a forbidden love.This is why they dream of going to Mars.This isn't the Spanish Inquisition.This means you will have seven fat years and seven lean years.This one is a killer!This one's a little better than the other one; they spent a little more money on it.This place is like a country club ... First you introduce yourself; later on you go into depth ... What do you do that interests you? ... It averages out ... Here they don't ... I have to take care of my family.This, too, shall pass.This way to escape the tsunami!This way you can downsize.This, we could sell.Thoroughbreds don't cry.Those are fighting words!Those are the bad things ... [Get away from them. They're totally envy and jealousy fodder. They hate themselves and everything they do. There's nothing you can do about it. They keep trying to shock people, and everyone's heard it before.] ... Go on! ... I know you guys want to talk.Those could be your dying words!Those days are gone forever.Those stubborn, stubborn facts.Those things can happen, you know? ... I'm not so wrong ... Just try to listen to yourself when you do things ... If you live, that's the test.Those were the days!Those were the days ... Can you believe it?Those who can, do; those who can't, bully. [See Tim Field's Bully OnLine] • "Threats against the president-elect will be taken very seriously." (–Dunn Lampton, United States attorney in Jackson, Mississippi)Thrilled.Through close observation.Throw away the book – When someone's lived, these things are meaningless.Throw it in the kitchen sink, and if it's green and sparkling, it's the truth, right? ... Sounds good to me ... A little sharp thatched tack.Thundering herds rounding corners.Thwarted again!Time off for good behavior.Time out, mom! – I'm only a kid.Time will tell.Times haven't changed.To a point.To a point, I'm sure.To annoy you a little.To be with the rest of your kind.To catch fish.To die for my country.To each according to their capacity.To each their own.To hide out . . . to hide out from all the hyperbole and hullabaloo.To live once, and for real.To make a little extra money ... Learn how to take it easy – It's the greatest thing in life!To make love to as many different women as possible.To observe is to learn.To save money.To spread the revolution ... Just for the fun of it.To the stars?To what I don't know.Today I learned I'm going to die ... I'll find someone else ... I'm not quite ready.Today's a good day not to go to work.Tolstoy said history is like a locomotive hurtling through the snows of Russia.Tomorrow it'll snow.Tonic, we call it – It's an old-fashioned art.Too absurd to be believed.Too advanced?Too bad freedom is not a family value.Too bad I wasn't just dreaming.Too bad you don't have a Producer's Knob.Too big!Too good to be true.Too heavy ... too heavy ... too heavy for what?TOO HOT! ... I'm sure I don't know.Too hot to handle – It leaked out!Too intelligent.Too many funerals.Too many little things.Too many things at once.Too old ... Do I deserve this? ... You're wrong ... You don't need to ... It's just wrong no matter what you do ... If you sleep late, does the sun rise?Too steep.Too young!"Topless Sunset" ... --  --  -- Stunning! Scintillating! The sky's a crazy breast, its shoreline jutting out, red nipple in the west.Total contentment.Total despair – They don't have that gene.Total recall.Totally!Totally natural!Totally. Try to be there when it comes; try to be there when it stops; that's how they used to say it.Totally insensitive.Totally ridiculous.Touch wood!Tough customer! – I've got five dollars – That's really something.Tough titties! ... That wasn't smart ... If you can walk, why prove you can walk?Traditionally, culturally, and your parents.Trapping heat.Trouble and more trouble!True colors.True meaning – I'm the walking wounded ... There's the truth – It's a fairy tale. True Romance comics."Trust me, we have no idea what we want!" ... To Be Understood.Truth is stranger than fiction.Try – Don't torture yourself!Try again.Try everything!Try to be more like Jesus.Try to get a sense of humor in these situations.Try to keep your mind quiet and realize other people don't; their minds are filled with fireworks ... See Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (1927), directed by F.W. Murnau.Try to lie. The truth will come out anyway.Try to like everything.Trying to drum up business maybe.Tune in next week.Turkeys don't vote for Thanksgiving!Turn of the screw ... it happens ... and then it doesn't happen.Twice.Twilight – that blessed moment when body and soul are one.Two entire stories: What was done to me? What was done to people I like, making them hate my guts?Two experts – Maybe you ought to talk to a neutral, like an ex-Jesuit.Two steps forward, one step back.


U. Uh, boring.Uh-oh.Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy.Under cover of night, no doubt.Under the circumstances, that one thing was very funny.Under what circumstances? When you take your gun out and say, "Your money or your life!" — ? ... How could you be so smart? ... Kids think they're bad already ... Well, who are you, Sister Teresa?Under where? Underneath it all.Understanding the interrelationships between light, tension, capacity, in everyday life ... putting them on the radar, that's what helps ... You don't have to make it complicated.Unless you can run really fast!Unless you think you're God or something. • Unless you're a priest.Unless you're unlucky.Unlimited fuel.Up on top ... Someplace safe where the baby isn't going to get it ... Rarely ... Some at the bottom, some at the top.Up to the edge.Upward degeneration.Utah Phillips says, "My body is my ballot ... Cast that body ballot on behalf of the people around you every day of your life, every day ... Don't assign responsibility to other people to do things. Accept responsibility and see to it that something gets done."


V. Various things.Very alert!Very believable.Very bewildering.Very crude.Very dramatic.Very few know how to or want to be friendly.Very few people can make a living from art.Very few people have.Very few people have guided self-awareness.Very fierce!Very French.Very frustrating.Very healthy.Very hidden.Very illuminating ... I shoot the rats, put a knife in the vermin, step on the bed bugs, and count my blessings ... You have to get an imagination! ... Ask people within walking distance of your cave, you know?Very intelligent.Very intelligent, huh?Very little ... Minor ... You can't ask for too much more ... Just like home! ... You should get together and write these things down, because everybody must go through these things ... I'm sure some people will be able to understand it ... You know what? – They're shameless ... I'll take my chances ... And a mother's kisses ... That's where they get the pain in, too.Very low.Very often what people think is true, isn't.Very oppressive.Very primitive. [Politician's secret: When shaking hands, place your first two fingers on the inner wrist of the other person; it keeps them from squeezing your hand hard; practice this with a friend]Very proper.Very rarely.Very refined.Very rewarding.Very shortly.Very slowly.Very strong.Very subtle.Very symbolic, huh?Very unique.Very upsetting.Very vindictive, pouts, blames other people, thinks he's better than other people ... Now you all back off! ... Our fearless leader.Very warm, generous people.Voice mail: "I'll really miss you when you're gone. Is this when the cheap rates go in? I'll be glad when you're dead, you rascal, you!" ... It's a light touch ... You shouldn't make fun of someone ... Don't mock your own! ... You're another! ... You feel hurt, too ... Everyone does ... All loneliness is separation anxiety, brought about by people who steal your attention, so the idea is to do or say less! ... The great secret of acting is, Be an Oil Painting ... Do what you're doing ... Do less! ... Many times! ... "Sense Location 1005," because if people say, "Location 5," people don't take it seriously ... If I could go back in a time machine, I could think of a lot of people I'd like to shoot – I'd be yet another great assassin, but don't have enough money for a good lawyer.Vox Clamantis In Deserto.


W. Wait a week or two and see what happens.Wait then!Wait until Halloween, that's all I can say.Wait until it starts growing.Wait! You're talking too fast – Talk slower so I can understand it.Waiting, huh?Walk around with a knife.Walk it off, son!Want another one?Want me to say it again? – You'll be right twice.Want my advice? Go bowling.Was that a comment?Was that you?Was you ever in Cincinnati?Was your grandmother a machine gun? – tough as nails.Wass is duss? [Make a monkey's face and scratch at your armpit]Waste a little energy.Waste not, want not.Watch and wait.Watch and wait, and maybe it will become apparent.Watch out for entanglements ... A lot of people are like that ... I don't know about now ... There's things in life I can't afford ... Wishful thinking doesn't change anything ... I can't afford one.Watch out for Goofy!Way before that.Way below.Way off! ... The middle of nowhere ... You could do anything.Way too soon! ... Like in Europe ... Traitor! ... Everything's changing ... You could see it coming ... Now I can sing! ... Instant human! Just add coffee! ... And now nothing! ... Shoot for the moon, and if you fall, you'll land in a penthouse! ... What does an apricot have that you don't have? ... Get out of here! You stink!We all are one way or another.We all have that in us – This might help: (1.) I have a mechanism in me that anyone can start by attacking me; (2.) When someone attacks, what they're really doing is inflaming their fear; (3.) Don't blame yourself; (4.) Realize there's something in you (a mechanism) that can be set off from outside; (5.) You can't tell people that, because they have all these mechanisms ("I didn't hear it!"); (6.) Their fears of their mother and father have taken them over; (7.) "Don't try to set me off, I'm afraid of you, mom!" (8.) Once you know you're afraid of them, you can dump them! (9.) You are your own mother and father, by default; (10.) Your fear is just a pile of fears based on one fear; (11.) You feel you're being whacked, and if someone around you is yelling at you, you can blame them; (12.) "I don't want this hot potato! Here! You hold it!" (13.) The way you defend it is to understand what's going on; (14.) You turn the fear on yourself, and then, very slowly, you think it's your parents.We always have.We are both very foolish.We can be terrors on the planet, and we can wear T-shirts.We can't – It's too hard at this time.We could all fit in a space ship – They're big.We do everything by moonlight.We don't know if it's psychological or what.We don't know – It's all speculation.We don't mention vagaries.We don't mind.We don't need it at all.We don't want anything fancy, right?We don't want to overdo it.We have a special today.We have options.We have to circle back and get our eye on the ball.We have to see how good it grows.We have to use our minds.We just made it!We just think things, and they happen.We keep him in a cage in the back.We lucked out this year!We might.We should be well on our way.We should throw a party! We should throw a no diapers party!We tried.We want you to make lots and lots of money!We'd know normal if we saw it, wouldn't we?We'd never do that!We'd rather have freedom to do what we want to do – even starve to death – than tell other people what to do.We'll do it one at a time, because it's much easier.We'll figure something out.We'll find out ... We know you killed Christ ... Don't worry about it ... A lot of people had a hand in it.We'll have to pick it up off the floor.We'll just see what happens, won't we?We'll make it.We'll put it outside the window.We'll see about that.We'll see ... Nothing fancy ... Just for the record.We'll see what happens.We'll see what we can do.We'll see, won't we?We'll soon find out.We'll start fresh.We'll start slow.We'll take another year, right?We're all connected – It's amazing more weird things don't happen to people.We're all drips from the same cloud ... How many drips does it take to make a rainbow cry?We're all insane, but everybody brings something to the table – Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find it – Artists are wacko – The minute you begin to show talent, people will try to take you away from your work and waste your time – I'm losing your signal! – I'll call you from the airport.We're all islands above the sea, connected underneath by electricity!We're almost the same.We're busy ... Nobody's here ... Not that I know of ... We have everything here! ... Most people left ... It's kind of a Church, devoted to the memory ... Most people learned and left ... I'm not saying ... I'm not sure I want it ... Come to your senses! ... We live in the land of rugs ... I'm not telling you, and don't you write it down! ... Oh, come on! ... That's just a hoax.We're doing the best we can.We're having dried-up bluejeans.We're just in the same warp.We're not savages.We're not talking about aggression – We're talking about dirty tricks – You have to be very specific – All those torn contracts.We're rich – We don't have to do that.(1.) We're safe ... (2.) Try harder! ... (3.) Just unbelievable ... (4.) Something intelligent.We're through for the week.We're used to that.We've come a long way, haven't we?We've got a baby here.Weak and mixed up.Wealth is not just about accumulation; wealth is determined by how much you give.Wear bells or something!Wears you out, huh?Weird has no rules.Welcome to the old country!Well, according to MY attorney, "You have reduced the information and resources which you previously provided."Well, at least we can be merry about it, can't we?Well, don't do it!Well, everybody's got something good about them.Well, everyone is in everyone else's clutches now, right? ... It's a great talent to be driven to solve problems, too.Well, good – We can take a break, too.Well, I don't know much about that world.Well, I don't want to say anything.Well, I used to play cards once.Well, I want YOUR name, and I'm going to report you to MY superior for interfering with my job ... Next! ... I don't need any more confrontation.Well, I wouldn't worry about it.Well, I'll be! ... This is a surprise. ... Isn't that something? ... After all these years. ... My goodness! ... You tell me first. ... Some stranger! ... I'm doing just fine.Well, I'll look into it.Well, I'm a sadomasochistic polymorphous perverse necrophiliac. I like to fuck dead senior citizens in the ear.Well, I'm not saying anything.Well, I'm not so sure.Well, I'm on a mission.Well, I'm suspicious.Well, if you live in the present ... In effect that's what we're doing ... Better than Las Vegas, fucking creeps ... They're gangsters ... They were really bad.Well, it comes and goes – Why don't you get a dead chicken and practice choking the chicken?Well, it's better than cutting off your thumbs.Well, keep trying!Well, let's hope there's no crash.Well, let's leave it there. • Well, maybe change your mind and try to not see any attacks, and let positive, non-reactive frame do the job... [Comment by Ragz, Senior Member, in chat room] • Well, of course you are.Well, Professor, there is no method except to be very intelligent. (–Maureen Corrigan, Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading, p. xxx)Well, that's different.Well, that's what you say, you know? ... Fantastic!Well, the more books you read, the more you can earn a living ... not in the short run ... you learn how to get around.Well, the older you get, the faster things go.Well, there you go.Well, there's a lot to learn.Well, there's a saying about that, isn't there? ... I'm giving up control.Well, think of the brain drain.Well, wait a minute! – You may be in a hurry, but I'm not – You're not the worst one anymore.Well, we take in more money than we spend.Well, what about you?Well, whatever ... If you turn on a light switch, are you providing the electricity?Well, where are you slinking off to, you old lizard?Well, who am I?Well, you could start with goldfish.Well, you could try the Internet.Well, you fucked her! – Now you'll get syphilis.Well, you know, that's a bonus.Well, you learn.Well, you're looking at one.Were you there for Labor Day or after or before?What a change!What a combination!What a dope; what a jerk.What a drag.What a good story.What a great discussion.What a life!What a life of pain you lead.What a lucky life!What a mind! Then my star is risen!What a rascal! ... What a scoundrel! ... Signing off! ... What a guy, huh? ... This guy's got it, doesn't he? ... The business elite ... Don't hit me! ... Okay, send it back! ... These guys are sharpies, let me tell you, you don't want to talk to any of these people, they're bad! ... "Torches of freedom!"... Maybe they will ... It's like a poison hamburger; Wimpy used to eat them all the time ... He's got a million of 'em ... You have no idea how bad they are ... Eat it up, schmuck!What a relief.What a savage!What a scene, huh?What a smarty! Join the Nazi Party!What a society girl, huh?What a waste! You should write for the stage.What a way to go!What a worker!What a world!What about a snail? ... You make gestures ... You just wait a day and then it comes to you ... A red sunset.What about boys who don't have fathers?What about evolution?What about intelligence?What about loafing?What about making money?What about me?What about now?What about the cat?What about the face on the barroom floor?What about the Pope? And that's a codeword for Black? Jews, too.What about the Surprise Symphony?What about writing your name?What about you?What about your friends?What am I going to do with money when I'm dead?What am I supposed to do – feel sorry for rats?What an amazing story! ... There's always someone who's bad ... That's what's good! ... That's okay ... I don't believe in it.What are the alternatives? ... Listen. This isn't 1942. We're not in Germany. I'm not in a Concentration Camp. And you're not Hitler ... Remember that.What are you, a phony?What are you afraid of?What are you doing now?What are you doing that makes your life worthwhile?What are you getting out of all this?What are you going to do?What are you going to get out of it?What are you, nuts?What are you trying to prove? – that you passed fourth grade?What better way is there than being clever?What can I do to make you feel less frightened?What can I say?What can we do about it?What can you do?What can you do, we mere mortals?What can you lose? ... I don't know what to call it – I call it nasty ... A lot of people would take advantage of me ... Oh, yeah! We have money all over the place, under the rugs ... On the walls, on the ceilings, we don't know where to put it ... So it goes.What can you pay me that won't give you a heart attack?What did Cleopatra say to Antony?What did I say? ... All mental illness is a certain kind of tension, and all mental health is a certain kind of ease.What did King Tut say?What did Lucifer say? – "Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven."What did one herring say to another? (Am I my brother's kipper?)What did Reagan say? Trust but verify.What did the insane hot dog man say? (Make me one with everything!)What did you eat?What did you ever do?What did you say your name is again? ... You mean, Dr. Horse Sense? ... Get your fingernails off the blackboard, you bitch ... As Vladimir Putin says, Let's preserve the intrigue.What difference does it make? Everyone can swim under water.What do I care? – My father's a lawyer. • What do I get out of being poor?What do I need pain for?What do they have? Nothing! Just a mountain of bills.What do we call this, the last roundup?What do we care, right?What do we do when we see Hitler?What do you call the major hitting guy in the army? ... Oh, the Drill Sergeant is hitting me! ... Well, how tall are you? ... You can go into wrestling as the Major Midget ... Tell yourself, Grow up!What do you care what anyone thinks?What do you care? – You're rich!What do you do when niggers come to your door and want to talk to you about Jesus?What do you do when someone insults you or tells you you're no good?What do you do when this happens? ... (Shock and awe: Mental castration ... "Fix" is the right word, too ... They say things to shock or frighten you ... "You don't ever say, I don't even know how to drive, do you?" ... The ones who don't know what they're doing are worse than the ones who know ... "I can read, you know?" ... There's no motivation behind it ... They don't even know it ... —You scared me, now I'll scare you. ... They ask questions that nobody could know the answer to ... They scare people ... If people are scared, they'll do what you tell them ... "Anybody, I don't know ... One thing at a time." ... Ninety percent of the people on earth don't believe in God, and anybody who says they don't believe in God is killed ... —I'm not putting up with this shit.)What do you expect?What do YOU have to lose?What do you get out of being good?What do you mean, get all the air out of your brain?What do you need a mother for?What do you think about that, huh?What do you think it is?What do you think my secret is?What do you think you're doing wrong?What do you want, a gorilla?What do you want to be in reality for?What do you want to do, walk your dog? ... And I'm paying for this?What do you want to kill yourself for?What do you want to ruin your life having fun for?What does an agent get, three percent or six percent?What does it do for you?What does it have to do with you?What does sex have to do with it?What does that have to do with anything?What does that have to do with being a person?What else are you going to do, go to Church?What else are you going to do now?What else can you do?What else could you want?What else did I want to tell you?What else is there left?What else is there to do?What else is there to say?What for? ... I don't want to even be bothered ... Now I know what to do.What good are acres on the moon? ... Someday people will give up all this crap.What good is it?What good is running if you're on the wrong road?What happened?What happened to me? I'm beginning to feel insecure.What happens when a man goes through his own portal?What happens when you have to be all things to all people? – Subservient and friendly.What have I done wrong?What have you lost?What if a birdie crashes into it?What if a stone came up to you and said, "Am I a stone?" ... Of course! ... You're the kind of mother I don't need ... I already had one ... I feel that Jesus is a dead pinball machine ... "Don't get knifed!" ... "Don't hurt people's feelings." ... "Don't make work for other people's expectations." ... "No bad language." ... "No social incorrectness." ... "No variations from normal." ... That's called nagware ... It's ridiculous to be other than you are ... A little tired.What if they don't want to be enlightened?What if you were like your mother and father?What is a mushroom that likes to have a good time? (A fun guy!)What is it, Christmas?What is the most wonderful thing on earth? Nothing. Because nothing can have everything ... What is the most powerful thing on earth? Water. Because water can fill anything ... It takes a long time to figure people out, because no one's the same.What is the pain from? ... What did the doctor say?What is there not to like?What is this, Night Court?What kind of life is that?What kind of life is that, ruining the family's finances?What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches? (A nervous wreck)What more could you want?What that is, is, a cheap trick.What power!What priests do.What strikes your awe?What they teach in school is that stupidity is power.What time?What time does the train pull out?What Woody Allen movie is that from?What would happen if all these people had nothing to do and nowhere to go?What would I do with money, anyway, buy a baseball glove?What would Jesus do?What would the world be like if morons couldn't make money?What would you do with six of them, lying on the floor?What you do with yourself is up to you.What you eat when you're little, you like your whole life ... If you liked it when you were little!What you know never hurts you.What you want to do is try a lot of things.What's better than that?What's doing?What's ever the hot spot ... Follow cabs that are full; when someone gets out, you get in.What's first prize?What's going on? What did I do? I must be no good. No matter what I do, it isn't good enough. Why didn't my parents try to get me to feel worthwhile ... on my own? If they liked me, they would say I did something well.What's good for me?What's great about that is no one can steal it.What's important is the attention, not the exercises – It's not what you do, it's how you do it.What's important is to live and not get stuck in feelings of fear.What's in it for me? – Does that make you happy?What's in it for you?What's in your scarpazoid?What's it called?What's its name?What's new? Anything you want to add?What's next?What's on the other side?What's that?What's the definition of a Jewish mother? Someone who leads horses to water and won't let them drink.What's the difference?What's the opposite of 'funny'?What's the other one?What's the password?What's the score?What's the sense in having all that money if you don't know what's funny?What's the sense of having an imitation life?What's up? You look normal.What's wrong for you, is wrong for me ... and it hurts.What's wrong with being yourself?What's wrong with sleeping?What's wrong with that?What's wrong with this picture?What's wrong with you?What's your number?Whatever anyone gets, believe me, they want it.Whatever happened to Roger Rabbit?Whatever happened to sitting around the fireplace and doing nothing?Whatever it changes to, (shit) will come out (If it's an asshole!)Whatever it is.Whatever it is, it's good.Whatever it is that's hard to read.Whatever that means.Whatever the others have, we have, too.Whatever they are, I think they're just earning a living, myself.Whatever they're up to, they accuse other people of.Whatever you do, don't buy a chain saw.Whatever you do, don't buy any race horses.Whatever you do, don't sit in my chair – You might like it.Whatever you get going, you've got to get out of it and stop.Whatever you want.Whatever's closest to you.Whatever's fair ... Everybody's bad – Everybody's good.Whatever's necessary.When did you start thinking that I am discriminating against you?When I have all the time in the world.When I hear the Bach B Minor Mass, I know there's a God.When I was little.When I was someone.When I was thirteen, I had a choice: to be a preppie or a fighter.When most people have a choice between being safe and having fun, they choose not to have fun.When my body reaches room temperature.When one schizophrenic gets together, there are a thousand opinions ... It's not the age of conformity, it's the age of burial.When people are desperate, then they do it.When people don't do things, it's because they're afraid to.When Santa gives me a box of shit, I punch it!When they ask you for money, tell them to get a scholarship.When two hearts beat as one.When we're right in the thick of things.When will you have time?When you come again, you can play!When you come from a big family, everything cuts.When you do things right, they come out right.When you don't know what to say next, draw a line ... Gina knows ... the best answer to a fool is silence.When you give someone flowers in an exuberant way, you're making a gesture.When you have a certain pain, you're just honest.When you have to be brave when you're little.When you have Egyptian principles.When you live in the caboose, you don't care about getting ahead.When you look at things, look at things behind them.When you move to California, everything looks real.When you start out, you have to dance on your knees and pretend you're smiling.When you take care of things, you're taking care of yourself.When you were there.When you work, work hard, and when you play, don't work at all!When you're high socially, you can live on any level.When you're hot, you're hot!When you're in something, you're in the middle of it.When you're not attacking innocent people, what are you doing?When you're old, you have to go into the right cave to get your information.When you're older, you can have fun, and you can support it.When you're sick!When you're wised up, you don't buy too much.Whenever anyone is carrying on like that, there's something under it – Fear of abandonment.Whenever I get there.Whenever possible go back to root causes.Whenever you want.Whenever your dog is sick, give it rice and chicken soup – Add a little lightning!Where are the screwballs of yesterday? ... What happened to them? ... I don't know who you guys are ... I don't have a mother and father ... I'm an orphan ... Wonderful stories ... There are people who have a fondness for children ... Oh, I've heard of that before ... They're ruthless in their perfection, if you know what I mean ... And don't take any crap from them!Where are the snows of yesteryear?Where did those big dogs come from?Where did you ever learn that someone who felt unloved in childhood and never learned how to express love, you criticize them?Where did you go? Out. What did you do? Nothing.Where did you learn to do that?Where do you think belly buttons come from?Where have I been?Where have I been? – I thought I had X-ray vision!Where I come from, and I said that, no one would bat an eye.Where I come from that's no joke!Where I'm from that's a semiprivate thing ... Why don't you do it yourself?Where in you is the doggie? Where in you is the duck?Where is the spark of light? I know, on top of the Christmas tree. ELEVATE YOUR SPIRIT! So how long can this last?Where there's no fog.Where would you look inside if you were going to look for something?Where's it gonna get you, sweetie?Where's my man?Where's the money come from?Where's your mirror?Wherever it's bad – It's a madhouse? [Image] • Wherever it's cheap – I'm dreaming my mother and father are exerting a vague negative force on me – What's bad is to be dead. As long as you're alive, well ..., prison changes a man, bro'.Wherever there are two Jews, there are three opinions.Wherever there is severe repression, people weave long elaborate stories to get around it.Whether it's good or bad, you don't care.Which is insane if you want to be warm.Which is one of the things people love to do.Which is worse?Which is worse, to not do your homework, or to do the laundry in your underwear?Which one?Which side is up? ... We'll have to see, right? ... It's not going to happen overnight ... If you treat people like idiots, they'll act like idiots ... Well, we'll have to see ... You're lucky if you can feel hurt ... It's the mark of the devil ... You're off your rocker; you're in a dream ... Whatever's there, right? ... Wishful thinking ... That's definitely very young behavior ... I don't want to do that ... I can't see you because you're too smart ... Your brain is all you've got going for you ... That's very handy ... I'm insecure because my father didn't die ... And I will ... Really strange stories ... You always have to watch out for that.While you were sleeping.Who can say?Who cares? I don't. I don't believe in any of that.Who did your plumbing?Who do you think you're talking to? Can I talk to someone who treats me with kindness and respect?Who does?Who else does?Who else, in the midst of all this clamor?Who else? – Now what I need is feathers.Who else would?Who endured the biggest ass in history?Who feels cheated? – You see another way of life – It's very intricate, you know?Who is better at earning a living and making their way in the world?Who is this "we?" – "We" hasn't happened yet.Who isn't?Who isn't and so what?Who knows what that means?Who needs it?Who needs teeth?Who needs you?Who pays you to control the universe?Who said there are no shocks left in art?Who says I have to play life by your rules?Who says so?Who says you can't?Who sold you the map?Who told you to feel bad?Who wants to be at home? [These people are on another planet; to them, Pretending you're happy! is mental health]Who wants to go and dress like a goat?Who wants to go there? ... You can sit in your house and smoke ... There's a window you'll never close ... Not even the priests know that.Who wants to stand in line to spend money?Who would?Who would believe it?Who wouldn't?Whoever said that was a very smart person.Who's counting? ... Since always ... It's timeless! ... Let a million flowers bloom.Who's going to fix it? No one! Who cares?Who's stopping you?Who's the boss around here – you or me?Who's the master – the machine or the man?Who's your social secretary? – For advanced plans.Whoops! Wrong religion.Whose cousin?WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME THIS WAY?Why are you telling me this?Why argue?Why aren't YOU king of the jungle?Why be miserable?Why call me a nigger? – I'm darker than you are.Why can't people help each other?Why did you make me wait so long?Why didn't I know that?Why didn't the skeleton cross the road? – No guts.Why do I have to use words to talk?Why do you ask?Why do you have to do what everyone else does?Why do you just have to be one thing?Why do you look at me when you say that?Why do you think?Why do you think that is?Why don't you give Israel a break?Why else?Why figure it out?Why get angry?Why get stuck in one place?Why hate them? Most people are already their own punishment.Why have one when you can have three?Why hide it?Why is it bad to hate the world? Why is it bad to trip people and laugh? There's nothing wrong with being angry. There's nothing wrong with burning up. Try to realize.Why is it every morning I wake up I feel I'm in Archie & Veronica comic books?Why, is there one missing?Why not do something you decide to do?Why should a person stay up all night wringing their hands?Why should anyone be different?Why should everything have to be easy?Why should I?Why should I identify with people who hate the human condition when I can identify with the human condition?Why should we be cheap?Why should you be?Why should you be happy? – Show me on a medical chart where the soul is.Why shouldn't I?Why shouldn't I remain calm?Why shouldn't I smile?Why shouldn't people do what they're good at?Why take a chance?Why torture yourself? ... Now the fun starts ... Why don't you tell your morons to tell my morons they're better than my morons?Why torture yourself by telling yourself there's something better than what you do?Why try to get rich when you're already rich?Why wait?Why were you early?Why would a genius be tripping out on me? ... Like a snake! Like an electric snake! ... Now watch out for your blood pressure ... Too hot to handle ... (They're imitating their parents now) ... There you go, out of the frying pan into the fire.Why would someone hate what they're good at?Why would they bury two people in one grave?Why would you ask me something like that?Wide open!Will do.Will kill anything ... Carried by shrunken heads?Will power.Will that help me grow and be strong?Will the sun come up?Will you get in touch with your humanity?Will you pin my tail on?Will you stop giving me a hard time? – It's grease, baby! – No one does – This is what makes the Eiffel Tower hum – I don't trust you! – You're going to quit while you're ahead – Where did you learn to say that one? – You're a jungle fever! – But please, don't monkey with Broadway! – Want a half Mexican? – How are you finding a solid black shoe on your neck? – What's beyond delusion? – You did a good job! – It looks worse than it did – You call that working? – You're doing that on charm – Get some method in your work – It's not my fault! – You never watch what I'm doing – I don't know, I just watch it! – Sometimes it's better to do things slowly – It won't be hard – This is why robots will never make it.Wind blows, Rain falls, Fire burns, Earth nourishes, Light shines.Window to window.Wings and everything.Winston Churchill says, "The further back I look, the further forward I can see."With a beautiful view, I bet.With a cactus on my shoulder, topless, walking down the hill, like a Tuscan.With diamonds.With enough help, you can figure out anything.With flashlights, right?With her lace underpants.With me.With music or with bubbles?With no attention, no being.With or without laces?With pictures and everything!With stairways to nowhere ... What will today bring? ... Self-remembering is the beginning of consciousness ... When you're present to yourself, you're conscious.With the baby?With YOU around?Within reason – So I like a challenge – After the fact? – It's a distraction.Without a guide.Without anyone knowing why.Without even knowing it.Without ice!Without the pockmarks or streaks.Without thinking.Without which, my life is perfect.Won't hurt you.Won't that be fun?Woof! Woof!Words are one thing, seeing it is another.Words don't say anything.Words fail me.Words replace vague unspoken fears.Work slow and do things for yourself.Would it do any good?Would that be a hardship?Would you like to buy the Shroud of Turin?Would you like to change places?Wouldn't it be nice not to be rich? To just be a peasant digging a ditch?Wow! It's worth a try ... I'll bet my feathers are hardening already.Wow! Times have changed ... The older you get, the more you need to be warm ... Time flies, doesn't it?




Y. Yeah, a gutter snipe.Yeah, but what if it does?Yeah, I'm really bad; I'm a really bad mother.Yeah, okay ... I don't get too much ... What quivers and shakes at the bottom of the ocean? (A nervous wreck!) ... Because we live in the backwaters ... People who realize they'll never better themselves ... We're oily, too!Yeah, things like that.Yeah, why don't they stay in high school? ... Would you like some smut? ... It's getting harder and harder ... What's next is the missionary position ... These paintings talk to you!Yeah, won't we? ... Only a pawn in their game ... Without thinking ... Even when you're talking ... Total obedience ... What's your offer? ... Likewise ... Who wants to submit themselves to sadists? ... It's just like having a dog on a leash? ... For what? ... I hope not ... You could ... Nevertheless! ... If only ... YOU could ... I'll try ... Patience is the key to joy ... Let go! ... Float like a robin, drop like a stone ... Like a shark in a German girls' swim locker! ... "Ich dere a webcam in here?" ... "Pass dir soap!" ... If you leave children alone and let them be what they are, you don't have to teach 'em anything! ... I knew you were going to go there, and I respect you for that.Yeah, yeah.Yeah, yeah ... THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!Years of experience.Yes, but it's happened twice.1. Yes. 2. No. 3. After Halloween. 4. I was wrong.Yet another level of socialization.Yo, heave, ho! For a life in the sea!YOU!You aim right for the head and then your natural instincts for homicide take over.You ain't seen nothing yet.You always get one lousy customer – then the next one's good!You and many people.You and me, babe – how 'bout it?You are reminding me of the dessert course.You ass sniffer!You begin to wonder ... What's it to you?(1.) You bet! ... (2.) Wrong again! ... (3.) Total waste ... (4.) No worse! ... (5.) SCREW THAT!You better be good or you'll get nothing.You better go to a therapist before you crack.You better start making a list!You better watch it, too! ... Everything bad to do.You bought a bad nightclub act for yourself.You call yourself a woman?You called?You can always come over to my house and scrub the floor.You can always have a yard sale.You can bank on it ... Now's the time to go, too ... Or their children, right? ... It's a wonderful thing for a little girl ... Nothing fancy at all ... Don't need evidence ... It's tricky ... Mountaineers use it ... Certain people do ... That's really what does it ... That stops it at the gate ... It says, "Peel off!"You can be in two places at once; you just have to take your time.You can begin to understand a lot in one little thing.You can believe what you want, but I don't believe that.You can call me anytime you want.You can catch the devil, but you can't hold him long ... Be compassionate; be simple; be frugal.You can do anything if you love your mother.You can do whatever you want.You can ease off a little.You can elevate yourself above your time and place.You can get away with anything when you're old.You can get in a downskid.You can go by feel.You can have all the fun you want with it.You can have fun.You can imagine what the Pope pulls on people. • You can imagine what's coming.You can just say – You don't have to be vague.You can laugh.You can learn a lot from that – No one said this road would be easy.You can love me by getting off my back and stop criticizing!You can make your own karma if you're smart.You can only be pleasantly surprised.You can only find your dignity where you lost it.You can only give help to someone who doesn't need help.You can really get in trouble.You can say that again.You can say the W word.You can see a light at the end of the tunnel.You can see the difference.You can see the magic moment arriving, can't you?You can see where witches come from.You can see why people need lawyers.You can show us where it is, and we'll pass it around.You can sleep anytime you want.You can still go to jail.You can stop kidding around, right?You can take those to school for Show and Tell.You can tell.You can tell! – There's nothing wrong with letting off steam – With time, it should be replaced with, "I am afraid."You can try that when you go home.You can work your way up or down.You can write it on your mirror.You can't act like a ninny.You can't ask for more than that.You can't be cheated out of nothing, can you?You can't be fresh.You can't be grown-up.You can't be too sure.You can't be wise and in love at the same time!You can't beat that!You can't, because your shoes are too big.You can't cheat George Washington.You can't do anything if you can't see what you're doing – See clearly.You can't even run your own life ... I'll be damned if you'll run mine.You can't explain things like that to people until it happens.You can't get out of this life alive!You can't get over it until you can feel it.You can't go wrong.You can't go wrong when you serve another person's needs.You can't just count money twenty-four hours a day.You can't like anything unless you like yourself.You can't miss.You can't move in!You can't really get to someone from the outside.You can't scare me.You can't see the woods through the trees.You can't smoke grapefruit.You can't start too early, networking.You can't stop my life.You can't stop people from making money.You can't tell.You can't tell if she's Eve, the apple, or the snake.You can't tell what other people are like until you know what you're like.You can't turn on someone else without turning on yourself.You can't work on the mind directly.You caught me at a bad time.YOU could! ... Don't rush.You could add that.You could be honest.You could be making money! What are you doing that for?You could do it with a sense of humor, too.You could end up getting every book in the world.You could get a job as a waiter.You could go to Pleasure Island.You could go to Reno and get a divorce from yourself.You could have a day job and a night job.You could have a sense of humor about it.You could have two.You could hire an illegal immigrant.You could learn an awful lot from that.You could look at the birch trees and feel sorrow – You could be like a Russian.You could quote Malcolm X: "The future belongs to those who prepare for it today."You could teach me.You die if you don't work.You do and I'll bash your head into the concrete.You do the best you can with what you have, right?You do what you can and that's it.You don't.You don't?You don't! That's the whole secret of business.You don't count.You don't even have to be there ... Never buy horses!You don't even have to do anything right.You don't give it to 'em all at once.You don't have enough trouble?You don't have to.You don't have to be.You don't have to be a doctor to charge people.You don't have to be a pond your mother turmoils.You don't have to be perfect, you don't have to do what someone else tells you to, you don't have to do better.You don't need to be that good – You can be bad sometimes.You don't have to believe it if you don't want to.You don't have to carry a gun to kill someone.You don't have to change your personality – It's social skills.You don't have to fight anything.You don't have to fight anything – You just have to be what you are, (at least the part of you that won't go to jail) – They all call each other weird – The ones who get in trouble are the ones who don't enjoy that – They earn acceptance by being even more like everyone else than everyone else!You don't have to make speeches.You don't have to – Miners in South Africa follow seams of gold.You don't have to overdo it ... Just so you saw it.You don't have to – Save it for a rainy day.You don't have to spend years cleaning up.You don't have to strive to be alive, because you are.You don't have to struggle to make things good.You don't have to think there's something wrong with you.You don't have to worry about it – It's just what happens – Truth is what is; not what your parents tell you – Mystics and Buddhists simply don't want to come between people and their parents – Playing is one thing; practicing is another.You don't hear too much about that.You don't know how funny that sounds.You don't know how lucky I am.You don't know how to absorb things, to listen to anything ... What do you believe in? Don't you want to do something? ... Do something you believe in, or you're good at.You don't know how to hate yourself constructively.You don't know life at its worst.You don't know that – That's the first sign.You don't know the half of it.You don't know what I'm doing, do you? ... Just these little moments mean more than anything else, right? ... Sure we are! ... It's hard to resist ... Your aggression's seeping out of you ... Your aggression's leaping out at me! ... "You don't have to match your answers to their questions. If you don't give the right answer to their questions, they asked the wrong questions." (–Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg)You don't know what you're dealing with here – You think you're dealing with people of reason.You don't need anything.You don't need much.You don't need qualifications in Silicon Valley – You just have to be able to work!You don't need that.You don't need that kind of hot water.You don't need to throw yourself into the fires of abandonment.You don't think?You don't think small.You don't think that's magic? – Maybe it is magic.You don't want anyone to like you better – That's the secret.You don't want it to look real, because it isn't real.You don't want to be a pervert.You don't want to be perfect.You don't want to go there.You don't want to play God.You don't want to sell me death sticks. You want to go home and rethink your life.You don't wear rubber gloves?You finally did it! ... You finally ruined my day.You forget.You gave me a ten.You get a bag of groceries as a reward.You get a choice – You go to the bathroom or walk through a mirror.You get a good deal on this one.You get a lot from getting hit over the head by life, and then reading something.You get over being in a panic by being in one.You get so excited ... Let's all get fired! ... They have a really acute sense of smell ... You have no idea what it's like ... They're real geniuses ... "Put on a smile, walk a mile!" ... You're wrong, and you're never right ... That's long enough, isn't it?You got the wrong guy!You had a lot of fun when you were a kid, didn't you?You hang it in your office.You hate the white man, but you don't say anything.You have a friend?You have a gift for color.You have a lot of responsibility.You have a really nice touch.You have batteries, right?You have it good – What are you worried about?You have leadership potential.You have more fun.You have no idea.You have no idea how advanced you are.You have no idea how bad it was.You have no idea how cheesy things are.You have no idea how many dead bugs you inhaled.You have no restraint ... If you know what to say, you get out of fights ... It all comes from when you were a baby ... "Your mother knows more than you do and always will!" • You have no right to ask me questions – I do what I believe in ... It's none of your business.You have nothing to worry about.You have pulls in that direction.You have real teeth! I have fako!You have to admit it.You have to be careful!You have to be for yourself.You have to be on the sidewalk for your head to be in the stars.You have to be quick.You have to be very smart to be that happy . . . Never stand behind a car that's backing up!You have to be your own friend, right?You have to be yourself and you have to like what you like.You have to do it when it's wet.You have to do things for yourself ... yourself and your family.You have to face reality.You have to fight against it.You have to give up hating other people and concentrate on having a good life.You have to go to Mexico for that.You have to have that killer instinct.You have to just pretend you're blind.You have to keep a list.You have to keep refreshing.You have to knock three times and ask for Joe.You have to know what you're responsible for, and what you're not responsible for.You have to know what's inside you.You have to know when to quit, and when to take your time.You have to know where you can get away with it.You have to learn how to forget it.You have to learn to take the good with the bad.You have to live, too, you know?You have to play through.You have to put yourself first.You have to realize it wasn't your fault. Scientifically, you just lay it out.You have to see people for what they are, and discount for what they do.You have to see the opposite side of things.You have to stay on the rug!You have to take these things lightly.You have to take yourself out of it.You have to understand that dogs do things wrong.You have to use your sensation.You have to wait.You haven't been bad yet!You haven't created anything – It would have been that way, anyway.You hear about the cross-eyed school teacher who couldn't keep her pupils straight?You hear the jungle drums beating – The natives are getting restless.You heard it here first.You just better watch out!You just don't know.You just don't know what it's like to teach at a fancy prep school.You just go step by step.You just have to be careful.You just have to bear with it.You just have to get up and get on with it.You just have to live your life; you don't have to prove anything to anybody.You just keep going.You just keep hammering away.You just made me forget what I wanted to say.You just never know.You just pretend you're a war canoe.You just think you're a shit, and everyone else is happy.You just think you're the only one.You just want to do a little less than your best.You just wouldn't believe it.You keep a person thinking, huh?You know all the angles, right?You know, circus clowns can make a lot of money.You know, even I get tired of being good sometimes.You know, give people a chance.You know, good mothers carry extra diapers in the trunk.You know how relatives are ... and they pretend they know something, that's the problem ... It goes back to ancient times ... Let Jesus do it! ... That kid is smart!You know, I actually had a shark, and I told him to floss, but he just wouldn't listen.You know, I feel I can lean on you.You know, I feel there are natives in the Po-Po River Valley who could use the money.You know, I had a mother; I don't need another one.You know, I never thought of that – We're getting a screen.You know, I thought of that, too.You know I want my work perfect.You know, I'm afraid of being abandoned ... but you get over it ... And warmth, too ... Abandonment is women's fear; menstruation is men's ... Hey! I'm left holding the cookies!You know, I'm Brahmin caste.You know, I'm like that, too.You know, if you don't do anything, you get weaker and weaker ... Lebanon means, The Land of Milk and Honey.You know, if you're young, it doesn't bother you.You know ... in sheep's clothing.You know, it almost makes you feel normal.You know, it wasn't a broom in the old days – It was a whole bush they'd rip up.You know, it's just ideas.You know, Jesus' real name was "Tease us!" – Tease us, O Lord, and tell us to rub our face in shit.You know, not everyone has to kick the chicken before they boil it.You know, one of the things that's very important is ... Oh! I forgot! ... Life is short. Party naked!You know, people are really kinky.You know, pretty women always like it when you open the door for them.You know, profit comes from low overhead.You know, since you come from the Land of Pain, what is it to you?You know, sometimes mistakes reveal deeper truths.You know, there's a reason when people get some money, they move out of the slums.You know, there's no bottom to the barrel.You know, there's people who prey on people who don't.You know, this is goofy!You know what Gurdjieff says about customers who don't want to pay.You know what happens when you get three houses? (You get a hotel!)You know what I hope God says?You know what? I'm not your guy – At least someone was nice to you.You know what Marlon Brando says, "You're not alive if you don't know it."You know, when you have an idea, follow it through.You know, with the gods.You know, words cost money.You know, you always think of me – You're so selfless.You know, you could be sick, but you don't have to act sick.You know, you didn't give me any money ... I'm sorry, you're not giving me any money.You know, you don't always have to do what the boss tells you to do.You know, you don't have to eat any of it if you don't like it.You know, you don't scare me at all.You know, you just plan your day.You know, you shouldn't say that to me – It really hurts my feelings.You know, you're a whole person – You don't want to get stuck in one part of you.You know, you're hurting my feelings.You like it?You like that stuff, huh?You look like a human being to me.You look like Earthquake McGoon!You lose two ways: When you're good, you lose, and when you lose, you lose.You made your bed – It doesn't matter how long it takes to fill it.You may be missing out on something.You may be on first base again.You may have expected me to know things I couldn't possibly know ... No, no! You have to learn that.You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. (–John Lennon, Imagine)You mean don't go to school and kill people is breaking down?You mean in 8000 BC?You mean, like an exotic flower in the jungle?You mean like Donald Duck when he turns into a locomotive?You mean the woman in black who comes to your window?You mean there's something about Upper Class? ... It is the worst collection of rats there ever is.You might as well have fun.You might have it elevated, right?You missed your chance.You mix it in.You must be mistaken.You must be pretty fed up.You must feel left out.You must have inklings of these things.You must have me confused with your sister ... Why pretend to be like everyone else? ... Stick to numbers – They're neutral ... Stay away from letters – They have associations.You must have run over a dog today – Pull your own ears.You need that.You needn't consider not talking as one of your problems. [See] • You needn't make excuses.You never get too tired for that.You never know.You never know, right?You never know the fermentation period ... It could be a minute, it could be a year.You never know what it's going to do.You never know, you know?You orbit I'm doing.You poor little girl – that the best you can do? Have a brick house on the grass when you could have a toilet in the clouds?You probably had a hard week.You probably have some innate sense of goodness or decency.You probably identify with the little animal ... You have to smash your way into the fourth dimension – I hope it's the right one! – A bird peeing on a spoon.You quit too soon.You rang?You reach a plateau and you have to go down or go up – It's better to go down.You realize how lucky you are.You realize your parents are full of shit, and your shrinks are on the other side – I'm going to the 254 Room of the Stork Club!You really have nothing to worry about.You said it! I didn't.You say that in a Church, right? ... Parents from the gutter aspire to the stars ... Two is better than one; get three, get four! ... There used to be millions ... Maybe you should let me decide ... Do you clean out fireplaces, too? ... Close to human ... Make a million ... Make another million ... Get your roof gilded ... I'm not fooling around with it anymore ... To glimpse things as they are ... Open to every curve in the road ... No strings attached ... I'm an extra with a small x ... Domestic parking ... Slippery when wet ... Even the California side? ... Some people go crazy, you know? ... "I dreamed that a fish was taking its clothes off and remained naked." (–Clarice Lispector) ... I think it's better to keep changing ... I'm burning, I'm burning, I'm burning for you! ... You can call me anytime ... Deep down we wish for the veil to be lifted, and the boundaries to disappear ... Astrology is a system of institutionalizing someone ... That's all they teach in schools: how to be the same ... Many factors ... Many roads lead to Rome ... There's nothing anyone can do about it – It's just you! ... "An' we gazed upon the chimes of freedom flashing!" (—Bob Dylan) ... It doesn't matter where you come from, or where you are, if you're smart.You seem to be doing all right.You seem to be doing pretty good.You set up different scenarios, and then people gravitate to what they like ... If you think about it, really nice people like to sing.You should be so lucky!You should eat more cheese ... The Chinese never get stiff joints.You should get a book on Japanese farmhouse architecture.You should go to group therapy and learn how to relate to people.You should read, "Self-Reliance" by Ralph Waldo Emerson.You should see The Thief of Baghdad: There's a jinni in it and a thief; a little bad boy flies out on a magic carpet and saves the world ... Learn how to say, "You sleep under camels with your mouth open" in Arabic.You should start a business, Terror, Incorporated.You should try out different dogs ... What a doll! ... Duck and cover.You shouldn't attack a woman with her child!You smarty! Join the Nazi Party!You supply the misery, and I'll supply the money.You take a shower in the moonlight.You tell me.You tell me first.You think I'm bad – what about my father?You think this is the only country that has laws?You think you know everything, but you don't.You tried it twice – Try something else.You try it, then I'll try it.You try, you try.You wake up next morning with your car in the driveway.You want a gas mask?You want me to say no, don't you?"You want to give me a minute to answer that?" (–Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson) ... No one teaches it in school.You want to have a nice life, and I do, too!You want to see what you're doing and get wise to it.You were cheated ... from pursuing happiness ... Nobody likes that.You weren't serious about your food – Live slow, die old, and leave a lousy looking corpse!You will not look now! [Darth Vader voice] See? You're not looking.You win the prize!You win – You win again – You're very tricky.You wish!You wish you had a father that likes you – The solution is to like yourself.You won't regret it.You wouldn't.You wouldn't know it.You'd be surprised.You'd die laughing."You'd open it up and find (1.) Three twenty dollar bills, a ten, and two fives; (2.) a really good short-wave radio; (3.) a few Valiums; (4.) five marijuana joints; (5.) The lyrics to the Mexican hit, 'Pussy, pussy, pussy, marijuana!'" (–Deadbeat Paying Job) • You'll catch on – It just takes time.You'll do all right.You'll get everything.You'll get over it.You'll go blind!You'll have to change your clothes!You'll have to check it out.You'll see.You'll see it.You're a diamond in the rough.You're a hit! ... You've got to take time off ... That's good to do ... It's not good to do things forever.You're a living person.You're a spinning magnet in the coil of passion.You're a spinning top on the table of love.You're a star ... Got milk? ... Got condoms? ... Lick what?You're a steady passenger on the banana ship when it leaves for North Africa every winter.You're a very nice person.You're a wonderful person.You're afraid to slow down and enjoy anything good.You're ahead of most people.You're always assuming ... The bite of the ignorant frightens me ... You should get a new name, like Roostaphanishti ... Just push me; I'm malleable.You're angry at your mother for not feeding you – That's what everyone's angry at.You're being abusive making me wait.You're better off being like you.You're better off going along with life.You're carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders.You're confused.You're dealing with millions of combinations, and they all shift.You're doing really good, and I'm going to give you a big raise.You're expressing something.You're free.You're full of shit.You're going to get around to that?You're going to think I'm the best friend you ever had.You're holding up the corner nicely.You're important, too, you know.You're in good company.You're in the chips.You're just imitating voices in the corner of the room.You're just smart because you can talk about it.You're just struggling to prove I'm wrong ... It's getting kind of hopeless.You're kind of a burnt biscuit, aren't you?You're letting down the team.You're letting your bad experiences in the past color your present.You're lucky that you can feel bad ... Say, Stop hurting! I'm only a kid! ... Well, things have changed ... Right! And you, too.You're lucky you don't have to deal with people like that.You're lucky you started young.You're much better off with people who aren't big shots.You're much deeper than you think you are.You're much too plantation oriented – And who isn't?You're not.You're not; a part of you is.You're not ahead, Ted.You're not big on details, are you?You're not cheated.You're not confused – The channel of energy is confused.You're not educated, because you weren't born at the right time.You're not jealous, are you?You're not just saying that.You're not just saying that?You're not lacking anything – You just haven't learned a lot ... Any kind of criticism or praise, tell your mind to shut up! ... This is a crisis in your life ... You can change your life in a month ... You can go through an entire life without learning certain things ... Now we're getting professional about this ... Just lower your expectations ... Say, "Shut up, you rats! Don't tell me what to do, or how to do it!" ... It makes you feel secure ... Bring out certain things you feel are hidden ... And that dog is good! ... We can't ask the dog to be gooder! ... "Most of all, [Dr. Maria Trozzi said,] make it very clear to your children that those who took their lives were not very good problem solvers — to put it mildly. 'Ask them,' she suggested, 'Who do you think you can talk to if you have a problem.'" (–Benedict Carey, "Teenage Suicides Bewilder An Island, and the Experts," The New York Times, March 18, 2008) ... Now if you want to Van Gogh your ears, don't show up! (They call them speckled Acht Tungs!) ... I like to have my own life, and let people have their own life.You're not like me – You don't like weird experiences.You're not missing anything.You're not only mixed up, but you're a nincompoop.You're not supposed to be what some gypsy tells you is in your future.You're not supposed to bleed; you're not supposed to feel bad; people have a right to know what's inside them, what's bothering them.You're not supposed to mess around with anyone else's property.You're not that lucky.You're not under the gun.You're on the road to oblivion – You're naked on a treadmill with a light bulb up your ass.You're on the run.You're one in a million!You're one in a million – You're very thorough.You're out to pasture.You're overlooking something ... There's nothing wrong with meYou're an asshole.You're playing with fire!You're projecting.You're repressed.You're right, and I'm right.You're right – Hide!You're right! – Just pay me!You're right! – Never have anything to do with anyone like me.You're sitting pretty – Not many people have that.You're slipping.You're smarter than that.You're so smart ... You have to practice in front of a mirror when you get home.You're so sophisticated!You're starving, yourself.You're supposed to do what's good for your life.You're supposed to have your own life, do your own things, and that's it!YOU'RE THE EXPERT!You're the most wonderful man I've ever met.You're too good for me.You're trying to throw me off my case.You're turning Republican.You're way ahead of me.You're welcome!You're worse than me, so I don't know what to say.You're wrong.You're wrong – Just like me and everyone else.You're your own Walt Disney!You've been talking to a teenage girl.You've done this before.You've given me many presents.You've given me too much! ... When I woke up today – Talk about drifting! – half the boat was gone ... Thank God no one was running through the house yelling, "The water has turned to gold!" ... Do whatever you do with your receipts ... Just let things go ... Right, captain? ... I wonder how many people have ripped this ... That's the beginning of modern art ... It's very nice, because I don't have to do anything ... These guys know what they're doing ... They're so rational ... What do you need money for? ... I'm not going to cheat you.You've got a date with destiny.You've got a ways to go.You've got an answer for everything, don't you? ... like a little angel.You've got the Blue Ridge blues!You've got the right clothes.You've got the touch ... the magic touch ... It's very interesting what they don't tell you.You've reached that level!Your alarm clock is going off.Your cup runneth over,Your first naïve attempts are often the best.Your heart must be in shreds ... They're all the same, huh?Your mother and my mother were totally wrong.Your own reality show ... That's all right ... I'll get another one.Your pain is your fortune when you understand it, because you can see it's in everyone.Your parents had a very strange conception of life.Your people! – Scottish-Irish, right? – What does all this mean? – It means the dumb are getting dumber! – You have to spend a week unscrewing them.Your suffering is the result of your intelligence.Your unconscious is always working things out.Your wish is my command.Yours is just as good as anyone else's.Youth must be served.


Z. Ze game, zhe game is over! ... My money is in a trust fund.