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Patient refers to it as stargate-five-two

A Usurper.4






—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—I'm easy. No shit.

—The secret! Don't need much.




Projection & Paranoia — In the world of schizophrenics, the paranoid is king – I hear everything! – Hip talk!People have all their good things buried – What they are is with it – They don't have a shred of faith, hope, charity, or love for anything – Big bluff – You have to remember they're very frightened, thrashing around on the edge of the pond so they don't sink – Just hold your ground – "Nice seeing you again ... That's a little heavy." – Attack back! – "Oh, you mentioned money – What are you going to do, cheat me?"





[hip edgy talk & presumption] - They assume too much - Like in the movie, The Sixth Sense, they just see what they want to see - If feels like they're beaming down on you, overpowering you - Even so, you're still alive! - They don't know how to be friendly except in terms of edginess or net worth - A lot of people, their entire self-esteem is built upon hating other people - They think they won't eat unless they have a career - They're just like their parents, with no culture or grace - They're all mean little rats.

The Age of Insanity, ages 12-15

Unreal Impulses



Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"My middle name is Pussy!" [From an eight-year-old girl]

—The secret! Don't need much.

—More than this!

"You have really nice eyes."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Softens things up a bit.

"But they didn't go to Dartmouth."

—The secret! Don't need much.

—You have to understand the instrument ... La, la, la, la! ... You practice ... To open the door to your unconscious, so your unconscious sees this ... Oh! ... Your unconscious says, "Oh! ... Someone is saying hello!" ... It's just more quiet and subtle.

["We're doing the same thing!"] "No we're not! You have to come to our workshops! We teach people centering."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—You're going to get around to that?

"We got a name here?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—These men don't concern us.

"I'm thinking about coming over there and driving a cab next week – Has business been picking up?"

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

What can you lose? ... I don't know what to call it – I call it nasty ... A lot of people would take advantage of me ... Oh, yeah! We have money all over the place, under the rugs ... On the walls, on the ceilings, we don't know where to put it ... So it goes.

"There's always an answer, isn't there?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—No, no, this isn't food – This is intellectual material.

"You went to Dartmouth?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Dartmouth, '68.


—I'm easy. No shit.

—Why torture yourself? ... Now the fun starts ... Why don't you tell your morons to tell my morons they're better than my morons?

"A formidable figure."

—I'm easy. No shit.

—People see different things, right? – I better not give you ideas – Fifty percent of all people are mean, and fifty percent don't give a shit – They like some people and hate everyone else – Just superego groin-pullers.

«How to playfully defend yourself verbally»

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—You're lucky that you can feel bad ... Say, Stop hurting! I'm only a kid! ... Well, things have changed ... Right! And you, too.

["Chris, do you have a website now?"] "No."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Putting on airs again? – It's all texture.

["Did you ever live in Tokyo?"] "No."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—We have a lot in common.

"Will you add a link to my website? It's 'I don't think you care dot com.'"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Do you know why?

["Oh, you bought dirty clothes."] "No, not dirty."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—I'm just not afraid to be wrong – That's the best I can do – I like paper dresses – People will get a new one every year – They were much less smooth in the old days.

"Well, well, when are you due?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—Talk about babies!

["When is your baby due?"] "I'm not pregnant."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—That always happens.

"You have to understand you're in therapy for a reason."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—You don't need much.

"I have no cash with me." [They're horrible liars]

—The secret! Don't need much.

—You can always have a yard sale.

"How far can I get on a penny?" [If I took your taxicab]

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—What are you going to get out of it?

"It's too far!"

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Let's not.


—I'm easy. No shit.

—If nothing changes.

"No one asked your opinion."

—The secret! Don't need much.

—No one's even real.

"No! That's not how you feel. You feel angry! I know you do!"

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Don't tell me how I feel. I feel things. You don't.

"Well, what do you want me to say? – because everything I've said so far is wrong."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—I know just how you feel.

[Putting your foot in your mouth]

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—I saw it on the news.

"That answer is not good enough."

—The secret! Don't need much.

—I know this is important to you.

"That's a good answer."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—The sacred sword of last resort.

[Someone "reserving" the last table for themselves even before they've gone through the cafeteria line]

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—I never even thought of that.

"You could have at least said that."

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Anything else your heart desires?

"We remember you when."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—The road to success.

"Can we pet your dog?" [Sarcastically, to impress a girl]

—The secret! Don't need much.

—We don't mind.

"We were just talking about you."

—The secret! Don't need much.


"We Americans look at Asian people as a plentiful supply of cheap labor."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Who is this "we?" – "We" hasn't happened yet.

"Oh, look! A Vietnamese restaurant in this part of town – I bet they've got food they think the Whitey will like."

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Why should anyone be different?

["And Japan Center is further down Fillmore."] "We're Asian." [They are Chinese, misinterpreting the situation]

—I'm easy. No shit.

—So different.

"Whitey! [viciously]

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Every time I stop my car, somebody tries to steal my shoes.

"Your wife is Japanese?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—Talk about bad deals!

"Your girlfriend is Korean?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—Reminds me of selling borscht to the Eskimos.

"If I wanted to, I could make you lie down in the middle of the road, and shoot you in the back of the head, and no one would say anything about it." [White police officer to a group of Black college kids he's pulled over near a small town in Louisiana]

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Yes, Sir. ["Quiet politeness is Rule No. 1 in surviving an incident in racial profiling. So is the frequent use of the word 'sir.' ... It is unwise for anyone of any race to raise their voice to a law enforcement officer." (–Al Vivian, a diversity consultant in Atlanta, who is Black)]

"Don't move or I'll cut your throat."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—I'm easy. No shit.

"I know you taxi drivers have plenty of cash."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—And to think, I just went out for a loaf of bread, and I wound up the richest man in India.

"Are you packing a gun?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—It's bad for business.

"Be a good boy, or I'll cut you."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Oh, good – We'll see it on the news.

"Lie down across the front seat and stay there, or I'll come back and cut."

—I'm easy. No shit.

—At least I won't have to work anymore.


—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—I want to die the way I was born.

"Honey, where are your parents?"

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Come into my corner, said the spider to the fly!

"Amanda, you should come back and stay with me." [You're ahead of them in an airline check-in line; it would be one thing if you were still a child, and they were your guardian; then you should simply go along with their fears]

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Almost there!

"Honey, do you live around here?" [A stranger to a child]

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Is your number still 911?

"No problem." [Sarcastically]

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Are you in this spot forever?

"No problem!" [Singsongy, insincere]

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Thanks for doing such a good job today.


—Well, okay! Bananas.

—A little goes a long way.

"When WE lived in the palace?" [Prince Charles to one of his servants]

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Cost effective, right?

"No hard feelings."

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Upward degeneration.

["Are you an industrialist?"] "No – Insurance asshole."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—'Cause you find yourself doing these weird things.

"Aren't we all?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—It's inconceivable.

"Don't mind me! – I was standing here waiting."

—The secret! Don't need much.

—That's our only chance.

"If you are like me, and are painfully aware of your own sanity to the point that you are fascinated and even sometimes envious of those who are not sane, you have found one or two great websites run by wackos and loonies of the highest order. Do you have any favorite personals from the periphery? ... This one is my all-time favorite (it was even better before the site redesign, but it's still great). I will give skott, josh, dev or ferocious j $5.00 (US!) if they can find this taxi and take a ride with the guy." [Link from Schabe, Inc. – Momentum]

—I'm easy. No shit.

—I had no idea I had that allure.

["Those are stratocumulus clouds."] "No!"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—What's the difference?

["Do you want to know how WASPs do it?"] "No! No, I don't."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Sometimes a harsh childhood turns out to be useful.

"HOW YOU BEEN?" [Screaming at you]

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—RETIRED! ... NO CLOCK! ... NO PHONE! ... NO WORRIES! ... NO MONEY! ... I think that's enough ... Not enough ... Really intense ... Like children ... I would say that, too ... Better you than me ... I don't see it that way ... It's good enough for me.

"How have you been? How have you been? How have you been?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—There's options: (1.) Kicking back! (2.) Never better! (3.) Infinitely sad. (4.) Very fruitful. (5.) Bad enough. (6.) Ever ready. (7.) With great power comes great responsibility.

"How's it going so far?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Very rewarding.


—I'm easy. No shit.

—I'll figure it out.

"Your performance has gone downhill and you're a loser."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Maybe a little of both.

[Click, click, click, click, ... (Imitating the dog)]

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Remember that.

"How do I know your research in verbal self-defense is reliable?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—Just once in a while there's something stupid.

"You mean you don't have eyes in the back of your head?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—It's a solid wall of black.

"It's called Three Wishes – Did you see it?"

—The secret! Don't need much.

—No one tells you.

"I hated the gooks. I will hate them as long as I live."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—How do we know how much it's going to cost?

"Hey! You want me to give you a new face?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—From down on the barroom floor.

"Would you rather have me bash your face in?"

—I'm easy. No shit.

—What about the face on the barroom floor?

"Fortify yourselves! Brigades are coming, bringing death, and seeking Paradise."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—What else are you going to do, go to Church?


—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Somewhere in the middle where it's not touching anything.

"This is a wake-up call to kill the Jews."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—You think this is the only country that has laws?

"How's your Suburu?" [You don't actually have one]

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Then we'll figure out how much it costs.

"You shouldn't drink and drive."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—I'm not actually a driver – I'm a pirate.

"I shouldn't have to ask."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Did you make a wish?

"It shouldn't cost that much."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Low maintenance.

"You shouldn't be late."

—The secret! Don't need much.

—That's a dangerous thing to believe, that you can't do things.

"Do you do your own laundry?"

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—What have you lost?

"She did your laundry? That's nice of her. I've never done a man's laundry."

—The secret! Don't need much.

—All sorts of things.

"How's your typing?"

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—What's first prize?

"What a steep road this is!" [Sarcastically]

—The secret! Don't need much.

—Start at the top.

"That made my morning! You crawled over your seat, not me! You idiot!"

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Like everyone else does.

"This doesn't bode well – It's an omen."

—Just lucky! Way beyond.

—Don't worry – It won't get worse.

"You've been late three times in the last five days."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Being punctual is important.

"It's too weird – That's the last fucking straw."

—Well, okay! Bananas.

—Gets to you, huh?























02-MAR-1999. Sometimes it's best not to say anything.






~~~ the Trouble with Authority Figures ~~~


If you look carefully at the ATTACKS up above, you will see a lot of things going on. A man is reaching over the back seat of a taxicab using an open knife to threaten the driver. At the same time, another man is browbeating a hapless employee in an unfavorable performance review, having "documented" eighteen occurrences of an ongoing "punctuality problem." If you look further, you'll see a woman barging into a man's office at 5:00 p.m. Friday afternoon exclaiming, "How's your typing?" To the emotions, each of these occurrences is an equivalent attack because the same authoritarian tones of voices are being used by the assailants, creating a kaleidoscope of hopeless feelings in the victim.

Hold it! Did I say "the victim?" It's ridiculous! If we cast confused feelings as a victim of these attacks, the assailant has won by default.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. It turns out there's a whole other side of the mind drinking in these impressions, too — a side so powerful it can simply use inflections of the voice to fend off zingers and nonsense in the same way Wonder Woman uses her bracelets to stave off lasers, or the way Superman uses his bare hands to snatch red-hot bullets out of the air. Now quickly, look back at the title of this Reflection!

We're studying transformers here: poetic words and phrases which transform confused or hurt feelings into real possibilities.



Descriptive Sarcasm


Sarcasm can refer to an experience from another time.

For instance, when you're traveling,
the road is steep,
then it's level,
then it's steep again.

To look out across Kansas and say,
"What a steep road this is!"
is really a reference to an earlier experience.

You can almost always reply,
"—The secret! Don't need much."


(1.) Descriptive


(2.) Proscriptive


(3.) Spin Sarcasm


(4.) Transcendental









As follows

CODE WORDS: answer, anthrax, Asian, been, bode, boy, brigades, centering, [click], crawled, Dartmouth, dirt, dot, downhill, due, envious, eyes, far, [foot], formidable, gooks, highest, hood, hopefully, Japanese, Korean, laundry, least, live, middle, no, no one, omen, packing, parents, periphery, playfully, plenty, pregnant, reliable, [reserving], sane, shouldn't, Singapore, standing, stay, steep, straw, [stumper], Suburu, therapy, they've, throat, typing, wake-up, we, Whitey, wishes, workshops


"Lyre of Zurah"

—I'm easy. No shit.