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Trust me! I work nights. 

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—Barking up the wrong tree.




Notoriety — When you see yourself as a provider, not as a learner, people put you in the spotlight - They greet you with "intimidators," stock phrases or questions meant to scare the sheisse out of you - e.g., "I have something to inform you about."





["intimidators," stabs in the dark] - With wild or false assumptions, they're giving you the third degree, or putting you on the spot, blinded by their big emotions - Delusions of grandeur - They'll never reach your level of insanity - What do their big emotions have to do with tiny sparks, realizations, intuition, or anything in outside physical reality? - Teenagers are not "overwhelmed with powerlessness" - It's not power and control people yearn for – It's understanding, humor and light - By your dreams you can deduce what you're not allowed to express outside yourself (in words or actions), or to yourself (in feelings) - What is your unconscious yearning for? - Certain things are trying to trick people into doing something more - What would Idries Shah say? - "What a person is is what would survive a shipwreck."

The Age of Significance, ages 20-23




Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"The family of Norman Rockwell is waging a fierce campaign against a new biography of him, bristling at the book's suggestions that Rockwell, artist of small-town Americana, could have been secretly gay or harbored pedophilic impulses." (–Julie Bosman, "Rockwell Biography Angers His Family," The New York Times, December 3, 2013)

—Trust me! I work nights.

—It's a surprise how big you are! ... Looking forward to it! ... What are you up to?

"'We've asked ourselves over and over again, should we come forward or let this thing die?' Ms. Rockwell said. 'People are now starting to refer to Pop,' she added, using her grandfather's nickname, 'as a closeted homosexual.'" (–Julie Bosman, "Rockwell Biography Angers His Family," The New York Times, December 3, 2013)

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—Claire Danes says, "There is real honor in being a total goofball."

"Sir! Sir! Can I check your pack?"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Do unto others as they do unto you – but do it first!

"Will you please check your bag?"

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—That's my getaway bag!

"What's a simple example of verbal self-defense?"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Enormous potential! ... Or not! ... Smoke signals ... That's plenty! ... You know, after all these years, I ask myself the same question ... Oh, joy! ... Men age like wine, women wilt like flowers.

"Can you give me a simple example?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Choose something.

"Can you give me an example?"

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—I'm getting really good at it though.

"Give me a simple example."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Before the cock crows, you will betray me.

"Give me an example – You gotta give me an example."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—One hundred fifty revolutions per minute and two hundred pounds of thrust.

"Give me an example."

—Trust me! I work nights.

—That's the sixty-four dollar question! (from a radio program in the 1940s)

"Give me another example."

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—Is this going to be a race to the bottom?

"Did you go through my jewelry box?" :: WildCard-7

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—I'll pay for it!

"My meeting was not a invitation, we need to meet. I will plan to see you right after class on 10-29-2012 at 2 p.m." [sic] :: WildCard-10

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—And it never happens on a nice slow day.

"I'm mad at you!"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Will the sun come up?

"You're mad at me!"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—I have enough troubles.

"Use your imagination."

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—Black is beautiful.


—Trust me! I work nights.

—You have to face reality.

["I'm not coming in tomorrow."] "Why not?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Don't expect anything – You can only be pleasantly surprised.

"Why not?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Keep your fingers crossed.

"Why did you think I wanted a divorce?"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage.

"Why don't you want to fill it out?" [The survey]

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—A human being can talk back or walk away.

["It's going to be cold the rest of the week."] "Why is that?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—It staggers the imagination, doesn't it?

"Why don't you? Why don't you have one?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Not many people can do what they like to do.

"What you said really frightened me."

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—What can I do to make you feel less frightened?

"So when are they going to put the extra charge on the meter?"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

It's never enough! – They're just big talkers – It's a joke! – In the time-money tradeoff, choose time – If you want more money, work a little more! – It's a million times better! – Give me time! This takes time! – I don't mind talking about it if you don't mind talking about it – Last week you made a lot of money? – How much? How much shit did you make for mom today, and did you get a star? – I just made a blunder in toilet training – I made a vow never to talk about money!

"Can you lend me a hundred dollars?"

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—A prince never lacks sufficient reasons to break his promise.

"Have you got an extra five dollars?"

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—Do you wish you had one of your own?

"They're going to charge you extra for that."

Trust me! I work nights.

—I tend to just blurt things out.

"Why did you order that pie in the first place?"

Trust me! I work nights.

—I was walking on the ceiling and put my head in the refrigerator ... Proof of liking ... In the flesh ... It's hard to criticize a spark of light ... Small proofs of liking ... Poked me in the eye ... Provisions ... What good is a love affair if we can't see eye-to-eye?

"There's Navid!" [Her bully cousin]

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—This is a real one, isn't it?

"Why don't you find a girlfriend?"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Well, you are in your own way ... I don't think anyone will ever know ... Nobody tells you what to do.

«What to say when a bully board member verbally attacks you»

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—For keeps?

"You can't register for classes because the paperwork for your loan hasn't gone through."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Maybe they're hooked on some drug ... Valium ... What is there to be afraid of? ... Who cares where you've been if you can do things! ... Well, I'm working right now ... How about next weekend? ... That's one of the blessings of poverty ... That shows you have energy ... So how long is this going to go on? ... There's not much left, is there? ... It's upside down! ... It's always longer than you think ... Let's try that ... That's what you go to school to learn!


—Trust me! I work nights.

—It takes very fine energy to make a painting; but your coarse energy, your hatred, builds up ... Jealousy is an attempt to diminish yourself in comparison to another person; to try to make another person seem bigger than they really are.

"Because why?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—The idea is to clear it out – You don't want it backing up into your system.

["I love San Francisco!"] "Because?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—It's that old black magic.

"It's changed – It's all because of your people."

—Trust me! I work nights.

—You have to knock three times and ask for Joe.

"Stupid people like to make comebacks because they aren't smart enough to make them up on the spot!"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—If you're a secretary when you're three, you're a boss when you're thirty-three.

"Well, it doesn't matter, because we're not coming back."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Some people look no farther than their mothers' kitchen table.

"Why do you care?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Jacob at Live Journal says, "So ... I know how to deal with this situation in the future, and there isn't this type of problem again."

"I'm here!"

—Barking up the wrong tree.


"What's your field?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—The outside of the garbage can.

"What's your education?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—The inside of the garbage can.

"What's your training?"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—The plastic bag.

"What's your background?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Always working.

"Well, I mean, what are your credentials?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Oh, you mean, my rank!

"Where are you in the pecking order?"

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—I'm at the bottom!

"You don't say."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Who would believe it?


—Barking up the wrong tree.

—Someone you're close to.

"Taxi 10101010101 What? Now, when I hear the phrase Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense, my interest is clearly piqued ... but damn. I can't decide if the author is genius, insane -- or both." [Link from my so-called blog]

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Or boring!

"I'm going mad."

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—If you're ever in L.A., have your people call my people, and we'll have lunch.

"From another world."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—There's so many of them, though.

"Another robbery yesterday. Watch it!"

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—That's all I need.

"Another day!"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—What's next?

"Did you come from a disadvantaged family, or were you born that way?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—Is that good or bad?

"We're calling to tell you you've won the Pulitzer Prize."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—It's bigger than miniature golf!

["It's going to be hot today!"] "Sexy weather."

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—They can burn up as they go.

"You never do anything sexy."

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock's 1943, Shadow of a Doubt? You should see it!

"Richard, it's not sexy!"

—A gaping need. Jam-packed!

—This is a horse of another color.

"And your research is based on what?"

—Trust me! I work nights.

—I'm not going to hell – I forgot – I have a room.

"A supplemental activity?"

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—At least you can see what people are like.

"You find it confusing bc it is whack. Just sayin."

—Trust me! I work nights.

—"No arts, no letters, no society, and which is worst of all, continual fear and danger of violent death, and the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." –Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679)

"Well, it sounds like a noble cause."

—Trust me! I work nights.

—The only people who aren't shits like everyone else are Hitler, Napoleon, and Genghis Khan.

"Thank you, Rufus!"

—Hang on! It's ludicrous.

—That's easy.

"You are a genius!"

—Barking up the wrong tree.

—It'll turn around.























03-MAR-1999. I can't sleep. Unfocused fear, I guess.







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—Hang on! It's ludicrous.