"Daily Web Site helps you select an appropriate response to bullying
on the playground, in the workplace, or in school."


"How to Disarm Mean People."




"Serving up to 4,470 Web Pages
each day."






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18 October 2005




Language School. Practice Languages — English, spanish, french, italian, german




Learn French
"You will not only improve your confidence and fluency in speaking, listening and understanding, but also extend your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary."


Learn English
Cultivating English as a Second Language on the Planet Soon -- Essential two-word phrases for dealing with the public, especially helpful for immigrants, who often get a job right away on "the front lines."


27 September 2005

Paul Burgess Blog


Paul Burgess


Pastor of Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church and St. John's United Church of Christ


"In mountainous northeasternmost Iowa."


let the finder beware



Not a Cough in a Carload!


Your first reaction may be, "What's this site up to, anyway?!"

I mean, divide all obnoxious pushy remarks into 88 categories or "stargates," in order to generate some zenlike rejoinder? Then you'll see it's humble deep wisdom for "non-escalating verbal self-defense — how to change the mood when people are mean":

"You should comb your hair, Peter."
— "Anything else?
— Either way you win."

"I don't know if I can trust you"
— "Just don't!"
(Backup: "Life is a two-way street,
as they say in Chicago.")

That's taxi1010.com. Check it out.

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6 August 2005




Orange Magazine covers San Francisco style and culture


with an emphasis on local designers, artists, and businesses.


Browse This


Verbal Tools



This site was suggested to me by my cabbie one morning, who created and runs this site. It is quite possibly one of the oddest non-pornographic sites I have ever seen. Though the site bills itself as "preparation for hostile encounters with robotic people" for "executives, freshmen [and] jedi knights," it is better to behold than to describe. Take a look; it's just that strange.


posted by John Stafford, February 9, 2005


26 July 2005

Classical Tai Chi of Buffalo


Overcoming Without Fighting


"An ulterior motivation for this website is to investigate a long-standing hypothesis of mine that Tai Chi or 'self defense of the self' as a mind / body / spiritual discipline needs a verbal construct to make it complete ... For better or worse, verbal aggression at its prickly core is a form of communication ... My 'intuition' (which is highly prized as a methodology of 'learning spiritually' in Chinese Philosophy) tells me as well that there is a connection that needs to be bridged between the martial philosophy that is intertwined with Tai Chi and verbal self defense ... The method of Classical Tai Chi to 'keenly slice using the blade by finding the thinness and space between the joints' combined with Non Escalating Verbal Self Defense can not only cut clean but heal the wound as well."


–Jim Roach


26 July 2005




Metafilter | Community Weblog


March 23, 2005


Can you never think of the right thing to say? Trouble relating in social circumstances? Maybe Taxi1010 can help ... Examine one of the many, many stargates (use this handy map, organized by stage of psychological development) ... read one of the many, many essays ... wherever you go it is an explosion of advice, comebacks, hypothetical situations, and who knows how many MSPaint masterpieces. Spend a minute, spend a day, spend your life trying to figure this site out.


posted by BlackLeotardFront at 4:40 PM PST (31 comments total)


http://metatalk.metafilter.com/mefi/9304 <== flaming


http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/40798 <== mentalist


http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/25559 <== kick bully


http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/40672 <== taxi1010.com


24 July 2005





Truthbomb.com – A Degree of Reality();


"We must beware of trying to build a society in which nobody counts for anything except a politician or an official, a society where enterprise gains no reward and thrift no privileges." --- Sir Winston Churchill


Some Interesting Web Sites();


Taxi1010 - beyond description


24 July 2005




Psychotherapy.net provides a fresh fare of interviews with leading therapists of our time, high quality therapy videos, book reviews, humor, resources for therapists, and other ideas we have not yet dreamed. We hope this information will be a resource to which you, the therapist, will return time and again for inspiration and renewal.


Self Help and Client Resources


Non-Escalating Verbal Self Defense


Fascinatingly creative site.


14 April 2005

Die Republikein



A Daily Newspaper based in Windhoek, Namibia.


As daardie gevatte terugkap net nie ontbreek het


• Estelle de Bruyn


Op die webwerf www.taxi1010.com word ’n spesiale afdeling aan esprit d’escalier gewy. Een van die wonderlike hulpmiddels wat aanbeveel word om ’n mens uit so ’n onbenydenswaardige situasie te red, is om in enige gegewe ongemaklike situasie bloot te reageer met: “Net so.” As iemand na jou wys en smalend sê: “Daar het jy dit nou,” kap net terug met: “Net so.”

Wat sê ’n mens tog as iemand opmerk: “Mmmm, mooi baadjie. Ek sien almal dra dit deesdae,” of na jy jou voor die stoof afgesloof het en (na jou mening) ’n heerlike ete voorberei het en jou gas sê: “Wat het jy vandag met die vleis aangevang!” of “Jou hare lyk vandag soos ’n ontploffing in ‘n klapperhaarma-trasfabriek!”


[Complete article, in Afrikaans, here]


7 April 2005



Scottie MacInally's 'FAVOURS'


Scunnered by the dearth of content-rich websites in cyber-space, Scottie MacInally, in Scotland, set out on a quest from which there will be no return . . . "What you'll find here will be links to websites I like because I find their content is of value for any number of reasons – although I've noticed that I'm increasingly drawn to the more unusual/quirky/obscure, as opposed to the mainstream."




What's this all about then? According to its own description Taxi1010 is about Non-escalating Self-defense or 'How to Change the Mood If Someone is Mean'. Personally, I can't make out what the whole thing is really about and I suspect the authors have made the site intentionally confusing. Visit Taxi1010 to have a look and if you are none the wiser see Katherine Mieszkowski's article on one of the site's founders, Richard Hart.


4 September 2004




English for ESL learners & teachers


Vocabulary > English Vocabulary Links




Essential two-word phrases for dealing with the public.


25 May 2004





Shape Poems by




==> Richard Ames Hart <==


14 March 2004



Dear Habermas


A Journal of Postmodern and Critical Thought Devoted to Academic Discourse on Peace and Justice


Volume 19, No. 8, Week of March 14, 2004


Professor Jeanne Curran, Department of Sociology, California State University


I'm taking my college kids on a flight to our Naked Space where we dream together and hear each other and paint and sculpt and trust each other. I sent them to your site. We could use your help.

Curious? You'll find the link under Play, near the end of the file, on


Come fly with us. It's fun. jeanne


22 February 2004




taxi1010.com - Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense


quote [When someone attacks you with words, most people fight back, saying way too much, or they stifle themselves, saying nothing. However, when you respond in these ways, you can get into sort of a kicked-dog syndrome, barking helplessly, sulking around corners, or snapping at strangers. The way out is to say very little until you can contact the deepest parts of yourself and feel whole again.]


Don't bite, don't bark.


Click here to read the rest of this entry
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16 December 2003




Crank Dot Net is devoted to presenting Web sites by and about cranks, crankism, crankishness, and crankosity. All cranks, all the time.


Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense

... sociology . psychology ...


"How can you defend yourself without getting into a fight? First of all, you don't want it to be perfect; you want it to be a little strange. Strange like Harry Potter, or the X-Men, or Bruce Lee. Maybe enigmatic. Maybe not! ... People are afraid they'll say the wrong thing, or they won't say enough. The way out is to say the 'wrong thing!' - that is, to practice little scripts. After a while, you'll loosen up. In all the attacks below, remember the underlying question being asked by the other person is, 'Do you like me?' [Thousands of one-line comebacks follow.]"


13 November 2003





LINISTER: "Our music is lyrically-minded folk punk. We are sisters. Our hometown is Cleveland, OH. We currently live and sweat in LA."





Taxi1010 - San Francisco taxi driver/ex-IBM/Atari programmer Richard Ames Hart teaches you the art of non-escalating verbal self-defense and throws in illuminating (and often hilarious) commentary, essays, and other goodies on the way. Ignore the initial urge to flee and you'll be justly rewarded.


10 August 2003




Jayde.com Business Directory.


Taxi1010 Company Profile


About Taxi1010 ... How to handle verbal abuse, includes information about non-escalating verbal self-defense ....


Category ... Health > Mental Health > Psychological Abuse


ADVERTISING, CONTACT, OTHER (Annotated Internal Links), Quick Info, ....


15 June 2003



Home > Social sciences > Social problems and social services > Social welfare problems and services (People) > Verbal/Emotional Abuse >




Resources (Resources and information regarding verbal and emotional abuse in different settings)


A Real Old-fashioned Art

How to handle verbal abuse, includes information about non-escalating verbal self-defense.


15 June 2003




/ Science / Social_Sciences / Communication / Interpersonal


Category Description: Interpersonal communication focuses on the study and practice of how individuals interact one-on-one. Although interpersonal communication draws on many concepts from psychology, it is usually taught in Communication departments.


Ideas vocabulary and daily comeback for defending against verbal violence. Also connects verbal attacks with underlying fallacies.
URL: http://www.taxi1010.com/


3 August 2002




"To improve teaching and learning in higher education through the dissemination of practical information about successful classroom strategies."




Resources and Links


taxi1010 - A Real Old-fashioned Art

Faculty Development
Richard Ames Hart
Submitter Email:
Submitter Organization:
Protect your inner child: Daily Web Site helps you select an appropriate response to bullying on the playground, in the workplace, or in school.
Text Body:

2 August 2002



the muse apprentice guild

vol 01 :: no 001



Richard was born in Dodge City, Kansas in October of 1946.
He and his sister Amoret make web sites for the future of humanity.


Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense


14 July 2002

recent e-mail


My Thoughts - Hello Richard, I have been exploring your site and getting acquainted with your thoughts. I have found them very enlightening, and have told all of my friends about it. Both of them! OK, so I'm not Mr. Popularity right now. But we are all real important. Anyway, I actually think you are really on to something here, and my thoughts are that it has applications in situations other than, or in addition to, verbal self-defense. General life skills, and that is a deep subject. I think your work is very, very important, and is the most unique, innovative contribution I have run into in a long time. I get around, too, watch TV, and everything. Talk to people now and then. Going through a particularly rough time in my life, I have needed the skills, and have noticed you hit the nail right on the head in several ways, about several things, several times. Way more therapeutic than most stuff I have run into, although the art therapy class was neat and got me into watercolors. I was in the hospital over the weekend, and I am OK now. "I am myself again." (The Madness of King George) The therapeutic nature of it has helped me to understand some things, and that was the most important aspect to me. But the main reason I think it has more general applications is the nature of your approach, using "It's closer to your libido, and to the part of you that dreams at night, which contains all the magic." That is what makes it so powerful and pertinent, I believe. This is some strong magic/medicine stuff, and a very interesting and innovative way to approach the problem and the need. I am still in a state of "wow"! It has been a while, and I am still wowing. I am amazed. Beyond genius. I am lucky I found it. Now I am on the site most days roaming about. I announced it as "a whole new level of human evolution and thought development." Thanks, John the Baptist


16 May 2002




Learning Exchange Organisation Hong Kong Limited


"Facilitating the transfer of knowledge to individuals, business and government."™

LEO : Distance Learning : Student Resources : Learning Tools : How To Read a Difficult Book

The following short articles and Internet sites are intended to enhance your reading skills.


Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense


4 May 2002

anonymous site


About Communicating
With Children


taxi1010 - A Real Old-fashioned Art


5 April 2002




"Where African Americans and
the Web Meet."


Self Assurance Resource Center >
Inner Growth and Personal
Development > Self-improvement


Non-Escalating Verbal Self-Defense


27 March 2002



Site of the Day

27 March 2002


Non-Escalating Verbal Self-defense
Chosen by: nikolai
Eighty-eight strategies for dealing with insults, plus a lot of vaguely soothing Ken-Done-ish illustrations that look like they were done with Windows Paint. There is something a little off-centre in the style of the text; personally, I'm not sure if the best way to answer the question "Do you love me?" is with "Before everything! - It's like a beast riding at night".


24 March 2002









TAXI 1010


22 March 2002




aber das sind doch nicht seine freunde






1 December 2001




"the poetry of the future is opening its doors..."




Non-Escalating Verbal Self-Defense


17 November 2001

Psykologi Du3


KomvuxOP 2001
Psykologi Du3

Velkommen til vår egen private nettside! På dette nettsteder vil dere finne lenker til nettsider som kan være nyttige i vårt studie av viktige emner i psykologien. Dessuten kan vi legge til stoff som ikke har fått plass i den skriftlige Studiehandledningen.

Nyttig stoff

C. Studieenhet 3 - Differensiell psykologi

Non-escalating Verbal Self-defence
"Database for a robot named Electra, to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts".


9 October 2001



Dear Habermas


A Journal of Postmodern and Critical Thought Devoted to Academic Discourse on Peace and Justice


Volume 9, No. 10, Week of July 30, 2001


Art We've Been Studying and Painting


Jesus in his shop Compare this to Chris Ofili's The Holy Virgin Mary. Jesus in His Shop is on a "bullying" site we'll be exploring. What are and were the public contexts for these paintings? Were they taking the same responsibility that Dennis Adams mentions below, the opportunity to stimulate creative thought? Or were they developing a specific validity claim? Or are they just pictures? And what does that mean?


9 September 2001





Your Mental Health, Psychiatry and Psychology Resource Site


Main Subject Index / Psychology Subject Areas / Counselling Psychology / Adolescence & Teens


Taxi1010.com - Database of real world insults and comebacks, to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts. Specific ways to disarm mean people and bullies, so that everyone saves face.


24 July 2001






Nonviolent Verbal Self-Defense - A collection of essays on verbal self-defense, and a state of mind oriented towards self-defense.


19 July 2001




Directory / Science and Technology / Science / Social Science


Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense
Database of real world insults & comebacks, to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts.


7 July 2001



|d|m|o|z| Open Directory Project


Top: Health: Mental Health: Psychological Abuse

A Real Old-fashioned Art - How to handle verbal abuse, includes information about non-escalating verbal self-defense.


6 July 2001




404lounge.net entstand aus purem Interesse für 404Seiten. Beim Surfen oft unfreiwillig auf 404Seiten gestossen, ist mir aufgefallen, dass manche einfach viel zu kreativ sind, als dass man sie nicht in einer besonderen Weise "würdigen" sollte.




1 July 2001




Search made relevant TM


Home / Education & Science / Social Sciences / Communication / Techniques /




Site designed as a Japanese hospital helps you defend yourself against verbal violence with strategies, comebacks, ideas, essays, and more.


Wow. A site which gives verbal comebacks for when someone gets angry. Although I found this site very difficult to navigate around, I think it's a great idea. Lots of content. Could do with a more colourful layout though. Submitted by Natalie_Howard on 10/30/2001.


24 June 2001




The Richard Hart Gate


19 June 2001

Beenleigh State School
Queensland, Australia


A Hotlist on Emotions


An Internet Hotlist on Anger


In addition to using books and magazines to find out about emotions, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.



    6 June 2001




    Web site of the
    San Francisco
    Bay Guardian


    Taxi trash talking


    June 6, 2001 "Culture Shocked" Column


    by katharine mieszkowski


    It's a brain-as-database approach to thinking on your feet. His method: listen for keywords in conversation so you'll always be able to have the perfect retort on the tip of your tongue. "The main thing that a street-smart person does is they don't daydream," he says. "They're putting their energy into listening."


    [Katharine Mieszkowski is a writer for Salon.com]


    5 May 2001



    TrackStar is an on-line interface that helps instructors organize and annotate Web sites (URLs) into lessons.


    language exploration/ doublespeak, euphemisms, and ads.
    by rachel murrah
    Track id: 67708
    Format: undefined
    Last Modified: May 5, 2001
    This is an overview of a few topics that may be handy to students first exposed to language in its many facets. These will include: language aquisition, exploration, and the ways that language is controlled today.

    27 April 2001



    404 Research Lab


    "404s from around the globe."


    ascii man 404


    ...Making the web a friendlier place to surf...


    8 April 2001






    Excerpts from 2/14/1 FEATURE article by Matthew Battles


    Words and Feathers


    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense Web site by Richard Ames Hart, with art by Amoret Sprunt Phillips. (www.taxi1010.com)

    "Richard Ames Hart sees language as a system of insults. People use language to tear one another apart, to destroy and to dominate ... His system taxonomizes verbal attacks with the rigor and specificity of medieval manuals of rhetoric ... It's a kind outsider-intellectual magnum opus, the literary counterpart of capacious cokebottle sculpture parks and roadside topiary gardens — a monument and a life's labor, flowing from an utterly individual mixture of mania and genius."


    28 March 2001




    Moxie's Disease - All troubles begin with a single sentence, which tends to trigger an emotional response, rooted in childhood. Moxie's Disease presents an alternative, based on "playing with a person," the way a dolphin would. It contains a "test bed" of eighty-eight verbal attacks, along with a "local link" to a choice of playful, yet powerful, responses.


    22 March 2001

    Cherry Hill High School West


    Character Education


    Taxi1010 - This site offers 100 pages to help you communicate with bullies and antagonizers. It's like learning a language!


    6 March 2001




    ConflictResolver.com Site Index: Youth


    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense - Database to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts - Daily real world comebacks and methods of verbal self-defense against insults and sarcasm.


    28 February 2001

    Uechi-ryu Martial Arts Forums



    You have got to see this


    25 February 2001




    02.25.2001 - i found these social verbal dodges amusing, my sister could really learn from these, the other day she got cornered by a barrage of questions she didn't want to answer. of course, my thoughts on ignoring or not answering questions are somewhat uncommon.


    17 February 2001

    recent anonymous feedback


    Have you clicked on farlimas's sun yet? O to have a little sister that can draw like an angel child! Your friend, another spinner of ariadne's thread.


    14 February 2001



    Machinebrain.com : Artificial_Intelligence

    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense - Real world insults and comebacks shuttled into a database for a robot named Electra, to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts. new (Added: 14-Feb-2001 Hits: 0 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) [ Rate It ] [ Broken Link ]


    7 February 2001

    universitat trier.de


    DBLP: Richard Hart





    Richard Hart: Pattern Analysis as a Tool for Inventing Algorithms. SP&E 10(5): 405-417 (1980)


    1 February 2001



    donderdag 1 februari 2001, 08.54 CET

    klinkt nu in Luba's donkere computerhol: High Llamas - Gideon Gaye

    Het beste weerwoord bedenk ik altijd pas achteraf, als de discussie al lang niet meer aan de orde is. Als een soort George Costanza. Lullig. Ik moet me hier maar eens in verdiepen. Voor assertiviteit enzo.

    Luba | commentaar | link


    27 January 2001





    Non-escalating Verbal Self Defence



    Fight insults by acting insane.


    11 January 2001

    Erratic Impact.com


    Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base


    Philosophy for Children


    Taxi 1010

    Richard Ames Hart

    Protect your inner child: Daily Web Site helps you select an appropriate response to bullying on the playground, in the workplace, or in school.


    7 January 2001

    Diehl Design
    Diehl Design Awards




    "We believe that being recognized by a website design firm is the highest accolade a web designer can receive."

    Michelle Diehl,
    Diehl Design


    6 January 2001



    Pretend that you're jsam


    Eye and brain confectionery:


    o taxi1010.com.


    26 December 2000

    Doug Smith
    Learning Connections


    Essential Connections


    Ever been insulted and wondered what to say? Do people sometimes really bug you? Here are some great tips at:
    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense


    22 December 2000



    Wicce's Tarot Newsletter


    September 2000



    Something new and interesting (well, new to me, not to the web in general) is Taxi1010.com, Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense. At first the connections to tarot are not clear, but the creator of the site actually uses the structure of the tarot as the backbone for its organization and the underlying significance behind each section of verbal exchanges. As stated by Richard, its creator:

    ".....I am dividing all of human communication into eighty-eight distinct pieces; the question is, in what order? So in the very beginning, I decided to use the order of the Major Arcana in the Tarot as the underlying "order" for the entire website. You can see this on the sitemap page.

    And then because I am dealing with "what goes wrong" in human communication, I look at the opposite of the Tarot: For instance, I see a Bully as someone who is "hiding the Magician in themselves"; that's why they're a bully; they feel they have no magic.

    Next, I see a Belittler as someone who is "hiding the High Priestess in themselves"; that's why they're a belittler; they feel they have no contact with the tiniest voice inside themselves, the "whisper voice" that dreams at night (The High Priestess).

    And so forth through the twenty-two Arcana."

    I found that this insight made me go back and re-explore the site with a renewed vigor...... and so I think many of you will also find great insights on this page! You can reach Taxi1010.com, Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense, by clicking on this link:



    1 December 2000



    Artificial Intelligence


    About > Computing/Technology > Artificial Intelligence


    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense


    Database for a robot named Electra, to teach kids emotional intelligence and street smarts. http://www.taxi1010.com/


    16 November 2000



    EQ Directory


    The internet's directory of EQ / EI / Emotional Intelligence sites, resources, and organizations. Maintained and by Six Seconds.


    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense - Daily Web Site: Certain ideas expressed in a few words put a stop to impudence, sarcasm, or hostility without making a scene. [editor's note: a different kind of approach, hard to understand, but interesting taxonomy]


    9 November 2000



    Personal > Health > Conditions/Illnesses > Mental Health > Counseling & Therapy > Anger Management


    Reviewed Web Sites




    Presents methods of verbal self-defense against insults and sarcasm. Learn about bridges and how to promptly deconstruct an attack.


    6 November 2000



    Early Years Worker


    taxi1010 - A Real Old-fashioned Art


    Protect your inner child: Daily Web Site helps you select an appropriate emotional response to bullying on the playground, in the workplace, or in school. Free on-line tutorial contributes to Street Smarts and Emotional Intelligence.


    31 October 2000

    Weblog Wannabe




    >> Everyone should learn Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense. There are just too many mean people out there. No, I'm not included. Really.


    28 August 2000



    |d|m|o|z| Open Directory Project


    Top: Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence

    Street Smarts - Helps you choose an appropriate emotional response; e.g. bullying - if you don't 'actively engage' with the attacker, they lose twice.


    25 August 2000





    Sites reviewed by Snap editors


    Home: Teens: Sex & Relationships: Dating

    Street Smarts: Taxi1010 - http://www.taxi1010.com/resource/legs.htm
    Street Smarts helps you choose an appropriate response to bullying. If you don't actively engage with the attacker, they lose twice.


    2 August 2000



    |d|m|o|z| Open Directory Project


    Top: Science: Social Sciences: Communication: Interpersonal

    Taxi1010.com - Ideas, vocabulary, and daily comeback for defending against verbal violence. Also connects verbal attacks with underlying fallacies.


    2 August 2000



    Science & Technology / Social Sciences / Communication / Interpersonal /


    Taxi1010.com - Ideas, vocabulary, and daily comeback for defending against verbal violence. Also connects verbal attacks with underlying fallacies.


    23 July 2000



    Links that makes you thinks....


    Two words are all one needs to turn the tables on mean people. No, not those two words...Click on the image to find out more about NON-ESCALATING VERBAL SELF-DEFENSE that really works. Incredible, huh???


    21 July 2000

    Golden Web Awards


    "In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web."


    The International Association of Web Masters and Designers - I.A.W.M.D.

    "Together We Make A Difference"


    14 July 2000





    Sites reviewed by Snap editors


    Home: Teens: Education: School Safety

    Taxi 1010 - http://www.taxi1010.com/resource/forkids.htm
    Protect your inner child with daily assistance that helps you select an appropriate response to bullying on the playground, in the workplace or in school.


    2 July 2000



    About > Jobs/Careers > Law Enforcement > Other Interesting Links




    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense.


    30 June 2000



    Zeal > Humanities & Social Sciences > Linguistics

    Non-escalating Verbal Self Defense - Daily website that turns the tables on mean people. Rating: 4.7


    8 June 2000



    Reviewed Web Sites from LookSmart Editors




    Guide offers advice to help parents decide what course of action to take against a child's bully. Read essays and examine a tutorial.


    From LookSmart category - Bullying in Children


    3 June 2000





    [exploring electronic consciousness]


    issue 9.0 june 2000


    media >> a door, a mirror, a light, a way: the world wide web, by Richard Ames Hart


    2 June 2000

    (Frankfort, Germany)


    Security Links, World


    Martial Arts, Sports




    Non-escalating Verbal


    22 May 2000



    The Web's Best Sites


    Non-Escalating Verbal



    Advice on countering
    everyday insults with apt
    repartee. Covers
    psychological ages of man
    from infancy to adulthood,
    types of insult, and
    humorous strategies to
    counter them.


    2 May 2000



    May 2, 2000


    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense, "Daily Web Site Turns the Tables on Mean People." No fighting spite with spite, this site seeks to defuse the emotional charge of commonplace verbal abuse. (I'm having a tough time determining how this site is supposed to be used, but it's big and browsable.)


    28 April 2000

    recent e-mail


    Wow. I'm not sure I grasp a lot of what's on your site, but holy dinah have you put a ton of work into it. I can't decide if you're a totally mad genius or an utterly brilliant genius. It's gonna take me a month to peel back the layers of this onion and decode what you're saying. At any rate, just wanted to say: I've seen a lot of dreck out on the internet in the 12+ years I've been involved with it, but yours ranks as one of few sites I've seen that actually forces the reader to stop and *think*. And for that, and for your ideas, you deserve kudos. For whatever it's worth, you have them from me.
    Best Regards; Scott


    Richard: I actually finally was able to use one of your comebacks last night (unbelievable, huh?) toward a person who blurts out 'sarcastic' insults sometimes. I said it with a big friendly smile on my face, not with intent to maim but with double meaning - I am amazed at how well it worked - actually felt a little guilty that I so deflated and silenced the person (it was really a small thing, but I noticed) - I'll get over it. I've been failing to try your approach the last few days because I am conditioned to respond differently - but I'm having fun trying. I'm going to pick a few versatile phrases and play with them.
    Thanks again, Kurt
    The Self-Deprecating Guitarist


    Hi Richard -- your site has blossomed like a garden in spring. amoret's art like songs on the page. clicking on the doorknobs and looking within i was near tears. it's great to read about taxi1010 in other languages. you've created something very beautiful.
    your friend, Havi


    Dear Richard, I like your website. It's beautifully done and actually quite astounding. I've been spending time visiting it this week. Something you wrote has helped me let go of trying to keep my new apartment in perfect order - (i.e. to be perfect is to be dead). It's nice to remember that life is to be lived. I love your sister's art work, too. I'm looking forward to reading more, and there is so much more ... love from your old friend,


    27 March 2000


    [home page]




    Taxi 1010.com.
    Durante el dia es un taxista atento. Luego, desde Internet (Non-escalating verbal self-defense) te ensena a defenderte con las pa labras.


    5 March 2000



    |d|m|o|z| Open Directory Project


    Top: Recreation: Humor: Insults

    Non-Escalating Verbal Self Defense. Certain ideas expressed in a few words put a stop to impudence, sarcasm, or hostility without making a scene. This site helps you select an appropriate response.


    11 February 2000



    Website Gives Tips for


    "Non-Escalating Verbal Defense"

    A website, in an effort to create a kinder gentler world, is giving hints on how to address verbal altercations. Learn the Jedi-like strategies of belittling your foes without resorting to popular four letter words. (Click for story)


    30 January 2000



    "Non-Escalating Verbal Self Defense. kthor 12/21/99 09:03:02 AM EST. Category: Society & Culture, People. Rating: 8.39. Votes: 25. 11 Comments. Okay, now help me out here. This guy's apparently a taxi driver with a completely insane metaphysical view on life. There's 88 pages, each named 'Stargates' for some reason. And it's all so I can have better conversational skills?"


    Maandag 24 januari 2000

    tonie's kladblok
    Dutch Link Weblog


    Verbale zelfverdediging - Wat is nu weer Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense?


    "When someone insults you, tricking your emotional system into thinking 'they're more important than you are', you can quickly become hurt, angry, or confused. The way out is to intercept the insult with reason, before it can even hit your emotions."


    Volgens mij bedoelen ze gewoon een cynische/humoristische opmerking terug maken! Een voorbeeldje... Insult: "Not bad, for a girl!" —Big hit! Answer: "—It's the animal in me." Er zit een zeer (te) uitgebreide theorie achter deze niet-escalerend verbale zelf-verdediging... Op de site, www.taxi1010.com, staan elke dag een paar "insults", de volgende dag worden daarachter de "comebacks" geplaatst.


    1/24/00 12:32:37 AM


    [link naar dit bericht]


    18 January 2000

    Web Soup


    No fancy graphics * DEFINITELY no GIF89 animations * No obscure imagemaps * No advertisements * No hit counters * No camouflage backgrounds * No buggy Java applets * No scrolling JavaScripts

    Just the links.

    Seven Wonders of the Web (modified Tue Jan 18 00:45:00 PST 2000) Non-Escalating Verbal Self-Defense (Humor and the Unusual)


    17 January 2000

    Artigen Starting Point


    If you are planning for a year, sow rice;
    if you are planning for a decade, plant trees;
    if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.
    -- Chinese proverb

    Monday, January 17

    Artigen Cool Sites

    Non-Escalating Verbal Self-Defense - Seven Wonders


    17 January 2000

    Kessler Freedman, Inc.
    Seven Wonders

    "Finding a Site Worth Bookmarking Every Day"

    Monday, January 17 - Humor and the Unusual

    Protect your emotions with
    Non-Escalating Verbal Self-Defense.


    12 December 1999

    Association for Humanistic Psychology


    Non-Escalating Verbal Self-Defense, Richard Ames Hart's site gives practical techniques to deal with insulting and aggressive language, with sections on transforming negative meanings, handling dangerous people, deflecting attacks, and related topics.


    16 November 1999







    8 November 1999





    Welcome to the Binary Cafe! Here is a place for the geeks and artists of the world to get together and share and revel in the First Ammendment.




    Nov. 8, 1999 - Have you ever been insulted? Sure, we all have. Yet if you are like me, it will not just pass on its merry way, as it could for a person who had a skin as thick as the outer containment building of an American nuclear reactor, which is 4 feet of solid concrete. I wish that I had 4 foot thick concrete skin, but I don't, so when somebody insults me, I generally can't even think of a decent thing to say back to them. Insead, I stand there like a dumbfounded idiot and absorb said insult. Said insult then proceeds to mill around in my brain for a long while as I try to think of things I could have or should have said. Well no more of this! There is a website out there designed to tell you what to say when you have just been insulted without getting shot. So, check out, Non-escalating Verbal Self Defense.


    6 November 1999

    Simon Janes
    @ Netword Inc.




    Non-escalating Verbal Self Defense


    Interesting site maintained by a Taxi driver.


    4 November 1999



    This Berkeley taxi driver has a lot to say about "Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense". Too thought-provoking to toss in with the rest of the Wackos, despite its undeniable bouquet of wackiness.

    to Philosophy by obvious


    11 October 1999



    Article from Richard Ames Hart.

    Here's something well worth the read for many of you, though not everyone will accept what it says at face value (maybe that's a good thing?). Richard Ames Hart writes this piece regarding prejudice, communication, intelligence and the unfortunate situation of turning the hate towards oneself.

    Continue on throughout the rest of the site...you'll be surprised what you see.



    13 June 1999

    Bully Online


    Richard Ames Hart is a former systems programmer who uses his own taxicab in San Francisco to undertake intensive research on specific verbal tools for nipping bullying in the bud. The fruits of his labor are beginning to appear at www.taxi1010.com


    9 April 1999



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    Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense - daily real world advice and repartee from taxi1010.com.


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