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Patient refers to it as stargate-five-one

A Usurper.3






Not yet. Be simple. 

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Each day. After daybreak.

It's insane. Exactly, sir! 




The Fallacy of Amphibology —
(On Both Sides) Tight space can lead to ambiguous sentence structure, especially in newspaper headlines - You're a little splitsie - One part of you knows it's not true, and another part of you believes it - If you're not offering them a sense of importance, they'll try to create it by marching around & interfering with people.





[pushing your buttons] - I can remember them being so real, and they're so phony now - They're just trying to snare you into their shit - They're so dependent - They affect stupidity, pile on meaningless justifications, act like stick-in-the-muds, steal the wind from your sails, interrupt you, pretend they already know what you're about to say, or criticize you the moment you walk into the room - They don't try to, they actually, manufacture stress and anger in other people, while they act composed – even innocent – and philosophical - They just know how to push all your buttons - When you're around them, take your entire mind on a vacation.

The Age of Insanity, ages 12-15

Unreal Impulses



Exactly what someone said [or did]
... usually not very original.

The thoughts of a "bad child"
... to free your mind again.




"How about on your iPad?" [Long since kaput!]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—I'm afraid that's in the past – Way in the past ... No, and don't ask why!

"If you're counting on it to pay off, you're not really being generous, are you?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Small ways.

"Come over here – I want to show you something."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.


"Do you know anything at all about that?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—The power of the new moon.

"Did you do that?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

It must be ... Maybe you should start choking me.

"You know better than that."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Don't let anyone push you around.

"You deliberately got the basketball dirty before you threw it in the hoop."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—It's just a basketball.

"So you did that?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Who else would?

"Who broke the cookie jar?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Angels did, Mom!

"Good morning, do you have phone with you? No phone? Uh-oh!"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—It's heartbreaking – To each his own – Oh, yeah! There's a reason – You have resistance to germs – I don't! ... Different departments! ... The Nish-nish! Department.

"Was that a test?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—What time does the train pull out?

"Dude, do you have a cell phone on you?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—You should try out different dogs ... What a doll! ... Duck and cover.

"Can you call them? – You don't have a cell phone?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

Look down! ... I'm not an angel.

"Can I just see what your earphones sound like?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

Nicht nichts! ... That's German for "Not nothing!" ... Nein nichts! ... Just in time! ... Something better! ... The Ta-ta! Department! ... What a boss you turned out to be ... The boss of the whole world! ... Who can say, right? ... You don't have to know!

"I don't want to be her partner." [Two fourth-grade girls whispering to each other, rejecting you for some reason – They may just feel inept, because they actually are inept!]

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

"So embarrassing!" ... They know ... They know who will fit in ... You can see they're just miserable ... "I don't want to be popular, you asshole!" ... And all that ... They really are uneducated socially, most people... Early signs ... The living dead ... All three ... (1.) You wait; (2.) Let things develop; (3.) There's other people; (4.) Nothing forced is ever beautiful; (5.) This, too, will pass; (6.) There's nothing complicated; (7.) Keep it simple.

"Oh, you're just a Canadian."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—She's a propellor of conversation!

"80's an A in Canada."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—You might learn a little bit more as an adult.

"You talkin' to me? YOU TALKIN' TO ME!!?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—That's been asked by the greatest psychoanalysts.

"If you love Los Angeles so much, why don't you live there?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Raising twenty kids.

"We don't care about her."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Back on the farm.

"Because we all like poo-poo."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—I think I take enough shit.

"How come you never called me back?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Roses come on new growth.

"Never back down."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—They're just thugs ... You can see why we got out of Vietnam ... Even better for Christmas.

"That knowing look!"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You have to just pretend you're blind.

"What are your intentions?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

Singing River and the Pope! – Many flashes of thought is a fire.

"So you don't want to sit with me?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—We're all animals ... Monogamy is not natural ... Maybe because your mother didn't die ... I wouldn't be surprised.

"You know what to do."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—It's better you know than you don't know.

"So don't make things harder than they have to be."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—In the middle of a blizzard.

"You know where to go."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—What you know never hurts you.

"Why don't you do research on happy people?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Everyone can do it – It'll take two minutes.

"How do you do your research?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—It's a matter of intelligence.

"Well, all you had to do is say something." [With incredible hostility – but ever-so-polite]

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—If I don't, I'm going to be bad, or whatever.

"Hey, boss! Hey, Sir? Want to sell ...?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—You're wrong – Just like me and everyone else.

"Why did you choose The Black Pool?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—It just popped into my mind, you know?

"Hey, are you going to order something for lunch today?" [You've already had lunch; they watched you eat it; courtesy of Emptying yourself in order to understand the lizard's heart]

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Another day.

"I have to clean off the counter first – I'll get yelled at if I don't."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—There's no boo-boo here! – Who do you want to talk to in the land of the living?

"It's not going to happen."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You never know, you know?

"Richard, you're not going to believe what happened to me."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Let that be a warning.

"... so I ended up in Hayward!"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—That happens!

"It's regrettable we need to go through this process again, but we will if we have to."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Your first naïve attempts are often the best.

"I'm the boss of this camp and if I don't like you, you're in trouble."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Not in five years, though.

"Life is like a video game. You gotta die sometime." [Dawson College shooter notes]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—There's an idea – Get a goat.

"Get out of my sight, nerd!"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Will kill anything ... Carried by shrunken heads?

"That's what I like to hear."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—What does it do for you?

"I'd like to know the rationale behind some of the responses here. I'd like to know how to say the 'Bridge Phrase.' Is it said out loud or muttered to one's self?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Go further.

"Good morning? Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—What a waste! You should write for the stage.

"I'll pay it, and I don't want you to talk to me about it."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Not unless you say something foolish.

"I am offended by the image, and you need to deal with that offensiveness here and now."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—If you hate someone, you're already cured.

"Look at that!" [Someone defecating on the pavement, a sight you wish you'd missed]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Oh, I'm so lucky to have you to point out all the assholes!

"Flying planes can be dangerous."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—How times have changed, huh?

"Ours not to reason why, Ours but to do and die." [–Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Charge of the Light Brigade, "Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do & die," 1870]

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Something very far away.

[Someone rudely interrupting you]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Excuse me – We're both talking at the same time.

"Take a hike!"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—It's a strange tangle.

"Get out of town!"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Tune in next week.

"You can't talk to me that way!"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Please, allow me to continue.

"Fight insults by acting insane." [Link from The Rough Guide to the Internet]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—People think you're sane as long as you say what they expect; and they think you're insane when you don't say what they expect.

"Just plain wrong: taxi1010 (so, so fucked)" [Link from]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Do you want the sane answer or the insane answer?

"Whether it is or not, we'll never know."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—It's a strange world I've fallen into.

"Your website is interesting but I'm afraid I don't exactly understand. What is it that you do?"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Are you a bird spirit?

"Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense : this is is VERY badly designed.. really really hard to use and follow.. sigh" [Link from koi's blog]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You have to stay on the rug!

"What does marriage have to do with sex?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You don't know that – That's the first sign.

"You should think seriously before you break up your marriage."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—I bet you don't even have your Passover ham in your refrigerator.

"Oh, you don't want to know what that is." [To a child]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Tolstoy said history is like a locomotive hurtling through the snows of Russia.

"Maybe you did something to deserve it."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—It's not what happened, it's how it was treated ... It's good to laugh about it, but it's very brutal.

"I noticed that."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You never know what it's going to do.

"Try to remember that, Miss Operetta."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Clean slate.

"Is that yours?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Can you imagine?

"It could happen to anyone."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Snow White's coffin.

"I'll talk to you when you're being rational."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Real witches would know better than to test reality.

"I don't want to talk to you – I want to talk to your daughter."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Call when you have something pleasant to say.

"It just goes to show you."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You're not that lucky.

"And many faithful Catholics think that we should continue to let God run things."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Only if they nominate a Jewish Pope ... It's your church ... They don't help people ... They just watch the Pope's funeral on TV, or play poker.

"Your table is ready now." [Having kept you waiting an hour and ten minutes]

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Don't blame me.

"What planet did you just come in from?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Too big!

"Is that your expert opinion?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—That's the law, right?

"Don't you wear glasses?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—I don't have too much money.

"Stop that whistling!"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—The natives hear the drum.

"Better get back to work on that."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—I don't want to overdo it.

"Stop being charming!"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Every morning?

["For any particular attack, someone on the planet knows what to say back."] "Have you found that person?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—The guy tried writing poetry.

"What does that make you, by the way?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—It's nice to have a little grey hair around.

["There're way more people from Dartmouth out here than people from Princeton."] "Is that so?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—It's very kind of you to pay me.

"That's the difference between the Japanese and the Brazilians; the Brazilians really care about these things."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—The perfect crime.

["Maybe you better check."] "What do you think I was going to do?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Now's the time to do it.

"It's cool to hate." [Columbine shooter notes]

—Not yet. Be simple.

—People love to beat the shit out of kids and then blame them – You're not really suffering.

"I can't see a Goddamn thing, so what the hell am I gonna write about, how I can't see anything? My mind is black, sight is black, everything is black." [Columbine shooter notes]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Whenever your dog is sick, give it rice and chicken soup – Add a little lightning!

"I have a goal to destroy as much as possible, and I must not be sidetracked by my feelings of sympathy, mercy or any of that." [Columbine shooter notes]

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

Like Hitler! – The future is in intelligence – the future is in computer intelligence.

"Your outlook determines your ability to overcome any challenge." [Columbine shooter notes]

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Why should you be happy? – Show me on a medical chart where the soul is.

"I am a gun. I was never made for hunting, just for killing humans ... I am god. He died." [Columbine shooter notes]

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Sometimes it's good to be afraid – You know, you don't see too many pictures of Jesus when he was seven.

"You haven't made quota."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—It's a world within a world.

"You can't go on your trip until you make quota."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—It's just waiting.

"Combined with a lack of sleep, trying to make sense of that website is not easy." [Link from]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—It's a crossroads.

"Have you signed the California Conservation petition?"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Just waiting.

"Do you have a minute for the environment?"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—No, no . . . I give my money to the American Friends – They give money to everyone.

"I just wanted to ask you if you'd sign a petition."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—I would say that's your first step.

"I don't mean, to keep – I just want to write my number there."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—There's a million ways to skin a cat.

"What are you going to do with THAT?" [Your academic field of interest, English literature]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—We don't want anyone to know.

["I speak Japanese."] "What good does that do you?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—I hope you never find out.

"You never stop, do you?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Your unconscious is always working things out.

"That'll never be."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—Did you ever wink at a nun?

"Don't say I never did anything for you."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Must be good.

"So ... if I ask someone if they're using that shopping cart, I'm insulting them?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—It's all about how a person controls their mind and uses their mind to do things.

"I don't pay you for that."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—You're not big on details, are you?

"Never say never!"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Never, ever, ever, ever ... put bananas in the refrigerator.

"Richard told her that."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—That's the best way to handle someone like that – Let 'em think they're smart.

"I would never let her near you."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Feeling sorry for someone is not liking them.

"Like in a marriage: You always have something to say back."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—I have lots of shiners though!

"What happens in time cannot be undone."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Rome wasn't destroyed in a day.

"You never forget your first girl."

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—There's better.

"Hook her up with Richard."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—I am Spartacus.

"You should call her." [Your ex-wife, who raises scorpions and decorates thermonuclear bombs]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—I'm sure something worse will happen, no?

"It's going to make her a better person."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Dancing on the ceiling.

"It's like before ... before we broke up."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—I can't afford to like someone who wasn't kind to me.

"I want to stay here."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Don't say you know me.

"Do not talk to me like that! DO NOT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—What for? ... I don't want to even be bothered ... Now I know what to do.

"I can see you're about to say something – So please don't!"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Spooky, huh? ... Too perfect.

"Did you eat paint chips when you were a kid or something?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—What are you, nuts?

"It smells like a fish."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—I think it's different.

"Then it smells like peaches and cream."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—There's also a negative side.

"Don't speak that way to your mother!"

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—How's everything on your mountain? – Do you have any goats on your mountain?

"I'd love to give you some advice in return, but they don't have clubs for ugly losers with small dicks!"

—It's insane. Exactly, sir!

—They don't have turtles anymore?

"Why do you talk to Jeff during class?" [Nine-year-old girl baiting fourteen-year-old girl]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—To annoy you a little.

"He'd be nice for you – He's a rebel."

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Everyone has to tell themselves what to do.

"How about that?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Go for broke!

"That's that, right?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—You can say that again.

"I'm not that smart."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Stop saying you're not that smart.

"Is your memory that bad?"

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Now you made me forget what I was going to say.

"Things are getting that bad here?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Maybe somebody.

"That late, huh?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Talk about a twist of fate.

"That good, huh?"

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Put yourself out.

"Don't wear sexy clothes to the office."

—The waterfront. Just a splash.

—Oh, I see why.

"If Croesus went to war with Cyrus, he would destroy a mighty kingdom."

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Imagination is more important than knowledge.

"None of woman born shall harm you." [Macbeth]

—Each day. After daybreak.

—Didn't Albert Einstein say that?


—Each day. After daybreak.

—No matter.
























Insult Gates

Today is the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter, and probably the best time to talk about Insult Gates.

Imagine you are alone with a little girl (I had little sisters), and someone is viciously screaming at you from another room. Even if you don't know the best way to stick up for yourself, you'd try to scream something back that would be fun for the little girl to hear. It's sort of like a mutual secret between you.

It's clear the little girl would want to hear you saying something (1) grown-up, (2) disarming, (3) intelligent, (4) playful, (5) diplomatic, (6) self-affirming, (7) humorous, (8) street-smart, (9) lighthearted, or (10) strong — in no particular order.

It's clear the person in the other room wants to trick you into having (a) feelings of isolation, (b) emotional pain, (c) negative anticipation, (d) wishful thinking, (e) limited possibilities, (f) fluctuating self-esteem, (g) fragmented attention, (h) stunted growth, (i) ineffectual preoccupation, and (j) confrontational attitudes — also, in no particular order.

These are the Insult Gates, and once you've been tricked, you forget the little girl (your insight, or the part of you that dreams at night), who becomes sealed inside an envelope where things start getting worse.

Meanwhile, the attacker continues to trick (i) you into having an emotional response, (ii) you into believing the attacker is important, (iii) you into working for the attacker, (iv) you into defending your right to work for the attacker, (v) you into becoming habitually stupid, irrational, or insane (the "cause of the day," "quackery," or war), and to trick (vi) you into believing you're better off for it. (vii) If your mother or father beat you, you're really up the creek, because (viii) your father is supposed to be protecting you. (ix) Now you totally identify with your parents' beliefs and values, including (x) the belief you're not supposed to defend yourself.

God is a little girl locked inside a closet,
and when you understand this,
it hits you right between the eyes.



LYING can save your skin, and you really should know how to do it the right way. What if you put a little dent in the family car, and you just don't want to take the heat? You should use Amphibology. When the big fear propagator broaches the subject (diplomatically, he thinks) by saying, "Come over here — I want to show you something,"

"—That alone," you say tentatively.

He takes you over to the dent and says, "Did you do that?"

"—Uh-oh," you say sympathetically.

"—It must be.

—Who else would?"

(having either memorized the ambiguous words or contacted a gift for this sort of thing.)

MORALITY has nothing to do with how you treat a fear propagator. It has everything to do with how honest you are with yourself. The great danger of lying is that you can get used to it, and then you can forget you are doing it and begin lying to yourself. Very, very dangerous! The moment you begin lying to yourself, you lose the ability to detect lies from other people. You may have already done it, starting at about the age of three, and now people lie to you left and right and there's little you can do about it — except search for an inner truth.

—Not yet. Be simple.

—Did you ever wink at a nun?



Fresh Water


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A Seal with a Human Face - Around your place of work, always act real serious, and say things that are safe and grown-up. And if you're around truly dangerous people, act really dumb — Let sleeping dogs lie. Otherwise, look for ways to express yourself honestly and in the moment — It's very dangerous to hold things in.

A Theory of Human Communication - When people talk to you, you can see each sentence they utter as a tray, which may be "too hot to handle" or "loaded." If their tray (sentence) is filled with nourishment, by all means take part. If their tray is filled with plastic fruit, garbage, nonsense, or an insult trap, ignore the contents of the tray completely and deconstruct the tray itself.

A Wolf in Shark's, er, Sheep's Clothing - White lies! "Everybody try to do monkey business on me!"

A Wolf's Tale in the Sky - The entire purpose of the [wings] (in the table above) is to provide a repository of responses for any subtle knot or sticky wicket you can get into. You can use your imagination.

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Actual Mind Candy [new] When someone attacks you with words, look for something inside yourself that sparkles.


Aim of - Understanding = Knowledge + Experience, fresh ideas, good cheer, the underside of life, the insignificance of mean people, and the part of myself that dreams at night.

All You Do is Just Listen - No matter what anybody says, wait a day. Don't react. Always look for a response, not an analysis! Stay away from interpretations.

[Amoret Phillips] - An artist and photographer with unique vision, Amoret Bradley Phillips creates art and graphics for down in the tidewater of North Carolina.

An Open Child [new] An anonymous friend writes, "Could you provide good pointers for those on the Autistic Spectrum? This is so we can learn Social/Emotional Intelligence better to camouflage ourselves from would-be abusers, and to find and keep friends and sexual partners?"

An Open Door - Being angry takes us off in one direction. Being civil takes us in another. Being real lets us be ourselves, a skill that can be taught.

Appeals to the Superego (Guilt) - A person needs to balance their capacity to help others with the aims and desires of their own life. Just pay attention. Your emotions will act as an antenna.

Arguing, Endlessly - Having an argument is a not-so-subtle way of ignoring another person.

Assignment taxi1010 [new] A homework project for teachers and students in the form of a poem. If you think is too big, check out our Verbal Go-cart! It has a clutch and five forward gears. Help! How do you put it in reverse?

Authoritarianism - You can take it for granted that you hate other people without knowing you hate other people. You have to start all over again, because everything's so entrenched.

Authority Figures - To the deepest parts of the mind, it's hard to discern between authority figures.

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Backhanded Compliments - They never give approval — they just give lightning disapproval.

Banana - Defending yourself is not so much the mastery of arch rejoinders, thereby proving yourself clever. It is rather the illumination of human individuality, and the gestures you make toward furthering your own aims, dreams and ideals.

Being Fresh - It's very good not to be fresh until you get out of school.

Being Yourself - If you don't practice simply being yourself, you can get into enormous trouble if someone begins liking you for your act.

BEWARE: GOOD MANNERS can turn HEALTHY, HONEST CHILDREN into VICTIMS - Our parents didn't want omnipotent one-year-old angels or rampaging two-year-old defenders of honesty, so they helped us bury ourselves alive.

Blood of the Poet - "Keep out of the garden, you devil, you!"

Bo-ring! Snor-o Bor-o Energy Sucks! - Just because you gave them a little attention (on a whim), does not necessarily mean you're prepared to be a captive audience (or victim).

Bradley Box - The Bradley Box is a Symbolically Unified Website Navigator (SUWN) invented by my sister, Amoret Bradley Phillips. It's the quickest way to get around in this website.

Bringing It All Together - Most of life is a huge machine, characterized by tension. However, something inside you can grow, and certain experiences can put you in contact with a real friend.

Catch a Falling Star - So are these ideas merely word games? Quite the opposite. People prefer to be honest, and they don't know how to do it.

Caught! Red-Handed! (Rebelliously) - The Trouble With Authority Figures - To the emotions, markedly different occurrences of browbeating behavior are equivalent attacks because the same authoritarian tones of voices are being used by the assailants, creating a kaleidoscope of hopeless feelings.

Changing the Subject - If it's too close for comfort, people sometimes almost violently change the subject.

[Chris Daniels] - Christopher Daniels translates late Nineteenth to contemporary Twentieth Century Brazilian and Portuguese poets, designing bridges between many cultures.

Class of Challenges - You have only one individual life, one past, and one future, and when you find someone challenging your situation, you have to stick up for yourself. There's nothing wrong with losing many battles, if in the end, by keeping your silence, you win the war.

Class of Rules - An insult is thrown into the river of time, and at some point, you should throw in a response. With repeated experiences, you work your way back upstream.

Class of Separation - Certain insults catch you by surprise. They're designed to separate you from your own personal experiences.

Closure - At some time early in our childhoods, everything was indistinguishable from ourselves, and everything contained a sense of intrinsic wonder. During this last eight years, I had this remarkable idea that some moderate number of responses would, so to speak, cover all the bases.

Communication Gone Wrong [new] They say things consciously, just to vent, or unconsciously, to create effects. Intimidating you makes them feel important. They're also demanding your time. You can lay low and be friendly — You don't have to hide. The cure for mental illness is friendliness — It's the easiest thing to do.

Complaining - It's as if they're asking, "What do you do when someone attacks you this way."

Contributing - We won't give you a T-shirt! We won't give you a mug! Contribute to our inner child! — You may already know about "The Turmeric Book" — Additional Moxie's Disease books are available in an "unlisted URL." Five dollars (US$) helps us out a lot, and your kind donation opens the door to another dimension!

Control - It's just a tool. Too much, and you're through.

Daily Splash! - "Daily Web Site Turns the Tables on Mean People." Our new Daily Splash! shows what's going on behind the scenes, sort of. We actually do them more than a week in advance.




Day of Week Algorithm - Here's how to calculate the day of the week in your head for any date after September 14, 1752. [Explanation of Algorithm]

Descriptive Sarcasm - To look out across Kansas and say, "What a steep road this is!" is really a reference to an earlier experience.

Different Levels [new] The shortcut is to realize people are living in all different stages of evolution. Cro-Magnons and Babylonians are coexisting with future Spacerians.

Directions - These are explicit directions for using this website to find an appropriate response to bullying. Old, worn-out attacks, simple attacks, and complex attacks are all seen as efforts to bypass the intellect, to get you to "work" for the attacker. You can strengthen a capacity within yourself to do Something different.


Distinguishing Between Yourself and Another Person - Your mind is vast, but you live inside your own skin. Anything outside your skin is not you.

Double-edged Sword - Sometimes you notice a gleaming edge in someone's voice, or a particular transparency in the phrases they choose, and you realize they're uncomfortably close to feeling angry at YOU.

Double-entendre - If someone is flirting with you, just on the edge of propriety, here's how to reject the flirtation, or encourage it.

Everybody's in the Same Boat - You might as well have fun!

Family Emergency Passwords - When you're a child, how do you know if something really is an emergency? A family really should have an "Emergency Password," and without it, a child should practice being outrageously bad.

Family Values - What happens when a family's values are twisted?

Fantasy - If you think you're better than other people, then it's hard to like yourself.

Finding a Friend - You can't really make one. You have to find one.

Finding Yourself in the «seishin byooin» - At some preverbal level, I have the emotions of a child, rather than the emotions of an adult.

Fweequentry Axed Kwestians - You don't have to be rich - You don't have to be poor - You can just do what you do and like yourself.

Garden Paths - Websites, analysts and engines you might enjoy.

God's Gifts, Angling & Spilt Milk - I was exposed to little girls doing strip shows from the time I was five years old, a tough act to curb as an adult. In general, children are not self-critical, and the swift, kind way to stop a person from being "on the dog" is to hurt their feelings.

God's Little Helper - Not knowing is the path by which the mind really knows.

Growth - People feel life is a tight corner that's difficult to turn around in.

Hatred - A bad mind is like a sewer; a good mind is like a fortress.

Holding Patterns of a Person's Own Brain - Rhetoricians customarily exclude small talk and greetings, yet, precisely because they are so quick, these unexplored modes of communication most need our attention.

Honor and Integrity - In general, it's best to do nothing rather than make an irreversible decision based on impulse, rage, retaliation, tension, "knowing what's right," or criticism. If you wait a day (doing nothing!) you have an opportunity to make a decision based on relaxation and kindness. You can still run a tight ship.

How Long Has Natural Language Processing (NLP) Been Chasing You? [new] You get out of your car, just as a complete stranger, loitering along with a few buddies, says, "Nice BMW! How long have you had that?" Holding your own, you stand there pondering the not-so-trivial question, where do you go from there?

How to Deconstruct an Attack - Street-smart people, or people who traffic in emotional intelligence, do not become emotionally or intellectually "involved" in an attack. All they have to hear are certain "codewords," which let them respond immediately, with gusto and a sense of humor!

How to Disarm Mean People - What to Say When You Don't Know What to Say.

I Can't Sleep - Unfocused fear, I guess.

Ignoring - If someone is ignoring you, they're simply not resonating with certain experiences, and it's good they're not faking it.

Individuality - My sister Amoret's and my great grandfather started the Camp Fire Girls — He devised a balanced triangle as the symbol for individuality.

Infantile Narcissism - Perhaps your libido can get attached to someone who's violent or who hates you. What do you want to get attached to?

Institutionalizing - It's useful to "institutionalize" people who use verbal violence by pretending they are patients from a nearby mental hospital.

Insult Gates - People trick the most precious parts of you into believing an insult.

Intelligence - Knowing what something is is the beginning of consciousness.

Intimidation - People hypnotized into the paradoxical condition of being "good," cannot defend themselves from mean people. Real possibilities come from the real feelings, which are faith, hope, love, charity, kindness, and compassion.

It's a Trap of the Devil - The fellow with the false voice didn't know that Mom's family comes from Maine, and I went to summer camp up there, starting at the age of seven. Maine people have a way of sending signals and laying traps.

Kitchen - Street-smart people respond to insults by recognizing certain code words, such as "know" and "late." Responding directly to code words and to familiar situations is much more efficient than on-the-fly semantic, syntactic or psychological analysis.

Laughter - If you knew they could die tomorrow, how could you get angry at someone who is dying? If you knew you could die tomorrow, why waste your time?

Legs [new] Here's our best site navigator. Underneath everything, you see a mom, slightly pregnant, standing in a doorway. Now what's that above her? The two halves of the mind? Maybe it's just a mirror with a funny sticker on it. Or, ... could it be? — the real stargate! Including Street Smarts and Directions!


Liking - Liking something is worth much more than What's good for you.

Lying - Sometimes a peacekeeping lie is better than a mischief-making truth.

Magnets - Chronological milestones for

Minimal Framework for Verbal Self-Defense - Just imagine a splendid twenty-two dimensional Beelzebub conducting its affairs in a world of one-dimensional pip-squeaks!

Most Popular Insults - CRAZINESS has to do with spontaneity and contact with both sides of the mind. STUPIDITY has to do with sharpness and dullness which vary throughout the day. UGLINESS does not actually exist in the outside physical world.

Moxie's Disease [new] It usually takes about three weeks to learn a particular riposte in such a way that your emotions "get it" or catch up. That's why actors do so well in the movies: they rehearse until they understand what they're doing in a very deep way.

Music of the Spheres - If you take the standing wavelength of the circumference of the Earth's inner core, which happens to be about 18,600 miles per cycle, and multiply it by roughly 10 cycles per second, which happens to be the predominant alpha frequency of the human brain, you'll wind up with the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

Not Suffering by Comparison - Just because someone makes a lewd proposition, does not necessarily mean you have to jump into their stinking gutter. Stay up on the sidewalk.

Nursery - Index of Refutations to Insults.

Office Politics - It's called power sharing, and it's done with shame and praise.

On Beauty - In old Russia, a beautiful peasant girl picked wild flowers by a country road.

On Matters Mundane - People with interesting lives take up sly poetry.

Origin of Our Word, O.K. - My Greek passengers were earnest, and very mysterious.

Other People's Parents - When somebody who is older than you calls you up and goes through the pretense of being friendly, it doesn't necessarily mean they are being harmonious or judicious.

Other Voices - Here's where you can find Martial Arts forums on Verbal Self-Defense, and links to other websites which are contributing to a World Wide Renaissance.

Oversight: The Future of the Internet [new] Many people absorb verbal abuse, and many people fiercely reflect it. Let's look at this from a different angle. A different light. Oversight.

Oy! Entschuldigsmier! - If you learn a foreign language from a strict, controlling, unhappy High School teacher, you can't really capture the beauty.

Paradoxically - By meeting an insult half-way, you can raise just enough tension to blend with it and safely brush it aside.

Pataphysics in Berkeley - "Pataphysics is the science of the realm beyond metaphysics; or, Pataphysics lies as far beyond metaphysics as metaphysics lies beyond physics — in one direction or another." Also, "Pataphysics is the science of the particular, of laws governing exceptions."

Philosophy of What Makes Life Easier for People - People have something like a stinger built into their psyche poised next to a vulnerable inner child. You can do something nice about your own stinger.

Playing Dead, And ... Considering Another Person - The way people get you is by hitting you in the imagination. The way out is to play dead. Getting along with someone has nothing to do with what you think or feel — it has to do with understanding what they need.

Poor Planning on Your Part Does Not Make an Emergency on My Part - A person has the right to simply make up their minds about a particular course of action, and to hold to that policy no matter what anybody says or thinks. A decent person likes you or respects you whether you kowtow to their whims or not.

Potential for Violence - Certain men are looking for the warmth and intimacy of a physical fight — Licking their wounds, boasting of their desire to "get" someone, with an irrational or violent fixation on a particular person. Get away from them! The best revenge is a good life.

Prejudice - The real prejudice in today's world is against intelligence.

Pretending to be Normal - When someone is about to rob you, they sort of phony themselves up, pretending to be normal, saying things like, "How are you guys doing?" That should ring bells — People don't usually pretend they're normal.

Preparation is Everything [new] This is the part of the website that deals with common situations in everyday life. Certain hybrids, or combinations of responses, are extremely useful to know, or to think about, in advance.

Proscriptive Sarcasm - A sarcastic command often takes the form of ordering a person to do what they're already doing, adroitly changing the frame of reference.

Provocateur, or Child? - You can transcend both the intent of a person's words or actions, and the impact of a person's manifestations by seeing the other person as a child — Don't let anyone trick you into being a sadist.

¿Prumbing? - In Engrish! - "Design is really directing people's attention," my friend David Van Ness says, "and the best designers have respect for people's attention." If your website's design has elements of playfulness, your readers become seals and dolphins — Real surfers!

Publicity - Kids don't want anything that's real —  They want something that's impressive — They understand flash! — Here today, gone tomorrow.

Put-Downs [new] People can almost ruin their lives because they feel they've done something wrong. What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong? If nothing happens, what's the difference? Just do your own thing.

Quietly Understated Illumination Zone - In the grand tradition of schools throughout Western Civilization, let's take a peek backward (or onward or inward!)

Racism & Superficiality - This is really 13th Century stuff, but it's the only thing some people understand.

"Really?" Monster - Just because the other person sounds polite doesn't mean they're actually talking to you. You get the idea they're talking to a phantom — from the ghost of something they lost or forgot in their childhood.

Recreational Drugs - They're like a short-lived feeding schedule — satisfying extremely deep instinctual hunger — for people who can't be their own parents.

Rejection - When people take their parents' thoughts, feelings, and dreams for their own, they don't just obliterate you from the picture — They never even let you in. See Matrix, the movie.

Religious Yahoos - Very few people know how to stand up to a religious yahoo, someone who likes to pretend they're allowed to say anything, and that you're not. If you know yourself, you're just a person. If you know God, you're hot shit.

Resource For Kids! - This section of has a simplified structure, with twelve divisions instead of eighty-eight. Much easier!

Schizophrenia - Everybody has a mean streak and it isn't terrible.

Setup Questions - People who ask them have some belief their parents are important.

Sexual Tension - If you can forestall pleasure for a while, you'll get even more pleasure.

Site Map - Because experience is by nature solitary, most people don't get practical on-the-spot assistance when they get into difficulties. Over one hundred pages in reflect the story of a person's life, from infancy to young adulthood, based on the twenty-two Major Arcana from the Book of Tarot.

Six Choices - As reported in The New York Times, January 9, 2001, p. D7: "Six Choices Can Beat Six Hundred." And on the Web, discoveries in Social Psychology can appear within hours — Because no one's stopping you!

Snowball [new] "Teaching kids to be money smart." Warren Buffet and Donald Trump started investing capital at the age of eleven, so no wonder they're wealthy. To them, making shrewd investments is child's play. It adds up.

Spin Sarcasm - Reverses a truth outside your current frame of reference, in effect, "throwing you for a spin."

Strange Avenues to Know Where - When you respond to someone with something poetic, it touches their mind in the deepest way, going far beyond the flat emotions of television repartee.

Street People - Polished street people have devoted years developing foolproof methods for approaching marks and setting them up for some scheme.

Street Smarts [new] Out in the real world, a person can learn to say something honest no matter what's going on. The American Heritage Dictionary defines street smarts as "Shrewd awareness of how to survive in an often hostile urban environment," usually by saying very little. Or just enough.


Subconsciousness - Perhaps we can get under the lid of our consciousness and defuse its energy with some honest responses, so it has a chance to come out of its trance, recognize itself, and make our wildest dreams come true.

SunPorch - Index of Insults. The strategy of this website is "divide and conquer." Each insult has a code word which refers the reader to one of eighty-eight "stargates" where the insult is refuted.

Superego Split - One part of the mind is humane; another part is mathematical. You get the feeling some people are trying to paint you into a weird box. as a finite state automaton ... [new] This website is actually a "machine" for discovering real knowledge, a modern-day equivalent of the ancient I Ching. - Online Press & Media Kit [new] This is a set of materials to tell the press about (1.) the company, (2.) biographies, (3.) company facts, (4.) interviews, (5.) questions (with answers), (6.) a press release, (7.) advertising, (8.) media coverage, and (9.) photographs and illustrations. Whew!

taxi1010 Kung Fu - Hanging the Insults from As Good As It Gets Out on the Web to Dry.


Tension - A grownup can reduce their own and other people's tension. What's worth building tension over?

The Irrational - It hurts when someone says something irrational because we don't know exactly what is being attacked. Usually it's an old, old memory or misconception harbored by the mind of a child.

The One That Got Away [new] It's the only outlet they have for anger — to disappoint someone.

The Other Side of Politically Correct - The pigs are inviting you to get down and wallow, except you really don't want to do it, because the pigs like it!

The Right to Defend Yourself - No one can completely defend themselves until they can contact their childhood ideals of a wild Indian trusting nothing but the spirit of life.

The Spider - Procrastination, in my book, is a virtue.

The Sun, the Moon, the Tides, and the Cathedral - When someone acts like they know what's going on inside your mind and body, they are violating your cathedral.

The Time-Line Fallacy - Any attempt to force intellectual pursuits is essentially nonproductive.

The Turtle's Shell - Most adults think they have already mastered verbal self-defense, so they imagine serious study of this discipline embodies "slinging shit" or "taking shit." Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The Wall: Approaching Truth in Human Communication - Electra is a higher-order teaching robot who has access to the wall, and whenever you speak, she looks up that sentence on the wall, then says something back. [new] reflecting ad-free websites, and their meaning.


Theory of Insults - An insult is a verbal or nonverbal attack which is not completely understood.

Things Change - If the level of discourse some people devote to posturing were a game of chess, a computer programmed from would be quite a champion.

Thumbnail User's Guide - Overview, Philosophy, Framework, Strategy, Child Safety, Freshness, Navigation, Gyided Toure, and Purpose.

Trading Post - What you really mean comes through in your tone of voice.

Transcendental Sarcasm - Some kinds of sarcasm are so outrageous, you simply wish or have to step aside.

Under the Celestial Dome - The patients are running the Asylum — What can you do?

"Using Up" the Best Response - People unconsciously bury effective responses because they despise people who have misused those responses.

Verbal Abuse - unabridged [new] This unabridged article on verbal abuse first appeared on Wikipedia; a few hours later, most of it was deleted.

Verbal Self-Defense Workshops - As children, we stumbled into various ways to defend ourselves. Why can't we learn something else as adults?

What They See - They never ask themselves, is this expression of my mind good for me?

What To Say When You Don't Know What To Say - When another person says something that leaves you speechless, they have rejected you in advance. Tiny undercurrents of (1.) jealousy, (2.) control, (3.) hatred, (4.) anger, (5.) fear, (6.) greed, and (7.) intimidation, rise up from below their conscious perception and influence whatever they say, leaving you speechless.

What We Are - Almost all insults come as a surprise. When you see Marlon Brando, or Sharon Stone, you can see they're not afraid to be themselves. Outside the movies, we don't have the luxury of a cutting room floor. We're on final take all the time, and to parts of our mind, it's a tangled bank in a deep jungle.

When a "Force of Nature" is Not Logical - Perhaps you, or both of you, become a "force of nature" (in discussions of sex or of having a baby).

When Lightning Strikes - Most people are too small to fall in love, and they're too large to fall in the toilet, so they have relationships.

Whistling in the Dark - A human being has the capacity to believe almost anything is important, whether it is conducive to their own individual life, or against it. Stick up for yourself — No one else will.

Will Power - At first, learn to like whatever you're doing.

WineCellar - Human beings need warmth, rest, nourishment and work in the outside physical world, and the perception we have smooth-running engines and large horizons in the inner world of dreams and ideas. The WineCellar contains a table of 352 two-word "wings," and an indicator showing which parts of this website have been updated recently.

"Wings" and Follow-up "Ideas" - The two-word wings are the important thing, not the more expansive follow-up ideas. The wings are purposefully brief, ambiguous, poetic, and powerful.

With the Old Folks - Remember the rule of parents — "The best answer to a fool is silence."

You Can't Help Everyone - Compassion is something that's inside yourself. You have the right to turn it on, and to turn it off.

You Don't Have to Think About It — You're Free! - People have been trained to think what they're told to think — that to be polite, is to act totally engaged.

Zingers - affect our inner atmosphere, in effect, poisoning it. Purpose: to neutralize insult by sending back a verbal symbol with a double message: "I see the insult," and "I see the entire situation." The "friendly" insult? — Like "good old boys" polluting the river downstream — Why not use a "friendly" defense?



Garden Paths


Websites, Analysts, and Engines You Might Enjoy - My friend David Van Ness and I spent an evening in Danville, which has, by far, the most striking women in the San Francisco Bay Area. They come straight from the farmland, I guess. Enjoying the sprawl, and talking about the Renaissance on the World Wide Web, we decided, why not?

All the Web - Fast Search & Transfer ASA (FAST) aims at making the Internet more user friendly by making the search for information easier, faster, and more precise, and by speeding up the information downloading. FAST was formally established on July 16, 1997 and performs research and development out of its Oslo, Norway, headquarters. - The studio website of Amoret Phillips, "where I don't have to do things the right way." Where her work is bursting wide open with talent and beauty and wonder.

Association for Humanistic Psychology - The Association for Humanistic Psychology is a diverse community, open to all, integrating and healing the human mind, body, and spirit. AHP advances freedom of choice, growth and creativity through communities, projects, a full calendar of events, and publications worldwide, (e.g. Mexico, Italy, Iran, Russia, and throughout the US). It collaborates with sister AHP's in Britain, Lithuania, Japan, Germany, and many other countries, and holds international AHP Summits at the International Conference on Conflict Resolution cosponsored each year by AHP in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Buckholdt Associates - Elizabeth Morris' website in Gloucestershire, UK, attracts visitors from all over the world. "The Self Esteem Advisory Service helps you to build self esteem in yourself and your children so that you are all happier, healthier and more confident."

Bully OnLine - Web site of the UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line, where Tim Field shares his unique insight into workplace bullying, the common denominator of harassment, discrimination, prejudice, abuse, conflict, and violence, giving you the knowledge to identify, understand and tackle the cause of stress, anxiety, waste, inefficiency, dysfunction, ill health, trauma, cost, and litigation.

Cheryl Renee Thompson - "I believe the Internet is a wonderful thing, a tool, a toy, a mystery and child's play." Her credo: "I never felt normal — I think this web site reflects that." Bob Dylan said, "If anybody asks me, Is It Easy to Forget? I say it's easily done, you just pick anyone, and pretend that you never have met." Application To Be Cheryl's Ex-Boyfriend.

Choate Rosemary Hall Alumni and Alumnae Websites - Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, Choate Rosemary Hall is a coeducational boarding and day school that attracts a diverse group of students from all over the world.

Curtis High School Gang Handbook [internet ghost] - This "Gang Information Resource Guide for Parents and Teachers" takes you right into the soul of gang membership, communication, and consequence. This website stands tall — It's a pillar of the Internet.

Dear Habermas - "A Journal of Postmodern and Critical Thought Devoted to Academic Discourse on Peace and Justice" - This site is under rampant development, with entire new issues every week featuring contemporary student art, kids' pages, teaching essays on current events — as inspired by Juergen Habermas' theories on truth, beauty, and social justice through law. Whew! The site is run by two teachers, Susan Reiko Takata, Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin, Parkside, in Kenosha, Wisconsin; and Jeanne Curran, Professor in the Department of Sociology at California State University, in Dominguez Hills, California. Two highflying professors — totally down to earth.

Dinging and Dedinging -- Subtle Suppression -- Self-Sabotage - Frederick Mann edits a series of articles on the cumulative effects of slights, verbal abuse, and self-attack in everyday life, with an emphasis on how this affects productivity in business, and what people are doing about it.

Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base - Categorized by history, subject and author, this meta-index integrates text resources with the best online resources. Based upon visitor participation, the Philosophy Research Base serves as both a study guide and a platform for a wide variety of community services for students and teachers in philosophy and related subjects.

Google - Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, two Stanford Ph.D. candidates, who developed a technologically advanced methodology for finding information on the Internet. Based on years of research into large-scale data mining in general, and into analysis of the link structure of the World Wide Web in particular, Larry and Sergey determined that by using a complex mathematical analysis they could estimate the quality or importance -- and thus the relevancy -- of the web pages returned by a search. - Amoret and I live in two different cities, and we've started a website that runs between them! It's a Choo-Choo train. "All Aboard!"

I Hate Verbal Aggression! - One of the more intriguing and mythological essays on the Internet, at least five copies have been posted from time to time, each with a different "author"; I suspect it had its origins in a group discussion about "Trash Talk" at Bethany Lutheran College, October 12, 1998.

InsultsOnline [internet ghost] - The Random Insult generator at this website is wonderful practice for learning how to instantaneously defend yourself without thinking or feeling. If the insult begins with the word, "You," try saying out loud, "—You're safe," followed by "—You'll never have trouble again." If that doesn't work, try saying, "—OUCH," followed by "—They said there'd be very big mosquitos this year."

Ixquick Metasearch - "The World's Most Powerful Metasearch Engine." Ixquick awards one star for each search engine that placed a site in its top ten. Since different search engines value different content, a site that appears in multiple top ten lists is likely to be very pertinent!

John Burroughs School Alumni and Alumnae Websites - I went to a close-knit High School in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Now the graduates of John Burroughs School are scattered all over the world.

Kolumbus Internet [internet ghost] - This powerful Finnish search engine lets you sail the Internet in many languages. You can choose, "Englanti," too! - Experiences from an old-timer in what Gurdjieff would call "a real school." Some people say, "Let's keep this hidden." I say, "Where? At the bottom of a pond?" - Gurdjieff was just teaching people to be artists. This particular artist sends away for a five-dollar book on how to read minds.

Peacetalk 101 - Here are Twelve Rules in a modern-day parable of life. Suzette Haden Elgin, who pioneered the Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense, writes, "... although the world is full of people saying cruel and ugly things, that's mostly because other people are doing it too - if you don't feed all that cruelty and ugliness, if you don't take the bait coming at you, if you're willing to see to it that they don't lose face, they'll give that up and talk decently."

Pun of the Day - The Internet is alive and well with Daily Web Sites like this one. It's an example of what can happen when someone follows their heart. Mike Bull, the webmaster, writes from Winnipeg, Canada, "Laugh, giggle and groan at a funny play on words every week day. Site includes a large collection of archives by category, or search for humor by keyword. All clean humor."

Red Hurts - An experimental Internet Rose Vine subtitled, "Trends and Everyday Events in the Early Twenty-First Century," by Richard Ames Hart, the writer here at

:: Robosexual :: Ready! - Even in 2005 a human being can start a BLOG and leap right to the forefront by the quality, generosity, and simple glory of their conveyances - It has to do with a direct prepossessing style. "I think I'm capable of writing a blurb about a book, album, movie, food, game, store, site, animal, fireball, pen, or duckling every day ... and I'd like to be able to look back and say, 'Yes. That is what I thought of it at the time.'" –Devin.

RootGarden - Journey to Join the Telepaths - The World Wide Web is like a theater company coming into town before the invention of the printing press: Each performance plays to the strengths of its actors, reflects the hopes, dreams, and sensibilities of its audiences, and the production changes. 'Burnt Toast" contains 69 erotic love poems by a San Francisco taxi driver.

Sally Brockington, Human Being [internet ghost] - Are there bad churches? Good churches? They're just churches .... So, too, with people: We're people. Except sometimes when you open the doors of one particular person, and discover their inner architecture, you feel as if you're opening Christmas presents. - Sometimes a tiny little news story can change your life.

Sizzling Verbal Self-Defense Comebacks [internet ghost] - These are exact words used by Championship Debaters and Trial Lawyers (Used separately or in combination) — From Vandye J. Forrester in Long Beach, California.

The Art of Defiance - Michael from West Germany has powerful ideas on how to stick up for yourself.

The Gates of Paradise - David Daniels is the latest thing in visual poetry. "As I ran past our house for the third time, I saw my mother standing like Athena between the pillars of our porch at the door to our house. She squinted her eyes and pointed at the open door ..." [From The Biographical Notes Gate: 1937] - This is the other side of Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense: Get out your aggressions! All these different things — It's pretty interesting. You know what they say about pitching a ball: Eight things can happen, and seven of them are bad.

T U B L - Amoret Phillips has a four-year-old boy who likes to help his mom on the Internet. While creating her art, she prints out a black-and-white version he can color with crayons, making one of the first Coloring Books on the Web!

Yahoo! - David Filo and Jerry Yang started their guide in April 1994 as a way to keep track of their personal interests on the Internet. During 1994 they converted Yahoo! into a customized database designed to serve the closely bound Internet community. They developed customized software to help efficiently locate, identify and edit material stored on the Internet. The name Yahoo! is supposed to stand for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle."







As follows

CODE WORDS: ability, badly, Brazilians, broke, camp, Canada, Canadian, Catholics, cell, charming, chips, choose, counting, cream, deliberately, earphones, ended, environment, exactly, fish, fucked, generous, glasses, goal, Goddamn, harder, harm, her, hike, humans, hunting, insane, intentions, [interrupting], iPad, Los Angeles, marriage, mercy, nerd, never, offensiveness, ours, outlook, overcome, petition, planes, planet, polish, poo-poo, quota, rationale, rebel, regrettable, research, sidetracked, table, that, to, town, uh-oh, undone, video, yelled


"Great cat"

—Each day. After daybreak.