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"After Life Knocks You Around,

Then You Can Read Something –

It Sharpens You Up."




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breaking news:


Boy Scout self-defense program


"I am putting on a self defense program for about 200-300 youth. Our Boy Scouts are having problems being picked on and I need information on how to stop it before it becomes physical. Do you have something that I could print out to give to these kids to help them? They are aged 10-18. I have a person coming in to show them basic steps on how to protect yet not hurt someone."


Hi! It's funny, the more a person understands about what's going on in the world, the better off they are. I'm putting together a mockup for a book a kid could carry around in his or her pocket. I'd mail you a copy, except I don't have a printer! Thank you for your request, and I hope the following URL provides some light.






the company: provides specific ways people can defend themselves from little annoyances. Richard Ames Hart does cutting-edge research in Social Linguistics. Amoret Phillips illustrates that philosophy. Their "Daily Splash!" offers a glimpse into an ever-expanding database of street-smart ways to defend yourself against everyday insults: "It's how to change the mood if someone is mean."


Unlike books that never quite get to the nitty-gritty of "what to do next," delivers thousands of Essential Life Scripts that people from all cultures can use in their daily life to defend themselves from illogical posturing, mundane interrogation, general incivility, and even life-threatening behavior.


Richard Ames Hart, Director


Amoret Phillips, Artist


1474 7th Street


Raleigh, North Carolina


Berkeley CA 94710-1432


1.510.525.0772 (all messages)




personal numbers by request




Richard programmed computers and invented algorithms at Dartmouth College (part of a work-study program in the late 'sixties), IBM, Atari, and a think tank in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The think tank spoiled him — He got used to doing good work on his own. So when Atari crashed in the late 'eighties, he landed in a taxicab in San Francisco, and started doing research in "emotionally mature ways to stick up for yourself — essentially, by acting like a crow or a dolphin."

Amoret majored in Business at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, married, had children, and all the while, felt too shy to "show people her art." She realized she could embody Richard's philosophy into her art, so she decided to show how a person can "live from their own dreams," adding the essential element of playfulness to their website. More information about them can be found in the "Thumbnail User's Guide."

Our eleventh website,, "A Martini from Heaven," (literally) provides an overview of our web work over six and a half years.


company facts:


Richard, who had already been published in the field of computer science, expanded a philosophy of "living from yourself," and wrote a 400-page book which he sold out of his taxicab. "It's a Trade Secret" went into a Second Edition. Sold out. Then a Third. Also gone!

Richard and his sister, Amoret, see the Internet as a new nation, whose pioneers continue to meet in "a vast forest." Their web presence began in February, 1999, and has attracted the notice of Yahoo,,, Hermenaut, Seven Wonders of the Web, and most recently, hootchy-kootchy!

This reaches well beyond a labor of love. They have developed concrete products for the outside physical world!

Imagine a deck of playing cards, with everyday insults inscribed on one side, and emotionally intelligent choices for defending yourself on the other. Three versions of "Moxie's Disease" cover the same basic concepts in three collectors' series: one for general use, a second for kids, and a third for women. The first is on the website, and the other two are "hidden," available only to those who contribute five dollars or more to the ongoing fun.

People need nourishment; the web is maturing; sites that have depth are the next thing ... Content ... something for five hundred years from now ... We continue to be a thriving part of Generation C, rooted in the revolution and liberation of the '60s.




Richard drives a taxicab during the day; his telephone number is 1.510.525.0772 (for messages) with another telephone number available by request. He lives in Berkeley, California USA., or

Amoret teaches preschoolers in Wilmington, North Carolina USA. Her telephone number is available by request.


questions (with answers):


• Why is it so difficult for a "good" person to defend themselves?


Defending yourself has nothing to do with hypnotically induced cultural norms; it has to do with seeing things, and seeing what's behind things.


• Why are people not born street-smart?


People are born street-smart; other people come along and lie to them. The question is, how do you get back to being yourself — before you were buried alive.


• Can emotional intelligence be taught?


If there were a dictionary for emotional intelligence, then people ... But wait! That's! You just don't know how it's arranged. (Hint: the Tarot cards!)


• What are some humorous examples of defending yourself with words?


"Do you smoke pot?"
—These days?
—I forget.

"Children will be children."
—No doubt.

"I didn't mean that in a negative way."
—You sure?


"You don't know that? Didn't they teach you that at Dartmouth?"
—Just imagine.

"See what you made me do?"
—Diabolical, huh?
—Go check your tire pressure.

"Don't you think we're a little old for this?"
—Not forever.


how we use this in the real world:


You have a choice:

(A.) to use verbal cues in everyday life to walk through a mirror ... reflecting kindness to anyone who's listening with two-word verbal tools.

(B.) to use verbal violence in everyday life to become a human pressure cooker ... trying to control the whole world with shock, hurt and anger.

See what other people are saying.


a press release:


CULTURE: Web Site Shows
"How To Change the Mood
If Someone Is Mean"

There's a lot of posturing that goes on in school, on the playground, and in the business world. It alters your mood, and in it's extreme form, intimidates you. People find themselves going down paths they never intended.

How can you transmit a different mood?

Certain ideas expressed in a few words put a stop to impudence, sarcasm and hostility without making a scene. Today these ideas are being distributed to people all over the planet from, a website devoted to "Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defense."

Richard Ames Hart has spent twenty-two years developing a Finite State Automaton to defuse verbal abuse in the home, in the workplace, or in school. Illustrated by his sister, Amoret Phillips, taxi1010 has attracted visitors from one-hundred-seven countries, who visit the website for up to four hours at a time, finding "specific scenarios" to nourish the deepest parts of themselves, and to augment their communication skills.

There's a certain amount of playfulness here, ranging from the repartee in the "Daily Splash!" to the arrangement of eighty-eight "stargates" of responses as "clinics" in a Japanese Mental Hospital. And what's so special about a Japanese Mental Hospital?

It's structured, organic, illuminated, and growing, so you actually get cured!


an investment opportunity:


In a cutthroat marketplace, people who do things the right way, drop out. On the Internet, it's the opposite. We're a two-man show. Since 1999, we do things the right way. Think big!


for example, "What are the best responses to, 'What's up?'":


Just so! ... Big trouble! ... Who's complaining? ... You're a brick! ... Break up, hook up, burn up, lock up, hurry up! Seven-up! ... Overlap it a little ... Cheer up! ... Different things ... You're next up, cutup! ... Holy Cow! ... You're perplexed ... It's a riddle ... I could get it down ... Nothing urgent ... The jig is up! ... Thumb's up! ... A joke! ... Really weird, huh? ... Ugly Poop! ... Nothing deep ... Nothing simple ... Nothing much ... Nothing special ... Just anything! ... Nobody knows ... As it is written, so it shall be done ... How chic ... Nothing fatal ... Think big!




According to our long-term business plan, we don't support advertising at this time.


media coverage:


Matthew Battles wrote a Feature about us in Hermenaut, February 14, 2001.

Katharine Mieszkowski wrote a Column about us in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, June 6, 2001.

Jeanne Curran wrote a Note about us in Dear Habermas, Volume 19, Number 8, March 14, 2004.

David Daniels wrote a Shape Poem about us in May 23, 2004.

TOPIC OF THE WEEK in Dear Habermas, Volume 21, Number 5, September 26, 2004.

Estelle de Bruyn wrote a Column in Die Republikein April 14, 2005. (from Namibia in Afrikaans!)

We also maintain a "Publicity Page," reflecting references to us from all over the world.


photographs and illustrations:


Richard, close-up photograph of face; "Photo courtesy of"

Richard, along with taxi 1010 itself! "Photo courtesy of"

Amoret, watercolor - "Self Portrait"; "Illustration by Amoret Phillips /"

Amoret, electronic image - "Amofish"; "Illustration by Amoret Phillips /"


significant milestones:




"A New Fast Sorting Algorithm," Creative Computing 4(1) 96-101 (1978).


"Pattern Analysis as a Tool for Inventing Algorithms," Software—Practice & Experience 10(5) 405-417 (1980).


"Day of Week Algorithm" (1995) Here's how to calculate the day of the week in your head for any date after September 14, 1752. [Explanation of Algorithm]


CDP and CCP in Systems Programming from the Association for the Certification of Computer Professionals.


Former Member of the British Computer Society, the Association for Computing Machinery, and the IEEE Computing Society.


Both a student and employee at Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire, took leave in last trimester; Mathematics, Class of 1968 – Richard.A.Hart.68@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG



Wendy – A Novel by Richard Hart, 75 pages (1978).


It's a Trade Secret – What to Say to Mean People, to Phony People, and to Stupid People, Without Getting Down into their Gutter, 396 pages (1995-1997).


Mind Candy – The Field Guide to Non-escalating Verbal Self-Defence 174 pages (2003-2012).


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