Verbal Self-defence Index



YOU could. 58, 141


You could do it with a sense of humor, too. 31


You could teach me. 9


You don't even have to be there...Never buy... 10


You don't have to make speeches. 58


You don't know life at its worst. 86


You don't need anything. 10


You don't want to go there. 29


You get a lot from getting hit over the head... 30


You have no idea how bad it was. 50


You have to be on the sidewalk for your head... 2


You have to be yourself and you have to like... 77


You just keep doing things until things turn out. 37


You just keep hammering away. 78


You must be pretty fed up. 60


You must feel left out. 59


You orbit I'm doing. 66


You probably had a hard week. 38


YOU SHOULDN'T! 59, 141


You sure? 75, 142


You won't regret it. 12


You wonder. 6, 144


You'll do all right. 84


You're a living person. 58


You're a person, too. 50


You're a spinning top on the table of love. 28


You're a wonderful person. 38


You're going to get around to that? 52


You're in good company. 87


You're kidding! 88, 146


You're lucky! 60, 137


You're not only mixed up, but you're a... 84


You're on the run. 7


You're safe. 69, 147


You're smart. 69


You're smarter than that. 72


You're strong. 43, 147




You're trying to throw me off my case. 2


Youth must be served. 64






















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