Mind Candy


This is Rejection - Most people are terribly preoccupied

with thoughts, feelings, and dreams - If you say or do

something outside those boundaries, they feel they have

to work too hard (to keep their instincts to throttle you in

check), so they try to take you out of the picture -

They don't want to acknowledge you as a person.

"You do this part-time; it's a hobby?"
—Afraid not.
—Why shouldn't people do what they're good at?


"Better luck next time."
—Wicked, huh?
—I'm better off right now.


"Please be quiet! ... Shut up!"
—For what?
—You don't have to make speeches ...
What's your offer?


"Can I use your name if they don't go for it?"
—Quite unnecessary.
—You're a living person.


People can get very mixed up - They switch from acting

like their mother to acting like their father at the drop of a

hat, which is essentially crazy - Using "good-natured"

lies, they confuse having someone under their thumb

with liking them - It feels like they're upstaging you.

"What time do you come in in the morning?"
—Very funny.
—You must feel left out.


"Are you using this or are you done or what?"
[the ATM not far from the counter
where you're filling out a deposit slip]
—Way ahead.
—I'm starting to have fun.


"Your hood is up."
—Much better!
—It's supposed to be modern art.


"Don't sell yourself short."
—Grab every scrap of happiness you can.


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