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Aggressive Hazing Rituals & Tight Corners

[Aggressive hazing rituals, including locker room
towel snapping, "bagging" (grabbing men's testicles),
goosing, mooning, pugnacious horseplay, or
similar boorish behavior]
—Yeah, sure.
—Another reason to go to college ...
and to not join a fraternity.


["Fitzgerald Avenue ... at Cameron Way."] "I can't take
you there. I don't go there. Get out." [Cab driver to a
Black woman he picked up at the bus station at 10 PM]
—God knows!
—You must be pretty fed up.


"I don't care about that."
—Out working!
—Not to mention us.


"Do you wear those shoes at work every day?"
—It's evolving.
—That old black magic.


They're like ghouls making you out to be a monster.

"What a reject!"
—Who needs it?


[Someone disparaging you on a conference call,
unaware of your presence]
—Too hot to handle – It leaked out!



"How are we going to use this in real life?"
—Unbelievable, huh?
—If you're not using yourself, someone else is.


"I'd never have thought of putting those colors together!"
—Watch out!
—I can see the future.



"Working hard? – Big deal – Get real."
—All along.
—There's more than you think, right?


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