Mind Candy


First they say you're good, then they say you're bad,

then they ignore you. What you really are needs

nourishment, but it doesn't need approval.

"An honest guy."
—That's life!
—What's better than that?


"You have a book on the table that's a gem; it's a book
I happen to know a lot about."
—Must be.
—Do you want to look at it?


"Mean People Rule."
—Never stop.
—Over what?



"I just wish I could believe you."
—Underneath everything.
—Those stubborn, stubborn facts.





They're using an Appeal to Ignorance - An argument

based on your inability to prove the opposite - You feel

they're patronizing, or giving you flawed advice.

"Good luck on that!"
—Mostly that.
—It should add up to something.


"So it's a passion, not a business."
—Even better!
—You may be missing out on something.


"Where is the evidence?"
—Never mind!
—What for? I'm not in show biz.


"Well, good luck." [Disingenuously]
"Stay sober, now, will you?"
—Very helpful.
—You could teach me.





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