Mind Candy


The Time-Line Fallacy - Any attempts to force natural

or intellectual pursuits is essentially nonproductive -

Everything – misery, depression, loneliness – vanishes

when self-esteem is based on honesty instead of

ambition - Savor everything.

"How would you like to be in Waikiki now?"
—Very awkward.
—The best things in life are free.



"Rich kids go there."
—Even now.
—Their parents? There's no such thing as a rich kid.


"And how far along would you say is that process?"
—What's different?
—Let things develop.



"Thank you for not breeding ...
Get out of the gene pool!"
—Going up!
—Be proud you're in a panic – It puts you
in the top one percent of humanity.


If someone expresses utter contempt for you,

don't say a word - Just tell an ex-Jesuit.

"I'd advise you to mind your manners –
You're in the big water now."
—Oh, really?
—Now I think school is out.


"What are the results of your research so far?"
—Very simple.
—You have to be yourself and
you have to like what you like.


"Why don't you introduce me to this lovely young lady?"
—Next time!
—I told you he was a troublemaker.


"She's going over there in a purple dress, purple socks,
and purple shoes, and I'm going to tell everyone
you dressed her." [Mother to a nine-year-old girl,
whose little sister is on an excursion]
—It's terrible.
—From rags to riches.


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