Mind Candy


When you feel uncomfortable, someone wants you to -

The way they do it is by hitting you in the imagination.

"You're crazy!"
—But you don't know on which side.


"How much does it cost?"
—Youth must be served.



"She used to be beautiful."
Go on!
—Did it bring back memories?


"Do you have your degree?"
—Oh, yeah!
—Thousands of them.



"The usual?"
—Wild moments.
—And you have to do the same thing, too!


Symbols of Power (They don't even see you) are the

laughingstock of the whole planet - The rest of us will

enjoy The WAITER / WAITRESS Special.

"Sorry I don't have any tip money for you today."
Maybe better!
—Nothing to worry about ... There might be a reason ...
It's out of the question ... Let's leave that door closed.


"Is there a problem with my corned beef hash & eggs?"
—Totally unexpected.
—It can't be helped ... We're doing the best we can ...
Preparation is everything ... Just one of those days ...
Only one thing at a time, right? ... All in good time.


"This Merlot, 1982, makes me unhappy."
—Everything changes.
—Please accept my apologies ... Next time I'll know that.


"Don't stab me in the back."
—Without stopping.
—Taste good today? ... How might I help? ...
Is everything prepared all right? ... It's my pleasure.


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