Mind Candy


They're putting you on the spot, taking stabs in the dark,

blinded by their big emotions - What do their big

emotions have to do with tiny sparks, realizations,

intuition, or anything in outside physical reality?

"Well, it sounds like a noble cause."
—It's inconceivable.
—The only people who aren't shits like everyone else are Hitler, Napoleon, and Genghis Khan.



"What you said really frightened me."
Really dark.
—What can I do to make you feel less frightened?



"I'm mad at you! ... Why don't you get a boyfriend?"
—Nothing complicated.
—Will the sun come up? ... It has nothing to do with you.


"Because I said so!"
—It's magic.
—Can you prove you were ever a child?


People who attack you are almost never original -

They're unconsciously repeating lines that are bigger

than us, things they heard as a child - So we look for

a solution that's bigger than us, too! - At first it feels

awkward, like rehearsing for a play - Then your emotions

catch up - This time they're the emotions of an adult.

"Leave me alone!"
—At least.
—All winter if you want.


"Gosh – You look awful!"
—It's criminal.
—It's YOU! – You sneak up.


"Why are you laughing, Claire? ... Get out!"
—God forbid!
—It never stops ... Too cool for school.


"Will you quit staring at me, please?"
—Too dangerous.
—It's a sin.



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