Mind Candy


These people feel they're above it all - They're "divine

liars." - They don't admit their dark side. The least

you're putting yourself out, the more they'll respect you.

"That's inappropriate."
Avoid entanglements.
—It's funny who wants to get stuck on the farm
and who doesn't.


"No sale, not today."
—Someone else.
—Some do, some don't.


"You copycat!"
—You wonder.
—Just like you.


"Hey, Richard, how's it hanging? –
I like your faggot shoes."
—Well said.
—Tell me about it!


Some people use their intelligence in ways you would

never imagine ... to hurt, humiliate, embarrass, and

disqualify you - You feel you've been blind-sided.

"I feel stupid."
—Until now!
—What you want to do is try a lot of things.


"You're so weird."
—Small world.
—It takes one to know one!


"So what happens when you set a variable to space
space space A space space space B and then
ECHO that variable?"
—Just imagine.
—It's not what you think.


["What country are you from?"]
"We're from overseas."
Could be.
—You're on the run.



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