Mind Candy


In the olden days, if people said certain things, you'd kill

them; if you said certain things, they'd kill you - That's

the world they come from - They have their own

country - They think people live in caves and that's it.

The only thing about me is, I'm a little bit crazy.

"Did you watch the movie? Do you still have your
ticket?" [Three thugs cornering you outside the theater]
Anything missing?
—You have no idea how bad it was.


"Kicking your ass would be a pleasure."
—Total waste.
—You're a person, too.


"Oh, you threw it away." [Maliciously] ... "Drop dead."
—Many more!
—I don't want to get into it – It's against my better
judgment ... Yeah, things like that.


"It ain't over between you and me."
—It's murder!
—That's what you save money for.


They don't try to, they actually, manufacture stress and

anger in other people, while they act composed – even

innocent – and philosophical - They just know how to

push all your buttons - When you're around them,

take your entire mind on a vacation.

"Why do you talk to Jeff during class?"
[Nine-year-old girl baiting fourteen-year-old girl]
Clean slate!
—To annoy you a little.


"I don't pay you for that."
—Someone must.
—You're not big on details, are you?


"Better get back to work on that."
—Or else!
—I don't want to overdo it.


"Like in a marriage: You always have
something to say back."
—The reverse!
—I have lots of shiners though!


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