Mind Candy


They use Question Begging Epithets - intrusive

questions, emotionally loaded words, controversial

phrases, dyslogistic language (conveying censure), or

eulogistic (complimentary) language. They're also

coming from another direction - 3rd Party Interference!

"Did you buy it new?"
—Doesn't matter.
—You don't need anything.


"The honeymoon is over."
—Anything else?
—Who's the master – the machine or the man?


"Whose rude child is that at the end of the table?"
—What's missing?
—Are you the woman I bit at the last full moon?


"How much rent do you pay?"
—Don't worry.
—You don't even have to be there ... Never buy horses!




They're like 7th Street Operators, rattling off one

chummy thing after another. It's all glib posturing,

and It's all about you - See how one-sided it is?

Whatever they sling at you, sling something back!

"You smell go-ood!" [Two guys carrying
on in front of their dates]
Fait accompli.
—That's obvious.



"What's your first name? ... your middle name?"
—So foolish.
—Hydrogen ... H.


"What's your last name?"
—Very common.
You must be Helium.


"Run, Toto!" [Mickey Mouse voice]
—Totally unhelpful.
—It's just another friend.



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