Mind Candy


Everybody regresses a little bit when they're around

friends - I would follow my hunches - You have to

institutionalize certain people (in your mind) -

Act as if they're your patients, or your wards -

Be friendly, expect the worst.

"It's clear – Run the red light! –
Go ahead! – Make the turn! – No one's around."
—I'm sure.
—What do YOU have to lose? ...
It's a bad sign.


"Looks like you brought us a little rain."
—Another triumph.
—It's going to get uglier.


"I hate it! — What do you think?" [About her haircut]
—Spare me!
—I don't care what the angels say to you.


"Who cares?"
Never naïve.
—Some people ... Try harder! ... Not you!


Confounding implications - If you ask most people,

"What's the opposite of love," they'll say, "Hate!" -

People with autism would say something different -

They'd probably say, "Being neglected."

"Nice guy!" [Sarcastically]
—It's shocking.
—More than you would imagine.


"Having a nice day?" [Sarcastically]
—No wonder.
—Buy a Chevy and go to Church on Sunday.


"So you had a nice Thanksgiving?"
—I hope.
—Expect more!


"I love you!"
—Not many.
—Think twice.





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