Mind Candy


They're pulling rank - They're very mean to people in

irrational ways - It's like getting nibbled to death by

ducks - They think they are far, far superior - No matter

what experiences you've had, they try to hurt your

feelings, or fill you with fear - People who try to be other

than they are, never like people who are what they are.

"Well, you see, now? That's a different story
you're telling now."
—Thank you!
—Let's forget it! – I can see you're not serious.


"In your dreams."
—Something different.
—You won't regret it.


"What do you mean, he was coming at you?"
—It's insane.
—He must have been drunk.


"You said something different yesterday."
—Once again!
—1. Yes. 2. No. 3. After Halloween. 4. I was wrong.


Feeling threatened or abandoned, they suddenly turn on

you - They cut short the conversation, or abruptly

change course - It's a good time to ask for a raise!

"How do you ask for a raise?"
—Good advice.
—How about a raise? Don't you think I deserve it?
I think I've been doing really good.


"I think you should apologize.
—Not yet.
—With or without laces? ...
I apologize to all the shoes.


"You almost ran over that guy, but who cares?"
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—I'll watch for that.


—No worse!




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