Mind Candy


Sometimes people think you're saying one thing when

you're really saying another - They think you're attacking

them - It feels as if they're trying to start an argument.

"I hate to burst your bubble."
—Holy Cow!
—Are we under the ocean?
Are we in a glass bell?
Do we have horse heads?


["I'm curious ... what's that bell?"]
"It's not as if we're not working on it!"
—Think so?
—What's it called?


"He's borderline psychotic."
—Very clever.
—I'm working hard and having fun.


"How can you go around like that in public?"
—Don't tell!
—You orbit I'm doing.



Road Rage, Popping the Cork - Out on the road are

(1.) psychotic drivers, dangerous and high on drugs,

(2.) aggressive drivers, filled with anger and rage, and

(3.) neurotic drivers, wrapped in fear and indecision.

The angry ones are the safest! - It's funny, isn't it?

Not many people see aggression as a good thing.

"Can't you read?"
—What's wrong with this picture?


[Car horn / finger / drive-by combo]
—Who cares?
—IT WORKS! ... How about the wipers?


"You shouldn't have said that –
We'd have thought you were clever."
—Not so!
—You can try that when you go home.


[Car horn just so they can show you the finger]
—The family curse, if you know what I mean.


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