Mind Candy


Sly Condemnation - They're evoking charged-up

emotions with vague references and sly innuendo, trying

so hard to be normal - Go to the root by treating them

the way they should have been treated as a child.

"Where did you sneak in?"
—Way back!
—I don't remember.


"There's a hotel for you." [In a sleazy part of town]
"Is that where you hang out after work?"
—It's powerful.
—It's another slice of life ...
You don't know life at its worst.


[Someone talking directly to your breasts]
—That's all?
—Not shrewd.


"If they can't get a job, they can always drive a cab."
—Pretty amazing.



They say those who really fought in a war knew

only six feet on either side of them; whereas,

the pretenders, those who never fought at all,

afterwards knew great details of the war -

its strategies, its tactics, its failures, its successes.

"What are you looking at?"
[Stranger challenging you]
—A wee bit.
—You're in good company.


"You are not a team player."
—Everything's changing.
—Different people are good at different things.


"You busy today?"
Just beginning.
—Once in a while you should take it easy.


"Well, how long have you lived here?"
—At best.
—Who's counting? ... Since always ... It's timeless! ...
Let a million flowers bloom.


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