Mind Candy


There are some people you stay away from - They need

your attention for some reason - They want someone

who's worse off than they are - That's their culture!

"I'm really a nightclub person."
Oh, boy!
—What an extravagant place – Now I can die happy.


"It's not interacting with my computer, you fucking snot!"
[The phone line, which is attached to his computer]
—Cheap thrills.
—I must be crazy!


"Do yourself a favor, mate."
—The opposite.
—It's a good rule: Don't try to improve your life;
improve yourself. What many people call improving
their life is a downward spiral.


"I hope you're going to clean that up?"
—Control yourself!
—You can't even run your own life ...
I'll be damned if you'll run mine.


A good one and a bad one -

You don't know who you're talking to

until it's too late.

"That's so professional of me, isn't it?"
[Self-attacking sarcasm]
—You're safe.
—At least you're not a professional self-destroyer.


[Someone hitting you – and you're only five years old!]
[Someone trying to grab a free newspaper
after you've opened the box]
—You're smart ... It's not for you.


"Karen, you couldn't troubleshoot
your way out of a box."
—On schedule.
—That's all there is to it?


"See you later!" [Insincerely] "See you around."
—Nothing better.
—Happy trails! ... Plant you now, dig you later!


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