Mind Candy


The deceptive ingredients of Passive Aggression ...

Ostracism, Feigned innocence, Wolf's clothing ....

[Someone playing possum on the living room sofa]
—"Astronomers Sleeping – Please Be Quiet."


"Did you notice I'm wearing flowers?"
—Now especially.


"Let's stay away from all that shit."
It's important!
—I'm all for that.



"What is there, an echo? – I just said that!"
—They're separate.
—Don't cheat me.



"Hey! Slow down, man! ... SLOW DOWN!"
—Go slow!
—Why wait? ... I'm an American!


Then there's just plain meddling - "God bless you!"

—Very nice. [That's always reassuring] Why shouldn't

a person learn as much as possible about sticking up

for themselves? [Also, Nobody sneezed, Touch wood!

No kneeling! and Waste not, want not]

"Good choice."
—Very nice.
—Like a leopard in a tree.


"Is the convention still in town?"
—Nothing urgent.
—They have a master plan.


"Don't be so negative ...
Why won't you be my friend?"
—Either way.
—I don't want to end up like the morons
around here ... Let's go by intuition.


"Maybe it's just as well, you know?"
—Can't miss.
—You just keep doing things until things turn out.


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