Mind Candy


Infantile Narcissism - These people are expressing

themselves through self-centered wantonness - Perhaps

your libido can get attached to someone who's violent or

who hates you. What do you want to get attached to?

"Please! I'm not with you."
—Networking, eh?
—Anybody who's good at anything.


"Is that a put-down?"
Let go!
—It's like a charm.


"What does that mean?"
—Forget that!
—Stop worrying – Life is not a test.


"Fuck you!"
—Keep it in the family.





Lurking, Stalking or Persistent Bird-dogging -

A human being has the capacity to believe almost

anything is important, whether it is conducive

to their own individual life, or against it.

[Someone plunking down at your table uninvited]
—Bad timing.
—MyFUNDSarelow! Can you loan me any money?


—Many things.
—How could it hurt?


"It didn't work out, huh?"
—You sure?
—Entering a new level.


[Obscene or prank phone call]
—Crazy, huh?
—Blow the dust off the driveway! –
That's something useless –
Stick to your own kind! – Easy to forget.



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