Mind Candy


Marginalization - You get the feeling they're trying to

paint you into a weird box - They're cunning - They

can't see things three-dimensionally, but they scheme -

They can see what's next, and what's after that.

"I think if you need that sort of thing, that's fine."
—Another miracle!
—You get a lot from getting hit over the head by life,
and then reading something.


"Need something?"
—Yeah, Plenty!
Including time ... Abusive lending! ...
It's hard to save money.


"Tell them the other part of that story."
—Totally demanding.
—You can stop kidding around, right?


"So who gets the tab? – Can you take care of it?"
—Doesn't everyone?
—If you're in a pinch.



People try to hit you in the imagination when you're right

in the middle of things - They have no concept of show

business, of entertainment - These are lessons in

sticking up for yourself in rapidly changing situations -

The real reason is ... Do you have the envelope?

"'Are you calling me a liar? ...
Well then, are you calling me a jerk?"
—Really tough.
—The answer's, no! ...
If that's so, let me think about it.


"Hold still! Now turn around! Hold still!"
—We can't.
—I meant to do that.


["Who's spending the night with you?"] "My friend."
—Cheer up!
—One nuttier than the last.


"Are you guilty of murdering your wife?"
—It's impossible.
—Some people can't.


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