Mind Candy


Blurting out anything at all, spouting off rhetoric,

repeating insults they've heard from other people, these

people look really perplexed - They haven't figured out

that Trojan Horse insults can go in both directions!

"Let me tell you why I'm skeptical."
—Just don't!
—Think big.


"I think I'll keep him."
—How exotic.
—Cheaper than martinis.


"My friend over there says you're a jerk."
—That thick.
—Really perplexed ... Don't kid yourself.



From overseas.
—You're smarter than that.




You can see a lot of Essential Life Scripts as Vaudeville

routines - Other players appear from out of the blue like

wind-up toys trying to punish you  - You just wind

them up and they do whatever they're doing.

"Do you have a quarter, Sir?"
—Until recently.
—What would you do with six of them, lying on the floor?


"Have you got a cigarette?"
—Don't look!


"You can't win."
—Why not?
—Ask my assistant.


"That would be slumming it for you."
—How amusing.
—I must be getting smarter.





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