Mind Candy


The Authority of the Select Few - They're acting like

competitors or big shots - If you don't know quite what to

say, they may be withholding something, trying to make

you feel jealous - They're withholding warmth.

"You made a mistake."
—No doubt.
—It's a good place to start.


"I'll just let you stew in your own juices."
—Very enriching.
—We have a special today.


"Well, now you're putting ME down – and my cousin."
I guess.
—You're trying to throw me off my case.


"That's deep."
—Close enough.
—You have to be on the sidewalk
for your head to be in the stars.




Many people are not allowed to express anger - There's

a little pain in it - So they try to get you going by posing

trick questions, or falsely complimenting you - They don't

know aggression is the cure for neurosis!

"Is this something original, or did you
learn it from someone?"
Whoa! Threatening.
—The land that time forgot.


"Everyone hates the music, Todd,
and everyone hates you!"
—And everything!
—All night long.


[The bird, the finger]
—As if.
—Quick reflexes! Stick it in your ear! Slit your throat!
That's your IQ! Tattoo that on your forehead!


"Are you still on drugs?"
—Why bother?
—Am I missing something?


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