Mind Candy


Boring You to Death! - You get the idea they're going

on and on about something without the slightest inkling

you want them to stop! - Just because you gave them a

little attention (on a whim), does not necessarily mean

you're prepared to be a captive audience (or victim).

"I don't believe the Holocaust ever happened."
—How discouraging.
—You're not only mixed up, but you're a nincompoop.



"See? That aggravates me." ...
"I was just being friendly."
—Go figure.
—You'll do all right ... Very loyal.


""Everything always has to be
black and white for you."
Aw, shucks!
—You're confused.


"Suck my cock!"
—I bet you it's better.


Welcome to the Land of Make-believe! - Many people

are impostors, trying to get you to go along with them -

You don't have to lie and deceive - Just by being a nice

simple guy, everything comes your way.

"Do you have any friends?"
—All over.
—They wear you out, don't they?


"Hominabie foramchi bogude wallawalla abadada!"
[From a passing street person, talking in tongues]
Socially challenged.
—No nonsense!


"Don't get me started." ...
"Here! Make yourself useful."
—I'll bet.
—To the stars? ... The call of the wild.


"Are you innocent?"
—Many ways!
—Like most people.



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