Mind Candy


How's Your Status, Baby? - To hypostatize is to

ascribe material existence to abstract entities, such as

science and nature, making them seem more profound -

For instance, "Let nature take its course."

"I'm seeing someone."
—What's next?
—That's before my time.


"You make me feel so short; I'm wearing flats today."
—Real old-fashioned.
—You're a spinning top on the table of love.


"Nice BMW!"
—Anytime, right?
—Nice on mud.


"Why did you give this to me in particular?"
—In case.
—Just to be friendly.





So cool they can't even talk to you directly - They're

playing, "Brush Off!" - How can you stay professional

and courteous when other people operate outside the

barrier? - There are fiendish ways you can use words

to let steam out of your pressure cooker!

"Maybe it's because I'm an asshole."
—Since when?
—Teeth and all.


"I'm telling on you!"
—A joke!
—I'll be laughing ... peacefully.


"I've got something for you." [Revealing the finger]
Nothing crucial.
—I know power words!



—Just so!
—You don't want to go there.



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