Essential Life Scripts


Essential Life Scripts

Verbal abusers use make-believe, drama, irrational sentence structures, sarcasm, intimidating tones of voice, surprise, and time-tested clichés to bypass the intellect and hit people squarely in the emotions, usually those of a child. Verbal defenders use their attention and practiced skills to well up the real feelings of an adult – faith, hope, charity, kindness, compassion, creativity, and a sense of humor. They blend two-word verbal tools so skillfully into ordinary conversation, they often go unnoticed. Try to see that verbal abusers are neither good nor bad. This is a different order of things ... with different kinds of people. Maybe forty-five percent are people of the id, who have the ability to throw enormous outpourings of energy into screwing, killing, and rage. Maybe forty-five percent are people of the superego, who know just how to tighten the screws to bring about punishment, criticism, and disassociation. The final ten percent of humanity are people of the ego, who use their minds as a lens to shuttle things inside themselves where they're supposed to go. The first eighty-eight pages of this book present four verbal tools each - Here are the (88 * 4 =) 352 bridges once again, presented as a poem in twelve irregular stanzas. Look for a hint of what's going on, then a two-word bridge for restoring your balance. Babies kick and scream, children master cruelty, adults take their minds for a little walk.



So let's say someone asks you anything at all


about your past, such as, "What did you do last weekend? Kept yourself busy?" For openers, you can simply respond, "—Nothing special."


Then another person says, "How's business?"


and you reply, without much thought, "—Who knows?"


Finally, a third person chimes in, "How long have


you been driving a cab?" and just to keep from going totally nuts, while maintaining the fine line between professionalism and sticking up for yourself, you put on a Southern drawl and deliver your line, "—Not al-ways."

Of course you don't have to say any of these things; they are simply possibilities, to get past all the posturing that goes on.

1.0 past "busy"

Nothing special. 87

1.1 "business"

Who knows? 22

1.2 "long"

Not always. 87

1.3 "working"

Don't laugh. 61

1.4 squared away?

Let's hope. 78

1.5 I curse myself

Must you? 53

1.6 habits

No rules. 60

1.7 big deal, get real

All along. 61

1.8 sorry to bore you

Not here! 84

1.9 I'll remember

It's chilling. 60

1.10 the mundane

Real old-fashioned. 28


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