Mind Candy


Bait and Switch - When someone flags a cab and says,

"It's for these people over here," it's a danger sign - They

like that - They like to be important - We're all islands

above the sea, connected underneath by electricity!

"I'm going right home and take a nice hot bath."
—Saved again!
—I'm glad I don't have to see that.


"Excuse me, partner."
—Violent enough.
—It's like a one-lane country road.


"Sorry about that." [Insincerely]
Very serious.
—And how, I know.


"How many inches are in a yard?"
—It's overwhelming.
—You probably had a hard week.





Litmus Tests - They're really making you work,

taking off on surprising tangents - On the other hand,

maybe they're just trying to "scratch you"

to see what you're made of.

"Well, I'll let you go."
—That's it.
—For now.


"Do you want me to leave the door open?
—Great timing!
—Is that a test?


"How come no one's interested in being
friendly to you?"
—What's up?
—It's handy, in case you didn't know.



"Don't give away the farm."
Savor everything.
—Are you a handicapped tomato?



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