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Review 16-19


4. Parents Forever



The sequence, Exactly. What else? ... Just some. ... Always surprising. ... All over. A small circle. A small circle, can be used as a template for happiness while being swept away in the currents of sexual banter, which is, after all, the origins of parenthood. For instance,


"You like this, don't you?" "Exactly. What else?"


"It's your mind I like – Say something smart." "Exactly. What else? ... A list of things to do in Portland: (1.) Get out."


"You think you're pretty smart, don't you?" "Just some... Not all the time."


"You little runabout! You little tramp!" "Always surprising. ... Cash only."


["A wind chime!"] "I wish I could change it." [Cell phone chime] "Always surprising. ... How much can someone do?"


"You've done this before, haven't you?" "Always surprising. ... Cash only."


"Do you have any friends?" "Always surprising. ... They wear you out, don't they?"


Sex is one of the few ways people have to regress, to act like two-year-olds together, and to trust each other while being so psychologically young and open. There's no right way or wrong way to play.


Afterwards, there's great skill in bringing someone else back up to adulthood, so you can both go out again into the midst of humanity. You're an adult, you regress together, you come back up to being an individual again. It's really a touch.







You don't have to atone for being an intelligent, capable person.


What else?



You don't have to atone for anything.

actually, smart

Just some.



A child and an adult can coexist.

little, wish



puncturing, convoluting

Fantasy gets carried by the wind.


All over. A
small circle.


make-believe, pretension


5th Element

—Cash only.


Preview 21-24


5. Work Horses


Linda Davis, Richard Roe, Virginia Roe, Patty Thorne, Bill Tickton, and Mr. Juda are just about to find out something mystical is going on ...



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