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Hold it!


6. Emergency! [Not!]


The planet's heat suddenly swept over Patty, and for some reason, she began to relax a little. An involuntary muscular tension she had been holding in her upper lip, almost a snarl, suddenly relaxed as well, and with no conscious effort on her part, she began to feel a thin vortex of energy twisting out from her throat ... –The depths of interconnectivity, a voice in her mind said. (–Source: stargate27)


"Hold it!" Patty said out loud, not sure she was so ready for this.


–You're totally naked, the voice said, with no pretensions. That's why you're conscious, and the others are still asleep. How old are you?


"Elev-" she started to say ...


"Three-hundred-five years," said the computer.


Startled by this interruption from the computer, she took a step back.


"Freeze!" came a voice from behind her.


–Hold it! said the computer almost simultaneously.


"Did anyone yell out, 'I wonder why?'" Patty added forcefully, dropping to one knee on the soft grass, turning to see what had objected to her stepping back, coming face-to-face with the sun-bright flower.


–Hey, you, come over here! a new voice in the mix said.


"Hold it!" Patty laughed out loud, suddenly catching on. She stood up and turned around and said to no one ... or everyone ... in particular, "What about loafing?"



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