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Pretty far.


6. Emergency! [Not!]


Patty heard a voice in her head, and realized, in a strange way, that's where people always heard voices! Except it wasn't a voice coming from her ears, exactly, and it wasn't an hallucination, either. It was simply another kind of voice.


Now if she had two brains, or three, she might have deduced the voice was being generated by one brain inside her, and being received by another brain inside her, and of course, that was exactly what was happening! But what was motivating two brains inside her to talk and listen to one another? And since when did people have two (or more) brains?


The voice calmly repeated itself. "Honey, it's an emergency!"


—Pretty far ... What's the password?


"I came in and found you waking up," the voice in her said. "The others are still unconscious."


"Pretty far," Patty called out. "What's the secret handshake?"


"Well, if you don't think it's an emergency, I guess it's not an emergency," the voice said.


Patty peeked out the window and saw the cat. Somehow, .... Could it be?


— Pretty far.


"Just be present to yourself," the cat ... in her mind ... said.


—Pretty far.



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