Mind Candy


Small Talk - It's Like Mounting a Butterfly -

A person's real feelings last only a few seconds -

They are "—Very elusive."

"Anything new?"
—Nothing fancy.
—Nothing we haven't planned for.


"How's your husband?"
—Totally unspoiled.
—Suddenly sensitive.


"How's your wife?"
—Very elusive.
—Life is like that, too.


"May the force be with you!" ...
"Tell your wife that one." ...
"Live long and prosper." ...
"Brother, keep the faith!"
—Be brave!
—Even now ... What a good story ... Lots of luck ...
As long as you're alive, you're doing all right.


Voodoo - Argumentum Baculinum (By Authority of the

Scepter) - An Appeal to Fear uses veiled threats, rather

than reason, for persuasion - It's a waste of energy to

pretend you're strong, to pretend nothing's bothering

you, to pretend you're not afraid. If you try to feel

frightened, then you really won't feel frightened - That's

what strength is, someone who can feel frightened.

[Any off-color joke]
—Heavy duty.
—So that's why everyone left!


"I do whatever the voices in my head tell me to do."
Never perfect.
—Just follow the bouncing ball!


"Okay, we're going to throw out all the rules!"
—No violence!


"I just ignore them." [Mean, phony, stupid people]
—Just brutal.
—It's a sign of total hatred and no place to put it.


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