Mind Candy


Deconstruction & Distraction - Raising tension,

they're trying to trick you out of your playfulness -

It's like a con game - They use contrivance and

concealment to put a stop to the conversation.

"You must be a fan of the 'Whole Language' article in
today's Journal." ... "What's happening, bro'?"
—Nothing special.
—It fell off a truck, right? ... One thing after another.


"What a dirty mind! I never would have
thought of such a thing."
—Very unique.
—It's almost ludicrous, isn't it?


"Having fun?"
—Just lucky!
—Better than chocolate!


"Do you have a backup plan in case that doesn't work?"
—Of course!
—It's page by page.



This is ambush - There's an assumption in there: You're

little, they're big; You're wrong, they're right; You're

bad, they're good - Give it right back, whatever they

throw at you - You're just as rich as them, if not better -

You're just as smart as them, if not better -

You're just as important as them, if not better.

"What's up, buddy?"
—Nothing deep.


"This is a great idea – You could get someone who
really knows pop culture to write it."
—Soul searching.
—Bob Dylan.


"What's wrong?"
The alliance.
—It's pretty nice.


"You do well when you dress in the dark."
—Loafing around!
—That's good to know – I think I'll fall down.


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