Mind Candy


In a way it's like Smoke and Mirrors -

Some people propagate fear, intimidation and a lousy

temperament downstream (In the River of Time) -

Other people convey light, understanding and

a cheerful spirit upstream (In Search of the Source)

"What if everybody thought they could do that?"
—No telling.
—All at the same time, you mean?



"Your hair smells like Chinese food."
—Not long.
—I'll change that soon.


"I resemble that remark."
—Besides that!
—Just make sure you know the difference.


—Even so.
—Life is strange, huh?


Plain Old Rudeness & Lack of Respect - To get along

with someone, there's a little give-and-take,

but a lot less than most people think -

Don't let anyone pick on you.

"Everybody's taking something. Why not?"
Little challenges.
—Where did those big dogs come from?


[When you pick up the phone, the caller says,]
"Who's this?"
—Forget it!
—Before your time.


"This isn't working; you're not my type."
—How delicate.
—Can't you do anything wrong?


"You're a weakling."
—Wise up!
—Who says I have to play life by your rules?




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