Mind Candy


Racism and Superficiality - There's one thing you need

to understand - Every white kid has some black in him,

and every black kid has some white in him -

That's the only way you'll get out of it.

"You've got guts."
—It runs in the family.


"Hey, don't get your panties in a bunch."
—Smarten up!
—Everything like that.


[How to stick up for your girlfriend
when someone insults her]
—That's impressive.
—Real rustic.


["I was a year too young for my class in first grade,
and beyond that, immature for my age."]
"It's good you can admit that."
—It's deeper.
—Too bad more people don't do that.


Compassion is something that's inside yourself -

Every now and then, when you see a beggar,

say, "Turn on!" inside yourself, give them a dollar,

then say, "Turn off!" inside yourself -

You have the right to turn it on, and to turn it off.

"Do you want my risotto?" [from a stranger]
—Not today.
—It gives you something to do.


"You don't sweat much for a fat lady."
—Big family!
—If you're big, you don't have to be mean.


"Did it rain over the weekend?"
—Stick around!
—Everything that happens, it's better.


"You staying here, folks?"
[Trying to grab your bags outside the hotel]
Whatever helps.
—That's another question.



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