Mind Candy


In a way it's hopeless - It's the only outlet they have for

anger - to disappoint someone - You're investing in this

person the power your parents once held - You have to

be prepared to walk out - Act in such a way to let them

know you're not that serious about it - You shouldn't be

so obvious about what's going to drive you crazy - It's

good to get angry - If anything happens, you walk out.

["Who cares?"] "I don't; do you?"
—Not alone.
—Once a week.


"Big one! – Where did you go?"
—All around.
—Where there's no fog.


"Don't be a girl."
—Do less.
—Because the Red Sox lost.


"You'll do."
It's unstoppable.
—It's weird, isn't it?


Double-entendre - When one meaning of a word

borders on impropriety and risk, you can reject the risqué

meaning by saying, "Just vicious." - You can accept the

risk of further flirtations by saying, "Please help me!" -

Do the scene poorly - Just walk through it -

You have to know why you're doing it -

You have to be able to explain it to yourself.

"Oh, I'm not going to leave him! – Not yet."
—And furthermore!
—What can I say?


"Do you want a little kitty?"
—Just vicious.
—It's intimidating, isn't it? – Help me!


"If you're not confused, you're not thinking."
—Not anymore.
—It's too bad it isn't true.


"That was a nice stop." [Sarcastically]
—Even less.
—I don't see this as an occupation.


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