Mind Candy


They're pumped up and crossing paths with you.

People who feel something is wrong with them want

everyone else to feel something is wrong with them -

Feels like they're giving you sneers & jeers for doing

ordinary things - Whatever you are must be all right,

because you're alive.

"What are you doing sitting in the dark
like a mushroom?"
—Nothing much.
—Welcome to the old country!


"A lot of butter there."
—Just about.
—I'm really looking forward to being dead.


"Whatever turns you on."
The distance.
—Cheating everyone.


"A lot of cholesterol, man!"
—Can't wait!
—I'm going right home and slit my throat.


People feel reluctant to challenge smooth-talking or

famous people - It's an informal fallacy of rhetoric called

The Authority of the One - Competence in one field

does not necessarily indicate competence in another.

"You're having an identity crisis."
—Without washing.
—If men weren't monkeys, we wouldn't need cages.


"Are we mean people?"
—Sight unseen.
—If men were angels, we wouldn't need laws.


"Speak for yourself!"
—So far.
—The deepest parts of you are the smartest.


"These are fake comebacks."
—MY mistake.
—Never noticed it, huh?



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