Mind Candy


Loaded for bear and spoiling for a fight, he or she is a

Chocolate Bully - They try to trick you, and laugh at you

when you believe them - It feels like condescension.

"Say Uncle!"
—That's enough.
—You don't need to throw yourself
into the fires of abandonment.


"Help me, I'm going fucking crazy."
—Sure, boss!
—Woof! Woof!


"Was that too hard for you?"
[After you've backed out of a Mexican standoff]
—Very different.
—I was only born yesterday.


"Do you hate me?"
—Totally destroyed.
—I got me own racket.




When people bash you or attack your character, don't

explain, don't complain - Get angry! - Express anger

through your tone of voice - It's not, —Unheard of, it's

—un-HEARD of! - At first you have to be an actor -

After a while your emotions catch up.

"Is that my notebook? I have one just like it."
—Unheard of.
—Get out of there!


"Clueless! Get a clue."
—More you!
—Every ball of string unravels.



"Have you been following me?"
—Be resourceful.
—I'm about as far away from that as you can get.


"Are you gay?"
Keep going! ...
—Didn't your mother tell you not to talk to strangers?



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