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36. Taxi1010 is the machine equivalent of your own mind, such that every word in an attack has a string of associations. For instance, what if someone, out of the blue, walks into your office and says, "Taking a break?" Rather than analyze the presuppositions of the attack (the unspoken insinuations) or the psychology of the attacker (by "putting yourself in their shoes"), let's simply search for mechanical associations, as if it's a game.


37. In taxi1010, the word, "taking" always leads to the 58th category (stargate58), associated with "Afraid not," "Wicked, huh?" "For what?" and "Quite unnecessary." ... the word, "a" always leads to the 33rd category (stargate33), associated with "And furthermore!" "Just vicious," "Not anymore," and "Even less." ... the word, "break" always leads to the 88th category (stargate88), associated with "No trouble," "It's treachery," "Nothing more," and "If not ..."


38. Just remember, (1.) no one can defend themselves by being good, so you don't have to memorize anything ... because this isn't school. (2.) no one can trick you if you're in solidarity with dogs and angry children. Don't simply believe it ... see for yourself. And finally, (3.) when you defend yourself from mean people, you don't want anyone to like you. That's the whole secret.








"Afraid not."


"No trouble."

"Wicked, huh?"


"It's treachery."

"For what?"


"Nothing more."

"Quite unnecessary."


"If not ..."

"And furthermore!"


"Not anymore."

"Just vicious."


"Even less."


39. Understanding yourself and other people is what changes things. It's a very powerful lever, like a big eye. And a winking eye. Almost all of what people call religion is what's in the unconscious part of the mind ... wherein the dark part of you hides during the day, in kind of a trance, and at night, wakes up, and in fairy tales and dreams, tries to talk to you.


40. Of those 12 possible associations, my favorite is, "No trouble" from stargate88, where the original attack, "Taking a break" is filed away on taxi1010, along with a silent backup.


41. Your psyche has been dinged and dented every day of your life, and most (of what you think is you) is the dings (from your training to behave like a doormat, or a "good" person) and dents (from the tricks of aggressive people) on the outer fringes of your operating system. They're your vulnerabilities, and people take advantage of them. They use time-tested barbs as viruses to take over your computer. If you don't understand this, you're a sitting duck.


42. Use your best manners, and act really good around your bosses at work, or around police officers. For everyone else, listen carefully to what they say, and learn some new associations. Then just have fun!




36. Artificial word associations can be very powerful, especially if you treat them like a game.


37. The three words in "Taking a break?" suggest twelve associations as possible responses. It's easier to choose a response from a choice of twelve than it is to "make up an answer," especially if you're simultaneously trying to understand what's going on.


38. Learn how to be clever in the midst of life, and how to be extremely fresh to mean people. You don't want anyone to like you. That's the whole secret.


39. Understanding is the tool of choice. If you understand something, it changes.


40. "Taking a break?" "No trouble. ... —If you want more, you can buy them."


41. The thousands of dings and dents of your psyche are what most people take for themselves. You're not what was done to you, or to the outside of your car. You're the beating heart, the engine. You're the ears and eyes, the large horizons.


42. Use plenty of good manners at your place of work, or under the watchful eyes of the police. Later, if you learn some new associations, for when you're around aggressive, mean or phony people, you can have a lot of fun! [End]


Unifying Idea


(1.) Street smart people respond to just a few words, and don't waste much time "thinking." (2.) Check out the complete list of eighty-eight categories at taxi1010 Street Smarts. (3.) If you're interested in a much different way of arranging all this information, check out Verbal Tools Contents, which will eventually connect to more powerful ways of teaching this material. (4.) There's a link to links on a secret page somewhere around here. (5.) When deeper consciousness wakes up during the day, it uses the language of sensation. It's like little hints: Dream, Sensation, Memory, Tension.


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