Mind Candy


False Accusation and Misdiagnosis - Sometimes

people play out little scenes in front of you, their banter

meant to humiliate you. –Really tragic. - If you treat

yourself with respect, no one can actually attack you.

["I'm from New Jersey."] "Well, when I was
in New Jersey, I fucked your mother."
—How's that?
—No, that's not true – You're still alive.


"Are you happy working in this job for nine years?"
Not even.
—I can't deny a part of me is always happy.


"By the way, we do think you should call
your mother more often."
—Someone might.
—Keep track of that.


"You really should put in a lawn,
it would set off the flower beds so well."
—By moonlight.
—I dabble in trouble.


All they can understand is Rank, Class, and Money -

They say other people have little jobs ... so they have big

jobs - Ultimately, don't take shit from anyone.

"Well, I want your name ... I'm going to report you."
—Certainly not.
—Well, I want YOUR name, and I'm going to report you
to MY superior for interfering with my job ...
Next! ... I don't need any more confrontation.


"A very cute little book."
—That's all?
—It's right out of Dickens, right?


"This is a private meeting ...
Can we have some privacy?"
—And? Rats!
—A big powwow ... Hatching another plot.


"You don't mind if I open this window, do you?"
[Having already opened it]
—Can't imagine.
—Don't get caught!


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