Mind Candy


It's clear they're feeling resentment - A person needs

to balance their capacity to help others with the aims and

desires of their own life - You know they can't be happy

acting like that.

"You're welcome." [Dark sarcasm]
—Or whatever.
—That would help, huh?



"Don't you feel guilty?"
—For nothing!
—Take a step back.


"Thanks for nothing!"
—I'll live.
—I won't worry.


"Thanks for sharing that with us."
—Home free!
—It's hard enough to pay for my child's education.


Try to see they're pestering you - Asking someone why

they are late is an intrusive question that does not show

respect - Would they offer this discourtesy to the Crown

Prince of Norway?

"You're a little late." [Catching you by surprise]
Harsh. Indeed.
—It depends on your plan.


"Why are you late?"
—That soon?
—It shortens the day –
It's in the contract – Small print.


"You're late!"
Suffer a lot.
—Even if it isn't true.


"Good morning; you're late."
—Very standard.
—I'm going to appoint you to be the timekeeper.




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