Mind Candy


You never get anything right with them - They're

good at total ignoring - They're so stubborn and angry,

they won't give in - They're very afraid of variations in

mental activity - They don't want anything real.

—What then?
—Why shouldn't I smile?


"Can you smile for me? – Is that too hard to do?"
—Be honest.
—Nobody's home!


[The silent treatment]
—More so!
—Do I look like an alien to you? ... I meant it as a joke!


"Make it more understandable. You can't help me,
if I can't understand what you are trying to say.
Please take this advice seriously. I would!"
—No rules.
—The more intimate your family is, the emptier
it becomes ... Don't be surprised.


Stingy Responses & Selfishness for you; Warmth &

Generosity for someone else - It's double-dealing -

They're just proving they can be nice, which is worse! -

It's not bad to feel bad - You don't have to say clever

things to have a nice life - Do as little as possible.

"Fair enough."
—All set.
—Just say no to giving away money.


"I told your boss about you ...
You have trouble with authority figures."
—No sweat.
—As it is written, so shall it be done ...
As if you're not supposed to.


"You just don't understand."
It's ludicrous!
—For obvious reasons.


"The problem is, I don't believe your figures."
—We'll wait.
—I'm not sorry I asked, but could we set it aside?


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