Mind Candy


Hypocritical people use disparaging tones of voice,

implying some unspecified rule, to annihilate your

accomplishments, dampen your glory, or put out your

fire - Always isolating and pulling away, what they do is

wing it at everyone else's expense - You get the idea

they're bragging about their invincible ignorance!

"I've been known to go shopping
on the other side of town."
—See that?
—Is there anything wrong with that?


"Party pooper!"
—Very strict.
—Live and let live.


"I won't dignify that question with an answer."
—Not bad.
—That was most of it.


"Do what you want – I don't give a damn."
—Big change!
—I'm just a person.


This is the Dark Side & Intimate Details -

At bottom, it's not that human nature is irrational; it's that

human nature is founded upon lies - shadow and fog -

If you're explaining, you're losing - "Bide your time and

everything becomes clear,and you can act accordingly."

—Terence Stamp in The Limey (1999)

"He's still a Mama's boy!"
—Be serious.
—Would it do any good?


"These guys are faggots."
[Three guys passing two guys on the street]
—You're kidding!
—That wasn't smart.


"Restroom for our customer!"
Hang tough.
—Allow me to dream a little longer – It must be hideous.


"Shut your little effeminate mouth."
—It's mutual.
—Laugh, or I'll kill the lobster.


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