Mind Candy


On the surface it's affectation & torture -

Unfortunately, their ulterior motives have a way of

highlighting intense bittersweet feelings in you,

without any sweet fruit - Sometimes you just get

the idea the other person is trying to control you.

"How is it?" [Your steak, veggies, potato, wine, service,
conversation, vacation, sunburn, horror, tablecloth,
salad dressing, soup, ....]
—It's perfect.
—It's perfect ... Just right! ... Pretty special.


"Is your show on?"
—Any one.
—I knew there was an ulterior motive.


["Thank you."] Uh-huh.
—Before long!
—And weird stuff.


"Have a nice night."
—Secret knowledge.
—Maybe I will.


But It's An Emergency! - How does a kid know if it's

really an emergency? A family really should have

an "Emergency Password," and without it,

a child should practice being outrageously bad.

"Please, come over here."
—Sure, Jack!
—I've got a nose to pick with you.


"Honey, your mom sent me to pick you up."
—Hold it!
—What's the password?


"Is there another front entrance? ... I want to save him
the trip of coming down." [Stranger at your apartment
building, waiting for you to open the door]
—Just wait!
—Let's wait ... Hold it, hold it, hold it ...
Everything takes longer than you expect.


"It's an emergency."
—There's a pack of electric little phony girls.


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