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Crunch. Just a bit.


2. Listening Skills


"Did you ever google «Amoret Phillips»?" Richard Roe asked Mr. Juda, "Or just plain '«Amoret»?'"


They stood in front of a cabin window – not a screen – gazing at the Planet Soon.


"Sure!" Mr. Juda said, "I believe her motto was, 'Nourishment to keep people insane ,,, no, just kidding! ... to keep people sane.'"


"Well she was my great great grandmother," Richard said.


—Crunch. Just a bit.
(–Source: stargate16)


"No, it's true! And her brother said, 'Why make computer systems "smart?" You don't make exercise equipment to prove the equipment is "strong." You make exercise equipment to help people get stronger, and the same is true for computers! Don't make computer systems to prove computers are "smart!" So what if a computer can play chess! Design systems that help people get smarter!' Then he began asking Google ridiculous questions like 'What is the Secret of Women?' and changed the world."


Mr. Juda coughed politely and with an inner smirk said, "Computer! Click 'Two and two?'


–You forget the addition table? the computer said in a Jewish mother's voice.


—Pretty much, Mr. Juda said.


"Well, I'll tell you something," Richard said, "One of their cards, 'The Future of the Internet' with Amoret or her bother's verified DNA on it is worth about two hundred thousand dollars now!"


–Pretty much! interrupted the computer, ...

–Maybe you'd like a cup of homemade soup?


"No, it's true!" Richard said.


"Wonderful," Mr. Juda said.


–Crunch. Just a bit.


And they gazed out the window at the incredible Planet Soon ... drinking a cup of Japanese miso soup!


—It's fantastic.



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