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Just about.


2. Listening Skills


When Bill Tickton wandered in, beardless, Richard said, "Hey! Remember that Shrimp Creole you made?"


—Just about.
(–Source: stargate14)


"Oh!" laughed Mr. Juda. "That's what you ... didn't you get that woman to leave her husband for you by cooking her ... New Orleans Shrimp Creole?"


"Just about," Bill said, "I got it off a bottle of Tabasco Sauce."


"I thought it came from one of the moons of Uranus!" Mr. Juda said.


"Here it is!" Richard said. "I googled «tabasco bacon shrimp creole». Remember the subtlety of that bacon! Whew! That's what we're having for supper!"


"Gentlemen, let's get serious," Bill said, "The manual says some of the people down there live inside the planet? I thought all the hot air was in the form of steam."


"Yeah, we thought that, too," Richard said, "until we got close enough to realize the planet had already let off all its steam."


"So now it's a hollow shell?"


—Just about.


"What are you guys doing, talking about some metaphor?" Mr. Juda said. "I thought we were getting serious."


—Just about.


"Well, they do live inside the planet, that much is clear. Look at all the weather they're having there on the surface!"


"What are the people like?" Richard asked.


"You know, you really are like your great great grandmother Amoret Sprunt Phillips, asking about the people!" Mr. Juda sneered.


"Just about," Richard said, unfazed. "What are they like?"


"It says here, 'They have our values,'" Bill said, setting down the Field Guide to the Planet Soon.


"You mean, they don't wear pajamas?" Richard said.


—It's fantastic.



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