jruit :: 33



(Dream) I'm in a taxi line, and as I follow the cab ahead of me, it veers slightly to the right herding me along with it. The cab behind me takes this as an opportunity to pass both of us, which it does, and landing at the taxi stop that had been straight ahead of us, it's now the second cab there, as the first is being loaded. I don't say anything and let things fall where they may. Moving briskly to the front position, I pull in a guy who wants to go to some place he's written on a note which he hands to me. It's somewhere I've never heard of though we reassure each other we'll find it all right. It's a guy thing. For some reason I start out my journey with him driving my cab backwards, slowly, of course, because my intention is to approach a freeway on-ramp in this manner – if I don't attract undo attention, which is just what's about to happen. Just as the Highway Patrol car begins to approach, I simply back into a cul-de-sac, then make a right turn and I'm right next to the freeway which immediately takes us up onto a bridge byway structure. Looking down to the right, I see what used to be the ramp I would have taken, though it's awfully lucky I hadn't gone that way. The ramp is littered with debris now, with an old chain running between poles that are cracking and about to plunge off a cliff. Oh, shit! I hate these misadventures with extraordinary heights and cliffs, we are so lucky we're keeping to the left and going up into the bridge maze. David Daniels is at the head of the table off to my left and when I glance at him am amazed at how young he is, with a healthy speckled black beard just as I'd remembered it. Maybe it's dark, dark brown, I can't be sure and mention something to him about his ability to stay extremely young. For some reason this isn't taken very well at the table by the other people, and when I turn back to see David again, realize he's not at all as I'd just seen him. Instead he's gray, gray, gray and skinny, just as I saw him before he was to die, and I realized what I'd seen just a moment before had been some sort of hallucination, which he no doubt had pulled on me. (Fin)


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