jruit :: 32



(Dream) There's some little kids sitting off to the right of me and I'm reading them from a passage from the Koran. It runs along quite smoothly, like beautiful poetry, the first part describing a Kingdom of Gold. It's odd. When I look at the passage again, I see two lines have been whitened out and replaced with careful hand printing, each line saying more of less you're supposed to "follow the light," an idea I know contains built-in fallacies. Often simple day-to-day kindnesses have nothing to do with "light" per se; they have to do with observations of yourself and other people, and an understanding of what's needed. (Fin) Waking up I remember the lines which have been whitened out in the two lines of the text I was reading in the dream. The first obliterated line read, "The gates will open," and the second, a little farther on, read, "The end will come."


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